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Some Totally Bonkers Blue Ivy Rumors For The Ages

Five-year-old Blue Ivy Carter is going to become a big sister two times over very soon, but this child of megastars Beyoncé and Jay Z is far from the only one waiting anxiously for the big day to arrive. Of course not — the Beyhive and the celebrity media have celebrated, speculated, and obsessed about everything from Bey's due date to what her babies' names will be since she announced she was pregnant with twins back in February. All the unavoidable hoopla leading up to their birth pretty much guarantees that the guesswork will seep into the big day and endure far beyond, especially because that's exactly what happened with Blue. And some of the rumors about Blue Ivy's birth are absolutely bonkers.

They also show that her little siblings won't escape public scrutiny, either. After all, rumors that Bey was pregnant for a second time started up not long after she had Blue and raged until she actually revealed she was pregnant. Since then, fans have interpreted her choice of earrings (the same ones she wore in her "If I Were A Boy" video) as a clue she's having boys; More recently, some swore that the appearance of a sparkly pink shoe on her Instagram meant she'd soon welcome girls. The twins starred in their own Saturday Night Live skit, and they're not even born yet!

All that to say, the Carter-Knowles twins are some famous fetuses. Luckily for them, they'll have Blue to guide them through when the rumors just aren't true, and the outlandish stories that abounded after her birth show that ignoring the rumor mill is a skill they'll all need.

The Hospital Floor Shutdown

Soon after Blue's January 2012 birth at Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital, rumors began to circulate that her famous parents had paid more than $1 million to rent out an entire floor of the place. The story gained so much traction that a hospital spokesman issues a statement insisting that it was "simply not true," according to MTV News. Instead, the spokesman shared, the family had paid the standard rate for an executive suite — digs that were nonetheless still pretty luxurious, according The New York Daily News reported at the time.

Beyoncé Didn't Actually Give Birth To Blue...

Perhaps the most enduring rumor about Blue's birth is that Beyoncé didn't give birth to her at all. She's talked openly about having had fertility issues in the past — she's even suffered a miscarriage. In 2015, Gawker's Gabrielle Bluestone boiled down the other reasons some have advanced the conspiracy theory that Beyoncé was never actually pregnant in the first place. First, her bump once allegedly appeared to deflate as she sat down for an interview, she offered contradictory information about how far along in her pregnancy she was, and she didn't share many photos of her pregnant self that first time around (again, all unfounded rumors with no merit).

Conspiracy theorists have concocted stories that Blue is allegedly Jay Z's child with another woman to allegations that she hired a surrogate. But in her 2013 documentary Life Is But A Dream, Bey called the speculation "the most ridiculous rumor I think I’ve ever had about me." Maybe this is why the Queen has graced us with so many pregnancy photos five years later.

... And Solange Is Actually The Mom!

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This aspect of the theory that Bey never gave birth goes even further and gets even crazier — and gets disturbingly specific, too. According to The Daily Beast, there's a train of thought out there that claims Beyoncé's fertility problems truly did prevent her from ever having kids of her own, so her sister, Solange, donated an egg to be fertilized by Jay Z's sperm for a surrogate to carry. Among the not-so-convincing pieces of evidence for this is that Blue and Solange, who is her aunt, look alike. OOOOOOOK.

Either Way, Blue's *Totally* In The Illuminati (Right?)

Ah, the Illuminati. If you believe the conspiracy theorists, Bey is at the helm of this secret society bent on creating a New World Order with a dominant totalitarian government. And, of course, her daughter was inducted right away. The proof? Her name of course! You see, "Blue Ivy" could very well be an acronym, the theory goes: Born Living Under Evil Illuminati's Very Youngest. Bey did try to dispel the rumors: "Y'all haters corny with that Illuminati mess," she sings in the 2016 hit "Formation."

Perhaps becoming the subject of such wild rumors is just an occupational hazard of having a mom who's also arguably the most famous person on the planet. At least Blue is about to have two little siblings who will always understand exactly what that's like.