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Is Aldi Open On Christmas Eve Or Christmas Day? Here's The Deal

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If you’re wondering what the Aldi Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hours are, I feel like you may be in a pickle at the moment. Did you burn the roast or Santa’s cookies?

Well, all of Aldi locations are closed on Christmas Day, and as for Christmas Eve, you’ll have to check out the store closest to you because the timing may vary. Most will be closing early to give their employees time to spend with their friends and family for the holidays, thankfully.

I feel like more and more company big-wigs are realizing that they probably don’t make a ton of money on these days, and the positive outcome of that is the employees getting a break and being able to take time for themselves or to spend it with their loved ones. I’ll never forget working retail during the holidays — it was a mess to say the least. However, it wasn’t a mess on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (except when I worked for Starbucks).

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Most people would opt for staying home and not braving the cold during the holidays, so the stores would be deader than dead. We'd get paid to clean and re-clean the store, restock things that probably didn’t need restocked, and basically twiddle our thumbs and have conversations with our co-workers. Except for Starbucks where we were so busy nobody ever had time to sit down for even a second and we’d be running out of peppermint and chocolate flakes and whipped cream, damn it. Y’all get your coffee at home and enjoy Starbucks’ new creamers that are less expensive versions of your favorite flavors so that perhaps one day Mr. Starbucks will decide to let all of his “partners” (employees) be at home with their families instead of slinging espresso beans.

But until Christmas Eve, make sure you’re heading to Aldi for their great deals on holiday favorites beef sirloin tip roast for $4 a pound, a spiral-sliced half-ham for $1 a pound, garlic knots for $2, and of course the Wine Advent Calendars, which I hope you already purchased since as of this writing there are now less than two weeks until Christmas. Plus they probably already sold out faster than U2 tickets, if we’re being real here.

If you do end up burning the roast or Santa’s cookies, or you just suck at planning ahead, be sure to check on your local Aldi’s website for their limited store hours on Christmas Eve, and remember they’ll be closed on Christmas Day.

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