Everything I Secretly Love About Baby Showers

Baby showers can be a polarizing topic, not unlike politics, religion, and the hierarchy of ‘90s boy bands. Yes, I recognize they’re a rather dated tradition, the games can be awkward, and the interactions forced. I’ve experienced that all for myself a number of times. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not actually a fan of baby showers. In fact, I’d even go as far as saying that there are a number of things I secretly love about baby showers. That’s right, I said “love," and I freakin' meant it, my friends.

Perhaps it's because they remind me of the years I spent in a sorority during college, or because they give me an excuse to browse all the racks of cute baby clothes at my retailer of choice. Or, maybe it's simply because, at it’s core, it’s an event celebrating someone I like, and we should really all have more events held in our honor (and especially when we're growing literal people inside our own bodies).

It could be any combination of the above and the below items, too. The point is this: I just like baby showers. I will attend them when invited if at all possible, and I remain grateful for the showers I’ve had. So, should anyone I know or love express trepidation at attending an upcoming shower, you definitely won't see me hesitate to remind them of the following:

The Spread Of Finger Foods

Some of the best meals are the meals made entirely of appetizers, in my experience. In fact, if my family was down, we’d eat cheese plates and artichoke dip, meatballs, and fruit skewers for every meal. Alas, that’s not really what they’re into, so I’m limited to enjoying party food when I go to parties (or when they’re busy and I’m alone for dinner, which happens like once a year).

The Decor Straight Out Of Pinterest

I’m pretty sure it would get old to actually live in the party aisle of a certain store, but for a few hours on a Saturday morning? Yes, I’d love to visit a space that makes me feel like I’m doing just that. I will take all the twine and pastel bunting and chalkboard signs that you or anyone else doesn’t want, and I will fill a tiny baby pool with them and roll around in their glory.

The Excuse To Dress Up

Please don’t throw things at me, but as a writer who works from home I sometimes miss wearing my nicer clothes. I know and I’m aware of how that sounds. I’m also aware that I can put on whatever clothes I want to work from home, but something feels weird about walking around by myself in a pantsuit (although, I did try that once on election day, for the record). I like having an excuse to spruce myself up, and also to secretly judge myself for being someone who says “spruced up.”

The Overtly Feminine Vibe

For the record, I consider myself a feminist. I live in a household that I’d define as fairly progressive with a few traditional elements, and this works well for my spouse and I. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes enjoy an excuse to go bask in femininity and motherhood every so often. Sometimes it feels like a step back in time, to sit in a room with other women and hear jokes about how much their husbands do (or don’t) help with baby, but at the same time, I can usually relate to countless other anecdotes and stories, and I appreciate the camaraderie and openness that comes from being in a space that’s all women.

The Adorable Gifts

I mean, a curated selection of onesies,newborn pajamas, and stuffed animals wrapped in cute paper and decorated bags? Who wouldn’t want to admire such a display?

The Glow Of The Mom-To-Be…

I’ve never been to a baby shower where the guest of honor wasn’t smiling a lot. Pair that oh-so-real pregnancy glow with being surrounded by her nearest and dearest? It’s pretty much impossible not to be happy for her.

...And The Excitement And Support Of Her Loved Ones

On the other side of the coin, usually there’s good vibes coming from the other guests, too. I assume it’s not just because everyone shares my enthusiasm for the shower itself, either. Instead, I think everyone around the mom-to-be is so damn excited because, you know, they're happy for the new mom. That's so great to see.

The Gear Ideas I Get For My Own Kids

My son is not even 3 yet, and I’ve seen amazing gift ideas at baby showers that were totally not on my radar during my first pregnancy or during my son’s early months. Of course, every baby’s different, and who’s to say that said items would have made much difference in our household? Still, I like knowing what options are out there, especially for our next baby.

The Wisdom Shared By Seasoned Moms

I mean, I’m still pretty new to this whole parenting thing compared to many moms out there, and I still have plenty to learn, too. Hearing seasoned moms talking about their experience with motherhood isn't the only reason I like showers, but it’s an added benefit for sure.

All that said, if anyone in the PNW has a shower coming up and you’re looking to pad the guest list, feel free to let me know. I promise I’ll behave.