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8 Reasons Why An Aldi Mom Is The BFF Everyone Needs

If you're anything like me, you worry that becoming a parent has made you a little less cool. To be honest, your priorities probably have changed and you probably are less cool than your child-free self. For instance, I used to love a night out on the town, but now I love a solo trip to the grocery store. It's like a mini-vacation, and that vacation is made exponentially better when I get to go to Aldi. If you haven't been, you should go right now. In fact, let's go together. As an Aldi mom, I'm the BFF everyone needs. So trust me when I say that, yes, we should be friends.

As your Aldi mom-friend in the know, I can tell you how, when, and at which store you can score a great deal on everything from avocados to patio furniture. I've also tried almost all of their store-brand items so you don't have to take the plunge and risk spending money on a snack your kids are going to hate. I know which Aldi items are ridiculously delicious, and which ones are best avoided (frozen sushi, you know I'm talking about you).

Even better, now that I've become an Aldi mom I've started designing weekly meal plans based on their take-and-bake pizzas, ready-to-serve meals, pre-made simmer sauces, and frozen entrees. I've also found a way to get creative, trying a ton of new recipes featuring their cheap produce, canned beans, frozen foods, and dairy products. By the way, some of their wine is actually really good (and I should know, since I've almost tried them all).

So, let's take a trip to Aldi so I can show you the ropes and help you snag some of the best deals. Trust me when I say you won't be sorry to have an Aldi-mom as your BFF.

She Will Tell You When They Have New Stuff

One cool part about Aldi is they always seem to have new stuff. From seasonal items like outdoor toys, to specialty foods for people with allergies or other dietary needs, they always have something new. On the downside, some of them are not there for long. They also discontinue other beloved items to make room for new stock. Since they don't carry everything at all of their stores, it's great to have an Aldi-mom friend.

She Knows Which Aldi Wine Is Good

The wine aisle at Aldi is one of my favorite places in the entire world. Even though I am a bit of a wine snob, I surprised myself by trying pretty much everything they have to offer. So you can consider me your Aldi sommelier, capable of showing you which wine is actually worth buying and which ones taste like lighter fluid or dirty socks. I'm here for you.

She Will Post Online When She Spots A Great Deal

Whenever I see something great at Aldi, I share it online. Like the gazebo canopy I purchased last year for $100, or the muslin crib sheets for less than half of what they would cost at Target. Score.

She Always Knows What's In Stock

I know first-hand how frustrating it is to go to the store expecting to cross everything off your grocery list, only to find out that they are out of avocados or the only crackers your kid will eat. Having an Aldi mom as a friend means she probably knows what's in stock where, so you can text her before you leave the house to find out.

She Will Share Awesome Recipes & Hacks With You

My favorite part of shopping at Aldi is all of the new recipes I've come up with using their products. I've also come to love their super cheap diapers and baby food pouches, which, in my opinion, are the same quality as brand-name items sold elsewhere and for way less money. Who doesn't like saving money, right?

She Will Try Weird Foods First, So You Don't Have To

Aldi has staples, for sure, but they also have some pretty weird options, too. Like, did someone really need to make pumpkin spice croutons? Apparently.

Over the years I've become pretty adventurous when it comes to trying bizarre Aldi foods. Honestly, they are often so affordable that it seems worth the risk. Some of those risks have paid off, too. Others, well, not so much. That's why it's good to have an Aldi-mom BFF, to fill you in.

She Totally Has An Extra Quarter For A Cart

The first time I went to Aldi I had no idea that you needed to bring a quarter with you to "rent" a cart to use. Also, apparently, I needed to either bring my own bags, or plan to buy some at the check-out line. Fortunately, if you have an Aldi mom friend, she'll fill you in before you go, or if you meet up there for a mom-date she'll totally hook you up with a quarter and extra bags.

She Will Grab An Extra Ripe Avocado For You

The quest for perfectly ripe produce can sometimes seem futile. It's such a bummer when it seems like all of the avocados are hard as rocks, the mangoes are brown and bruised, and there's a moldy berry in every package at the store. Your Aldi mom friend will totally hook you up. Aldi might not have the produce you want every visit,

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