8 Things I *Thought* I Knew How To Do Before I Became A Mom

I waited until I was 30 to have kids, mostly because I wanted to have my sh*t together before I became a mom. And I did, at least by "child-free me" standards. I thought I knew how to be an adult and do adult things competently. Then I had kids and realized that being a competent adult and being a competent adult with kids are two entirely different things. There are so many things I thought I knew how to do, and then I became a parent.

You see, when people say that everything changes when you become a parent they aren’t lying. Turns out, one tiny human makes a huge difference when it comes to major things like your career, and also seemingly simple tasks like doing the laundry or keeping your house clean or, you know, sleeping. I used to be so good at sleeping. Now I can't fall asleep at night, wake at every sound, lie awake replaying every hot mess moment from my day, and can't nap even when I have the opportunity.

To make matters worse, I was one of those annoying child-free people who thought I knew everything there was to know about being being a mom. When I was pregnant I read books, took classes, joined internet mom groups, and was annoyingly confident about my choices. Until, that is, I brought a baby home from the hospital. Everything from breastfeeding to baby getting some damn sleep is so much harder and different than I thought it would be. I had no idea.

So, yeah, I should be way better at this than I am, and I totally have no idea how I got here. Help.

How To Change Diapers

I’ve literally been babysitting children and changing their diapers since I was 10. So I thought that I would be a relative expert in diaper-changing once my baby was born. I can't figure out how my kid managed to poop and pee all over me, and as often as they did. Maybe it’s a matter of volume?

And once my kids were toddlers, they wiggled their way out of my clasp and got poop all over their legs, feet, back, and hands on a daily basis. Don't even ask me about changing tables. Apparently, I suck at changing diapers.

How To Keep My Damn House Clean

Before I had kids, I was one of those ridiculously neat people who actually enjoyed cleaning. When I brought my baby home from the hospital, I thought it would be relatively easy to clean up after such a tiny human, but no. I had no idea. And it get's worse. My house hasn't been entirely clean in almost a decade. Fortunately, I've stopped caring.

How To Be On Time

I used to be on time for everything. It actually annoyed the hell out of me when other people were late. I have no idea how to be on time for things now, though. Either I get ready too early, and then something happens like a potty accident or someone touching someone else, or we aren't even close to leaving on time and I might as well give up before I even make my way towards my front door. It's so embarrassing, but there's nothing I can do. It's a good thing my kids take the bus to school.

How To Do Self-Care

I have always understood how important it is to engage in regular self-care. Before kids, I would take time to hang out with friends, read for fun, go shopping at Ulta, get facials, and actually drink coffee when it was still hot. Now that I’m a mom, though, it’s so hard to carve out some time in my schedule for myself. I almost can never find the time, and when something's gotta give, I place myself on the back burner. It sucks.

How To Do Laundry

I started doing my own laundry in elementary school. About once a week, I managed to gather, sort, wash, dry, fold, and put away my clothes. It’s easy. Right? Wrong. Laundry is impossible when you have kids. If I do manage to wash some clothes, half the time I forget that it’s in the washer and, as a result, I have to re-wash the entire load. Once a load is dry, it sits unfolded in a basket until someone wears an article of wrinkled clothing. Don't even ask about how often I iron. I'm pretty sure I have no idea where my iron is. It never ends.

How To Have A Career

Before I became a mom, I was super focused on climbing the corporate ladder. I thought it would be easy to maintain that momentum after my baby was born, but no. It's been a constant see-saw of trying to find balance between my career and my kids, and always managing to miss out on something, no matter how hard I try.

How To Nap

I remember staying up all night drinking tequila, then simply catching a nap the next day to make up for lost sleep. Then I became a mom and seem to have completely lost my ability to sleep. Sleeping when the baby sleeps is a damn lie, falling asleep is hard, and if I manage to get some shut eye my kids wake me up at night. I wish I were a cat.

How To Breastfeed

If you ask me which part of motherhood is the most different than I expected, the answer is breastfeeding all day long. Breastfeeding is hard. In fact, it's much harder than I thought it would be. I took classes, read books, and thought it would be effortless, because everyone said how “natural“ it was. I soon realized that I had no idea what I was doing, breastfeeding was anything but natural for me, and was an uphill battle.

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