8 Reasons Why Being Pregnant On Mother's Day Is The Worst

I’m currently pregnant with my second child, and while that's incredibly exciting, I would be lying if I wasn't a little apprehensive about this upcoming Mother's Day. In fact, I'm pretty much preparing myself to experience, first hand, why being pregnant on Mother’s Day is the worst. I mean, I’ve got lots of feels about the holiday already (like I assume most moms do), although mine are fairly specific since my first son was actually born on Mother’s Day weekend.

On my very first Mother's Day, I didn’t necessarily feel like I deserved a whole day of recognition for something I’d been doing for just a few hours. My son had just arrived and I was finding myself in that wonderfully complex post-birth haze of excitement and fear. However and nonetheless, it was poignant and lovely to celebrate with my newborn and my partner. As my son has grown, the day has mattered more to me, too. Each time it rolls around every year, it coincides with his birthday and is an updated count of how many years I’ve been parenting, too. Plus, it’s an excellent excuse for brunch, which just so happens to be my favorite meal.

All that said, I think this year is going to be a little tougher since some of my favorite things about the day aren’t really going to be option with baby number two on the way. I have a feeling I'll be sitting around other brunching moms on Mother's Day, bummed out about the following:

Because You Can't Have Alcoholic Brunch Beverages

My spouse and I had a brunch wedding reception, you guys, so hopefully you can understand how much I love brunch and consider it a go-to for celebrations. However, this year's will be incomplete since mimosas aren't going to be happening for me.

Because You Can't Take A Break From Being Pregnant

It's likely that I'm going to spend the day with my family and do enjoyable, pleasant things, like that aforementioned brunch and perhaps a walk in the park. However, despite how much I typically like these activities, I'm still going to be enduring Mother's Day while pregnant. So, you know, there will a lot of be pausing to catch my breath and put my feet up. I'm going to have to be careful on the walk, too.

Because Your Options For Pampering Are Pretty Limited

By the time Mother's Day rolls around, I am going to be really pregnant. Like, counting the days pregnant, instead of counting the weeks or months. So, I'm not going to have a ton of options for the traditional spoils often associated with the day.

I know, I know, this is hardly a big deal, but still I think it's worth a mention, especially for those moms who really like their fancy spa treatments and massages.

Because You Won't Have Enough Energy To Enjoy The Day

I suppose, in some ways, I should be thankful that I'm past the first trimester. I know it's different for everyone, but I spent about three months straight rotating from the couch to the bed. Though the third trimester has its own challenges, I can at least sit and stand and eat comfortably enough to get through days without gagging.

Either way, I'd like to have a moment of silent solidarity for moms enduring morning sickness on Mother's Day. Hopefully, next year, you can celebrate twice.

Because Pregnancy Hormones

I mean, I've been super-sensitive most days of this year, so I can definitely relate to those pregnant moms-to-be who are being ruled by their damn pregnancy hormones.

I'm just going to tell my partner we need to stock up on some tissue, since I can only see adding pregnancy hormones to a day that encourages me to reflect on my relationships with my son and my future daughter, only increasing the likelihood of tears.

Because There Are Vague Rules/Expectations About How To Celebrate

Please allow me to offer a polite hat tip to moms who saw their first pregnancy overlap with Mother's Day. Given how weird it felt for me to celebrate a mere few hours after my son was born, I can only imagine that there were some feelings associated with being pregnant on Mother's Day. Do you celebrate? Do you not celebrate? Do you acknowledge the day in a more subtle way, perhaps with a Gilmore Girls marathon? I wish I had answers.

Because You're Distracted

Mother's Day with a toddler is very different from Mother's Day with a baby. At almost 3 years old, my son is well aware that mom is hanging out on the couch way more than dad is these days. He knows that I can't wrestle or fly him around the room because of the baby in my tummy, so I'm sure, if we have a day of family time ahead of us, he'll pick up on the moments when I'm trying to catch a quick breather.

Because Your Growing Baby Can't Send You A Gift

Although, that would be amazing if they could, right? I suppose there's probably some way to go all Pinterest-y with the ultrasound photos, but I don't think I'll be looking into it anytime soon.