9 Things To Own If You Fancy Yourself The "Cool Mom"

I used to see this "cool mom" in my local coffee shop and, until I had children of my own, she was what I considered to be the "ideal" modern mother. She wore vintage designer clothes and high heels and pushed her baby around in this one-of-a-kind skull print stroller. Turns out, if you fancy yourself a cool "mom," there are a few things you should own (including a skull print stroller, apparently).

The "cool mom" I was in awe of? Yeah, she never had spit up on her shirt, her pockets weren't filled with crackers, and it was obvious she found time to shower in the morning. In other words, she still looked like a "normal person," and not someone's "mom." To be honest, I tried to emulate her style once my baby was born, only to be the mom leaking breast milk all over her shift, wearing flats to accommodate my still-swollen feet, and sporting a horribly messy bun thanks to another sleepless night spent caring for a newborn.

Maybe (read: probably) her life wasn't as polished as it seemed, and maybe she was able to afford a team of nannies and a housekeeper. Then again, maybe she really was a "cool mom." Either way, if you want to be like her (because, um, clearly I still do) put these items on your shopping list. There's nothing wrong with stealing that cool mom style, dear reader.

A Pair Of Headphones

When baby falls asleep, you need to get your tune on.

The Most Expensive Swing Ever

Cool moms don't just stick their babies in any old swing. I mean, what kind of mother would they be? Nope, they buy the uber swing. You know the kind. It's the one that mimics the womb with gentle vibrations, bounces up and down and sways side to side, exactly like a robotic parent.

A Smart Thermometer

Cool moms don't struggle trying to take their baby' temperature. Instead, they just pop in a pacifier and use some ridiculously high-tech contraption that does all the dirty work for them. What a time to be alive, you guys.

A Baby Monitor With Wifi Capabilities

Hip moms don't try to decipher a grainy black and white image on a small screened monitor. They definitely don't spend time holding the other end of a baby monitor either, because what kind of an accessory is that? Instead, they log in from their phone using WiFi and watch their baby in HD.

A Diaper Bag That Doesnt Look Like A Diaper Bag

Cool moms don't need to accessorize like a "traditional mom." Their diaper bag needs to be stylish and multi-purpose, and should definitely look just as good for a night out with your best friends.

"Cool Kid" Clothes

A "cool mom" isn't a cool mom unless her kid is dressed like a "cool kid," too. Does your kid sport a fedora and sunglasses, even though they're an 8-month-old baby? How about a toddler who looks like an English professor? If so, you're a cool mom.

A Smartphone (And A Backup Smartphone)

I have no idea how moms (cool or not) survived extended nursing sessions without smartphones, but I'm pretty sure it sucked (pun intended).

Once babies get a bit older, smartphones can be used sparingly to distract them in boring situations, too, like waiting for a doctors appointment or on car journeys.

An Effortless Hairstyle

A "cool mom" makes the messy bun look effortlessly messy, which you would think is a given but, trust me, isn't. A "cool mom" can put her hair in some complicated braid in just a few minutes, because she's good like that.

No, I'm not jealous. You're jealous.

Matching Outfits

Could there be anything cuter than matching your outfit to your child's? Yes, that's a rhetorical question, so please don't answer.

I may never be a "cool mom," and that's OK. Plus, let's face it; once your kid is old enough to have an opinion on the matter, they won't think you're cool either. Still, I say fake it until you make it by looking the part, and before you know it you'll be too cool for school (drop offs).