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9 Things A Conservative & Liberal Mom Have In Common 

In this tumultuous political climate, it can feel like those on opposing sides are completely different from one another. The truth is, however, that we're more alike than we are different. In fact, whatever side of any particular argument you're on, there are bound to be some friends or family members who completely disagree with you. So while it can seem like we are worlds apart, there are actually more than a few things a conservative mom and a liberal mom have in common.

When a group of people are talking about issues that have the potential to do real harm to communities, especially those that are already marginalized, it can be difficult for those involved to keep their cool. Family dinners or drinks out with your girlfriends can turn into heated arguments, not to mention what can happen to political conversations on the internet. Sometimes it feels like we will never find any common ground. While some people believe their identity is directly tied up with their political leanings and, as a result, is something cultivated and curated on an individual basis, others simply believe what their families raised them to believe. In other words, not everyone is as political as others, even when the state of the future matters to pretty much everyone.

However, the truth is that people can change their minds, and truth and information should never be partisan issues. Most moms want similar things, regardless of their politics or what they've been raised to believe or where they live or who they have voted for. They want their kids to be safe and grow up in an optimistic world, and that's a manifesto we can all get behind. So, with that in mind, here are a few things all conservative and liberal moms have in common.

They Both Love Their Kids

It doesn't matter if you and your mom friend disagree on issues of healthcare, environmental policy, or congressional matters, chances are you both love your kids and would do anything to protect them.

They Both Worry About The World

The world can be a scary place. When we are at odds with one another, it can seem like dangers are around every corner. Liberal and conservative moms, while maybe worried about different things or unable to completely agree with what constitutes an actual threat, are both susceptible to fear.

They Both Suffer From Mom Guilt

Mom guilt is inescapable. Basically, if you become a parent, at some point you are going to think you are doing it all wrong and blame yourself.

That's just being a mom, and not a single qualifier in front of mom, including "liberal" or "conservative," can erase that inevitable guilt we all feel.

They Both Screw Up

Just as we all suffer from mom guilt, we all mess up. After all, no parent is perfect. It's a full-time, never-ending job and sometimes we make mistakes. In the end, and even if we're different, we're all human.

They Both Want Things To Be Better

It doesn't matter where you fall on the political spectrum, it's easy to see that things could definitely be better. Striving for change and making continuous improvements to our standard of living is what makes a country great. Liberal and conservative mothers might have different ideas on how to make the world a better place for their children, but the fact remains: it's something we are all striving to do, regardless.

They're Both Passionate About Their Beliefs

The very reason arguments can erupt when people talk about differing political views is that people get very passionate about their beliefs. Political decisions affect people's lives in very real ways. They change the way people access health care, education, and other essential services, so of course these discussions can provoke passionate reactions. The fact that we can identify that passion in one another, even when it manifests itself in different ways, proves that we're not all that different from one another.

They're Both Doing The Best They Can

All of us can take a political misstep. It doesn't matter how much of an ally you may think you are to a particular cause or group of people, at some point you may well make a mistake.

The consequences of our actions are often more important than our intent., especially if they cause harm to others. However, it's worth remembering that we are all doing our best. We all want to raise our children in a free and just society.

They Both Worry About Themselves

As if moms didn't have enough to worry about, policy changes can affect our mental and emotional wellbeing, too. When congress debates issues that directly affect women's bodies and basic rights, we all pause and take note, regardless of which side of the political aisle we fall on.

They're Both More Than Their Political Leanings

Conservative women don't all think the same. Liberals don't agree on every single issue. We are more than our political leanings or beliefs or associations.

We need to start building bridges and remembering that we belong to a bigger group than any political party. After all, we're moms. That's one powerful group.