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9 Reasons Why Every Mom Can't Wait For Fall

I love fall. If fall were a person, I'd change my status to "in a serious relationship." This magical time of year means I get to break out my jeans and hoodies, my kids go back to school, and pumpkin everything reigns supreme. There's little I don't love about fall, and I know others agree. In fact, there are so many reasons why every mom can't wait for fall that it's honestly difficult to pick just one.

As I prepare to say goodbye to the sticky, hot, and humid summer weather, I look forward to pulling out that beloved box of fall and winter clothing from my closet. I've over having to wear shorts and constantly sweating my ass off. I'm done feeling as if I have to constantly entertain my kids because they're bored. I want pumpkin spice lattes and large sweaters and a set schedule, courtesy of our public education system.

So as my kids prepare to start another year of school, I find myself wistfully staring out the window, waiting for those leaves to change color and the air to turn crisp. So if you, like me, are waiting impatiently for the seasons to change, please know that you're not alone. In fact, here are just a few reasons why every mom can't wait for fall:

Because You Get To Wear All The Comfortable Clothes

I just have three words for you: sweatpants and sweatshirts. Honestly, that's reason enough to love fall so intensely you start anticipating its arrival in June.

Because The Leaves Are Beautiful

If my children have taught me anything, it's to appreciate the little things. That's why I'm so enamored with the leaves and their changing colors. They're gorgeous, and there's nothing like hearing that crunch beneath your feet. My kids love to play in the big piles I end up raking up too, and watching them be so care-free is easily one of the best parts of mom life.

Because School Starts

I'm counting down the seconds until I drop my kids off for their first day of school next week. I've loved having them around, to b sure (and even when all they do is scream and yell) but it's time we all take a break from one another.

Because Pumpkin Spice Is Back

As a mom, I need coffee. I rely on coffee. Without coffee, my mornings would be a disaster and I'd be a zombie by the afternoon. So, for me, there's nothing like the sweet, sweet taste of pumpkin spice to spruce of my second (OK, fourth) cup of joe.

Because There's Halloween Candy

Sure, my kids get hopped up on sugar... but so do I. I love that chocolate energy boost, and there's nothing as adorable as seeing my kids dress up in their Halloween costumes.

Because It's The Best Time For Family Photos

The year's best family photo aesthetic is, obviously, fall. This time of year sets the scene for a mantel-worthy picture, especially if you have the opportunity to dress your kids up in layers and flannels.

Because There's Football

If you're a football fan (because, yes, women like football too, jerks) then this time of the year is a special time for you.

I don't watch football (except for this year's Super Bowl for the highly anticipated This Is Us post-game episode), but another season of NFL madness means my kids and my partner will be preoccupied Thursday nights, Sunday, and Monday nights. That means more "me time" for yours truly.

Because You Can Enjoy Family Bonfires

I don't know about you, but I love weekend bonfires with my family. We get to spend some quality time together and eat s'mores, talk about our week, and enjoy the crisp air. It's magic.

Because It Marks The Start Of Holiday Season

The holiday season means more family time, and while that isn't always a positive, I think most moms look forward to that time of the year when they feel particularly close to their families. Yes, it's expensive. Yes, you have to entertain more than you probably want. Yes, your kids seem to lose their minds during Christmas. But it's also entertaining, and warm, and there's tones of food. That's a win in my book.