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9 Signs You're A Whole Foods Mom

Every mom has a favorite grocery store; a zen place where she can purchase milk and bread and eggs and cookies and whatever else makes her happy. She might not always have the time, means, or freedom to make it to this store as often as she'd like, but it's a sacred place forever in her heart. It’s the one place where she doesn't mind standing in line and, for many of us, it's called Whole Foods. In fact, there are signs you're a Whole Foods mom that can be spotted from miles away.

If you prefer to shop at Whole Foods, despite its sometimes high prices and often long lines, you might be a Whole Foods mom. No judgment, mind you. I mean, Whole Foods was the first grocery store I really fell for. I was in my early 20s, and, at the time, my regular grocery store didn't have an adequate selection of vegetarian or vegan-friendly ready-made meals. So you better believe that going to Whole Foods was a game-changer for me. I started purchasing more fruits and vegetables there too, probably because the displays appeal to my senses. I mean, how can you not purchase something so beautiful that smells so incredible?!

So, yes, I am absolutely a Whole Foods mom, and I know I'm not alone. From a wide variety of foods and treats to their delicious hot lunch selections and salad bar, Whole Foods is a mom's dream, especially if the following sounds a lot like you:

You Always Map The Distance From Your Potential New Residence To A Whole Foods...

Whenever you move to a new place, one of the first things you might do is scout out where you can get your groceries. But if you’re a Whole Foods mom, you’re definitely going to want to know how far your nearest organic grocer is. Believe me, it’s so nice when you can actually walk with your kid to the store.

... And If It's Too Far, You’re Willing To Go The Distance

When I first found out about Whole Foods, I lived nearly an hour away from my nearest location. It was the worst, but I was willing to huff it across town for their assorted cartons of soymilk, incredible gourmet cheeses, and vegetarian-friendly meat selection. While many standard grocers now carry many of those same items, Whole Foods still has more of them.

Your Kid Knows All About Fancy Cheeses

Some kids grow up eating Kraft American singles, but your kids? They are totally educated on the differences between a smoked gouda and a drunken goat, all thanks to the Whole Foods cheesemongers. Your kids will love cheese. They might even have cracker suggestions, and once they’re older, they’ll known which wine to pair, too.

You Always Leave The Store With At Least One Fancy Pastry

A black-and-white cookie from the cookie bar, an individual cheesecake, or a box of macarons? Odds are your kids are hooked on at least one, so there's no way you're leaving without a tasty treat.

You Know The WiFi Password By Heart

Why hit the library when you can use the wifi at your local Whole Foods? Whole Foods mamas know it’s the spot to get yummy snacks and coffee and a little work done. Plus, when you need more time shopping, it helps to have a tablet on hand the kiddos can enjoy, too.

Your Cart Is Always Filled With Produce

Remember when Amazon announced they were buying Whole Foods? Remember how worried you were? I sure do, but then I found out their produce would be cheaper and, well, goodbye worries. It’s nice to be able to get organic produce at affordable prices, especially nowadays.

Your Kids Learned About Veggies From The Salad Bar

My kid can’t be the only one that got introduced to various vegetables (and legumes and other fixings) from the Whole Foods salad bar. I’m sure some Whole Foods moms out there have let their little ones even sample a bit, too. Hey, whatever gets them to love their greens, right?

Thanksgiving Wouldn't Be The Same

Your entire family has now come to view Whole Foods as synonymous with Thanksgiving (and vice versa). Whether it’s the rosemary chestnut stuffing or their big, organic birds (or perhaps a Field Roast for the vegans in the bunch), it’s the place to be for holiday dinner meal prep. Seriously, no one can compete.

You’re That Couple That Got Married At Whole Foods

Or, at the very least, you think it was a great idea. No, seriously, a couple actually got engaged at a Whole Foods and then proceeded to plan the entire wedding there, too. Obviously their love is organic, non-GMO, and fair trade, to boot.

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