8 Ways Motherhood Improved My Beauty Routine

by Fiona Tapp

My pre-baby beauty routine was a little involved, to say the least. I used hair masks, plucked and waxed, exfoliated, and moisturized every square inch of myself until I was coiffed to perfection. After baby? Yeah, not so much. Babies are time-consuming and demanding. Caring for my little one, especially in the newborn stage, didn't leave time for me to care for myself. However, I have realized there are plenty of ways motherhood changed my beauty routine for the better. Yes, seriously.

There's a pop culture depiction of new moms being completely void of any beauty routine at all. Television shows and movies usually show new moms in all their sleep deprived glory, with crazy wild hair, eye bags for days, and a serious need for a shower. The "hot mess mom" has become a stereotype for a reason, dear reader, and it's in large part to the perpetuated idea that the demands of motherhood trump any form of self-care.

The truth, though, that since I became a mom I have actually felt more beautiful than at any other time of my life. Sure, I have less time to pamper myself, but in many ways being a mom made me appreciate my body and my unique identity like never before. So yeah, now my beauty routine rocks, and here's why:

It Made Me Appreciate My Natural Beauty

After I gave birth I went through a honeymoon period where I was just enamored with myself. I was so impressed that my body — the same body I had criticized for so many years — had grown and delivered a baby. I felt amazing and beautiful. I was a new mom with a serious dose of confidence.

It Made Me Quicker

Being a new mom forces you to be a super speedy makeup artist. I found that I could make myself presentable in just a few minutes times. If I was given a full 10 minutes, I could rival a supermodel (in my mind).

Well, at least I could grab a shower and put some lipstick on or something.

It Made Me Great At Multitasking

No one is better at multitasking than a mom. I, for one, mastered the breastfeeding shuffle pretty early on. By shifting my son slightly during a feeding, I could hold him with one hand and nurse, while I applied moisturizer, bushed my hair, and put on makeup with the other hand.

I would also choose products that allowed me to get on with other jobs while they went to work. It wasn't unusual to see me doing the laundry with a face mask on. or making supper while my leave-in conditioner went to work on my locks.

It Made Me Streamline

On an average day, I save time by just brushing my hair and wearing it in a ponytail. If I am leaving the house, I like to make sure I take a few minutes to perfect my eyebrows, dab on a little powder, and gloss my lips. If my legs are covered, I probably won't shave them. Priorities, my friend.

It Made Routines Feel Like Rituals

Who knew a simple hot bath could feel like a day at the spa? Moms, that's who. After running around after my kid all day, the chance to lie back and relax in some warm suds feels magical.

Every night before bed I love rubbing lime hand cream into my skin and giving my fingers a quick massage. This simple and quick treatment feels luxurious after a long day of looking after everyone else.

It Made Me Appreciate "Me" Time

Being alone in the bathroom, even if it's just for a few minutes while I pluck my eyebrows, is a rare treat now that I'm a mom. Anytime I can get a little "me" time I feel like I'm on vacation.

It Made Me Learn Quick Fixes

I have developed so many quick tips and tricks since our son joined our family. I can tame my hair in less than 30 seconds with a wet hairbrush and some hairspray. I'll use one color tint for cheeks and lips, and I have found that I can skip eyeshadow altogether so long as I have plenty of mascara on.

It Helped Me To Reconnect With My Pre-Baby Self

"Looking pretty" means something different to every woman. For me, post baby looking pretty means feeling like my old self. With a swipe of lip color or a little glitter, I can feel like me and not just like someone's mom.