Is It Normal To Bleed After Being Fingered? You May Want To Trim Those Nails


Experimenting with different types of sexual play is fun. Drawing blood in the process, however, is not so much fun (unless you're into bloodplay, but that's another topic for another day.) In such a situation, you might wonder: is it normal to bleed after being fingered? In a word, no.

To get straight to the point, bleeding after some finger fun is a cause for concern. Blood is not a necessary side effect from this activity. But if your partner gets carried away, it's possible to cause some minor internal trauma. As noted in Kinsey Confidential, small vaginal cuts from sexual activity are not always a cause for concern, but more serious cuts might call for stitches in order to heal properly. Sure, the vagina is built to withstand all sorts of action, but it's still vulnerable to cuts and other pain.

On the other hand, though, certain conditions can make the vaginal area more prone to bleeding. According to Healthline, certain STIs, uterine fibroids, and even hormonal fluctuations can cause a person to bleed in between periods. If one of these conditions is ongoing, then some spotting might appear after a fingering session (or at any other random time). If a person shows any additional signs of infection, then a trip to the doctor is smart.


But if there aren't any health conditions present — just an over-eager fingerbanger — then it may be time to introduce your partner to some new techniques. For starters, make sure your partner's nails are clean and trimmed, as noted in Your Tango. Seriously, it might help prevent any future scratches and bleeding, so bust out the emery boards. Next, make sure there is adequate lubrication, whether natural or supplied from a bottle. This is another way to prevent potential injuries and make sure everything is as comfortable as possible. Lastly, it's all about personal preferences and communication. Some people may enjoy only the gentlest of touches, whereas others like a bit more force (just not enough to result in bleeding). For more advice, check out the fingering sex tips from Bustle to make sure you have the best experience possible.