Times You'll Give Your Tantrum-Throwing Tot A Pass

Not only are toddler tantrums kind of the worst, but they tend to linger long after the offending child has grown up. For example, my mom loves to tell tales of my own toddler misadventures, like the time I was banned from dance class or how I screamed every time she washed my hair (for four years). Perhaps one of the annoying, frustrating, yet hilarious aspects of the entire ordeal is the undeniable fact that there are things only a tantrum-throwing toddler can get away with. Watching a mini-human act in a way that no other person would ever be allowed to act (well, usually) is kind of ridiculous. I mean, if you don't laugh, you'll start to cry.

Of course, the reason we give a pass to otherwise unacceptable toddler naughtiness is because little ones are only just beginning to understand appropriate behavior. They also still have trouble controlling their emotions and exercising any sort of impulse control, so it's kind of par for the toddler course that there will be more than a few meltdowns. Even when a partner (hint, me, hint) attempts to model good behavior and healthy responses to disappointment, we have to accept that small children are, more often than not, lacking the development to behave "perfectly" all the time.

So the next time your child throws an epic tantrum and attempts any of the following "crimes," just grab a pen (or a camera) and record the incident for posterity. Trust me when I say, this is something you're going to want to remind them of when they are all grown up.

Throwing Their Food On The Floor

Don't you wish you could just yell for absolutely no reason and subsequently throw your plate to the floor during an otherwise pleasant dinner time? Yeah, me too.

Demanding A New Order

Not only do toddlers toss their dish overboard if they don't care for it (and sometimes even when they care for it) but they also routinely demand a different meal altogether. My son has become particularly defiant lately, and will specifically ask for one item, wait for me to make and serve it, then angrily demand something entirely different. Thanks, kid.

Rolling Around On The Floor In Public

Toddlers have great timing, and tend to reach peak meltdown right around the time you've walked through the the most populated store you frequent. It's so embarrassing to stand by as your child rolls around the floor, screaming and throwing a full on tantrum.

Demanding To Be Carried

Normally I can hardly keep up with my son. He runs ahead, tracks back, runs circles around me, and then runs ahead again. However, I can always tell when he is about to have a big tantrum because, well, that's usually when he slows down and demands I carry him.

I wish there was someone around who would carry me when I got tired. That's the dream, my friends.

Getting Naked In Public

You know what's worse than a little kid rolling around on the floor? A naked kid rolling around on the floor. Some children, for no apparent reason, feel the need to strip off when they are having a tantrum.

For example, my son has climbed into the high rafters of an indoor play center, only to strip right down to his birthday suit because he was more than aware we couldn't reach him.

Wearing A Tutu And Batman Mask To The Store

It can be quite cute when little ones start to exercise some control over their own clothing choices. My son is really into gloves these days, and will wear them everywhere.

Where you can run into problems, of course, is when your child refuses to leave the house unless they are wearing a particular item that might not necessarily be weather appropriate. Ugh, the struggle.

Being Totally Unreasonable And Contrary

You only need to look at some of the hilarious pictures on Reasons My Son Is Crying to understand that children often have meltdowns over completely ridiculous reasons. In fact, rarely if ever does it even matter what the parent has done. The tantrum simply cannot be avoided.

For example, when my son is tired he will ask for a particular toy. Then, when I give it to him, he will say he doesn't want it after all. So, like any reasonable human being, I will take it away from him only to have him cry because, yes, he does want it. Ugh, you cannot win, my friends. Not even a little bit.

Telling It Like It Is

Toddlers in the midst of a tantrum have no problem whatsoever telling the truth. Void of any diplomacy, they will shamelessly call you out on your eye bags, messy hair, or really any shortcomings they feel you have. If an adult was as honest as a toddler, they would probably have more than a few issues of the potentially scary and physical variety, but small children are given a pass because they really don't know any better.