8 Reasons Why Being Pregnant On Easter Is The Worst 

I haven’t been Catholic for a long time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a good holiday. Easter is one of those holidays. I’m mainly in it for the chocolate, to be honest, but it’s also pretty fun for my son. While he’s not one for candy, he definitely enjoys searching for Easter eggs. Prior to having him, however, I was pregnant with him on this very same holiday. Let me just say that being pregnant on Easter is the worst. Maybe not quite as bad as being pregnant on, say, St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s still pretty lousy if you ask me.

Not to say that everything is terrible when you’re pregnant on Easter. You get to spend time with family, which you may or may not appreciate (if anything, a few extra set of hands to help around the house while you relax is always a win). If you don’t have any sugar issues, you can certainly sneak some Peeps into your desserts that week. Getting a pastel-colored manicure and pedicure might not be totally out of the question (unless, of course, you’re on bed rest). Maybe your partner gets you an adorable stuffed bunny because, hey, we're never to old for cute stuffed animals, right? Plus I hear lots of places serve up killer brunches, so you can totally get your frittata on.

So yes, it's not all bad, and with anything in life you have to balance the great with the kind of horrible. That means, of course, that with every upside there's a downer, and if you're pregnant on Easter you are bound to experience a few of them, including the following:

Morning Sickness Might Prevent You From Enjoying Easter Treats

If you’re early in your pregnancy, you might not be able to enjoy the same amount of deviled eggs as those around you. Quiche, potato salad, lamb chops; thinking about any of these might send you to the toilet to upchuck. Morning sickness ruins every holiday, and every day, period.

Gestational Diabetes Might Stop You From Noshing On Chocolate Bunnies

One of my favorite things about Easter is, of course, the sweets. Carrot cake, cinnamon buns, Cadbury eggs, and the piece de resistance: the chocolate bunny. My mother gave me one of these every year until I was pretty damn grown, and taking that first bite off those delicious chocolate bunny ears was an annual treat. When I had borderline with gestational diabetes, however, I had to put down the bunny. I was so, so sad.

You Might Be Too Tired To Deal With Family

For some, a day filled with family can be a blast. For others, it’s downright exhausting. When you’re pregnant and tired most of the time regardless of what you're doing, family time can be way more draining than usual.

Bending Over With A Big Belly Is Hard AF

If you’ve got plans to surprise your child (or perhaps a niece or nephew) with an egg hunt, it’ll be pretty difficult to do with a big ol’ pregnant belly. Sure, some pregnant folks are fairly limber and can bend down to touch their toes when they're 40 weeks pregnant. For the rest of us, though, we prefer the simple pleasures of life. Like, you know, sitting.

You'll Constantly Pee During The Festivities

When we’re pregnant, our bladders ruin everything. They force us out of movie theaters and delicious dinners and out of very long lines at the grocery store (meaning we have to go to the back and start over). So if you haven big plans for Easter, pee will undoubtedly interrupt those, too.

Your Feet Might Be Too Swollen To Enjoy An Egg Hunt

Those wanting to hunt eggs themselves (or hunt with their little ones) may have a rough time if they’re pregnant. For some of us "lucky" ones, the later we are into our pregnancy the more we weight and the more our feet swell. More than a few moms-to-be are all about kicking their feet up during those last couple of months of pregnancy, so if you have to skip the annual egg hunt. Hey, there's no shame in your pregnancy game.

You Can’t Enjoy Easter Brunch Mimosas

For those of us who normally drink, this is always a downer. Easter brunches are often boozy, not just with mimosas but also bellinis and other yummy, pastel-colored cocktails. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

No Way You're Standing In Line For An Expensive Easter Bunny Pic

If this isn't your first pregnancy rodeo and you have other children, you’re probably going to find yourself in line for a close-up with the Easter Bunny. Unfortunately, you will probably end up there on a weekend when the line is busier than usual, which is another version of hell if you ask me. Then you’ll have some of the aforementioned problems (like needing to pee, or having swollen feet, or being plain tired) and find yourself in that line for the rest of your life (or at least your pregnancy).

Yes, holidays are the best and family time can be enjoyable. But remember, at the end of the day you're growing another human being inside of your body. If you have to say no to a few Easter-related things, do it. There's always next year.