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These 16 Halloween-Themed Maternity Shoot Ideas Are So Stunning It's Spooky

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Being in your last trimester in the fall means you were pregnant through the sticky summer, and for that, I salute you. To commemorate making it to the other, less sweaty side of the year, you may want to *trick-or-treat* yourself to a Halloween-themed maternity shoot.

The beauty of doing your maternity photoshoot around the year’s spookiest holiday is that you have so many amazing options: you can go for a more traditional, glam look and wear a long dress while posing outside in the gorgeous fall foliage. You can really get into the Halloween spirit and don a costume that shows off your baby bump (an avocado with a belly as the pit is my fave, but the options are endless.) Or you could take advantage of the cozy flannels and oversized sweaters — a true blessing during pregnancy — and snap your pics in a pumpkin patch on a day when the crisp, clear weather is on your side. If you're a scary movie lover, you can even pick up some props and opt for an eerie photoshoot which may seem odd in say, April, but is totally cool in October. Lucky you!

A maternity shoot is a special way to honor those last few months of pregnancy and your child will love seeing the pictures when they’re a little older. Read on for 16 Halloween maternity shoot ideas, witch hats and pumpkin patches totally optional (but definitely encouraged).


A Bump-Centric Costume

Why not use your budding baby bump to take your costume up a notch? A Winnie The Pooh maternity costume idea is so sweet and creative (Pooh does have one of the most famous bellies of all time, after all). Dressing your littles as coordinating characters is adorable, and you can never go wrong using the bursting fall colors as your backdrop.


A Glam Witchy Look

I love this understated witchy look, complete with long black nails, thick eyelashes, and light-catching gems. This outfit reads spooky without being overly costumey or camp. You may be in a costume, or you may just dress like this all the time which is what makes this idea so cool and versatile.


Pumpkin Carving

Some of the sweetest maternity shoots happen while you're doing things you'd be doing even if there weren't cameras around. It's a sweet idea to ask your older children if they'd like to join in for at least some of the shots so they feel included. You can set up a fun activity at home, like decorating pumpkins, which may help you feel natural and relaxed in front of the camera.


Among The Gourds

You're not going to have your baby bump forever, so you should feel proud to flaunt it while you do. An easy take on a Halloween-themed maternity shoot is to don autumn colors (think rusty reds and crisp golds and greens) and hold a pumpkin or a gourd. The autumn-approved manicure is a nice touch here.


An Eerie Scene

This picture is giving me Blair Witch Project vibes, but in a cool, artsy way. The shot was actually taken in Salem, Massachusetts which is about as creepy as it gets, but you can recreate the look at home in any wooded area or park (people will know to move out of the way for a pregnant lady posing in a witchy outfit). The lacey dress and the head piece make this pic stand out.


A Stretchy Celestial Look

Let's be real, by the time your maternity shoot rolls around, you may be thinking "stretchy pants or bust." The good news is that you can still do a stunning photoshoot wearing a full lycra outfit. This outfit was transformed from simple black to full celestial just by adding some sparkly star stickers.


Partner Shots With Props

You can easily make your maternity shoot Halloween-themed just by adding a pumpkin. I love how genuinely happy this couple looks, and how besides the pop of orange, there's nothing that makes this shot scream "Halloween". This look is proof that a long fancy dress and a seasonal prop is always a photoshoot win.


Full Face Paint

There's no other time of year where it makes sense rock Day Of The Dead makeup in your maternity photo, so why not just go for it? I love the drama of this photo from the makeup, to the flowing gauzy dress, and the smoke. You may want to check in with your doctor before using a smoke bomb however to make sure the kind you're planning to use are pregnancy-safe.


Try Black And White

The oversized sweater, the dark nails, the leaves underfoot: everything about this photo is giving me cozy fall vibes. Black and white film is a nice option for conveying a more muted, understated scene. Plus it lends just the tiniest bit of spook, which is appropriate for a Halloween-themed maternity shoot.


A Pumpkin Bump

This is such a cute idea for a pregnancy announcement, especially if your due date is before Halloween but you still want to get your fall shot. The little pumpkins look so cute offset by the belly, but what really makes this photo is the gorgeous lighting and the effervescent smile. Belly painting is always a win (just let it dry before posing!).


A Cauldron Belly

You're cooking up something in your belly, that's for sure. For a costume in a pinch you can wear all black and paint your stomach (or your shirt) as a bubbling cauldron. When they're older, your kid will get a kick out of looking at the maternity photos and knowing you included them in the costume even before they were born.


Skeleton Family

Get the whole family involved by dressing like a pack of skeletons and strategically placing a little baby skeleton on your bump (you can find tons of pregnant skeleton shirts on Amazon). It’s a fun and unexpected announcement, plus @yaimira22 gets credit for the hilarious caption “when Netflix and chill goes too far.”


Pretty Pumpkins

If you want to make your pregnancy announcement on Halloween but you don’t feel like being in the picture, you could make your own beautiful pumpkin patch. This one has pumpkins representing every member of the family plus the new baby, and the string lights really make this photo pop.


Pumpkin Booties

How cute is this orange baby hat nestled on a pumpkin, plus the pumpkin booties? When placed next to a sonogram picture, some spooky books, and some colorful leaves, you have a beautiful Halloween pregnancy announcement.


Let The Pumpkins Do The Talking

No need for costumes when everyone in the family gets to hold their own pumpkin. This announcement gets a Halloween feel set against a spooky backdrop, and I love how the pumpkin is carved in the heart shape to reveal the "baby" while a separate gourd reveals the due date.


A Heart Pumpkin

This family used the same announcement for their first and second child, but the second time around, the photo got an extra little pumpkin to represent everyone in the family. It looks so cute to add in the pumpkin heart cutout, too (and the sonogram images make it clear what the announcement is about).