9 Sex Positions For After A C-Section To Help You Avoid Postpartum Pain

Postpartum sex is scary enough, but sex after a C-section? That can be doubly terrifying. You may not have pushed a baby out of your vagina, but you did have major surgery and that requires a little research to find sex positions for after a C-section.

I had a pretty great recovery with my C-section. Everyone was shocked that I never even filled the pain pill prescription my doctor gave me, but I felt so great. But there was definitely some uncomfortable moments that required me to adapt. Like, laughing and coughing — two absolute nos when you have a C-section. I will also never forget climbing into my first shower at home, ready to let myself sob in the water while my mom held my daughter. I was so excited to cry without anyone seeing, but as soon as I let out one sob, I immediately clutched my abdomen in pain and had to let that dream go.

When it comes to sex after a C-section, you'll want to protect your abdomen at all costs. Even with your doctor's green light (definitely don't try any sex until your doctor says it's OK), your core may be very tender and your scar and the area surrounding it can be sore. So any position with your partner placing all their weight on you or your own abdomen pressed into a bed probably isn't the best idea. Instead, try these nine sex positions to get the most out of your postpartum sex.


Sensual Spooning

Spooning is not only intimate, it's also a great position when you're recovering from a C-section. According to Cosmpolitan, your partner lays behind you and you can raise one leg in the air so your partner can enter you, giving you plenty of g-spot stimulation and leaves your SO's hands free for clitoral stimulation. There's no pressure on your abdomen or scar, and you don't have to utilize those core muscles. Plus, it's super sexy and intimate so you can really enjoy getting back in the saddle.


Saucy Spooning

Another variation of spooning, this one doesn't require any legwork. Cosmpolitan noted that your partner simply enters you from behind and you press your backside against them. Feel free to move around a bit for friction, too.


Reverse Cowgirl

I find that the traditional cowgirl position can still be a little too much pressure on your scar, especially if you're pressed up against your partner's pelvis, but reverse cowgirl gives you plenty of control and room to maneuver. Plus, reverse cowgirl is all about you — how intense do you want to go, how fast, and what kind of pressure. It's great for easing back into sex and it will help you learn your limits.


X Marks The Spot

While you're laying on a flat surface like a bed or table (or counter if you're going totes wild), have your partner stand at the edge and pull you towards them. With your legs crossed in an X shape, your partner is going to get some deep penetration, but it's also easy on your core and scar area.


Sitting Up

Being on top can be tough after a C-section, but when your partner meets you by sitting up, you're bound to enjoy it. Your torsos will be pressed together noted Cosmopolitan, but there won't be a ton of pressure and you can control how hard you're moving against each other to protect your scar.


Kneeling Missionary

Missionary requires a lot of weight on your body, but with a simple modification, you can turn it into a super comfortable and sexy position. Sex expert Gabrielle Moore noted on her website that with your partner kneeling and sitting back on their ankles, they can lift your legs and pelvis up in order to penetrate you without any pressure or weight against your abdomen. Slip some pillows under your bottom to keep you up and make both of you comfortable.


Straddle His Saddle

Another girl-on-top position that works great is Straddle His Saddle from Cosmopolitan. With your partner's legs crossed, have them lean back on their arms so you can lower yourself onto them and rest your arms on their shoulders. More control without the pressure or friction on your scar area.


Hot Hula

Again with the girl-on-top, but there's obviously a pattern here, right? It helps if you're in control. In the Hot Hula position, Cosmopolitan suggested being on top of your partner like any girl-on-top position, but swivel your hips from side to side or in a circle for grinding action.


Standing Doggy Style

Doggy style is always a winner, but after a C-section, it can be painful to lean down into the bed or to have pillows pressed against your abdomen. Try a modification from Women's Health and stand near your bed or a desk so you can bend over with your hands on the surface of whatever furniture you're leaning against. Your partner can stand behind you for penetration, giving them more stability so you two can move at a pace you need.