The 7 Best Gifts To Give For A Sprinkle

When a mom-to-be already has a child, but wants to find a way to celebrate having another, she may be stumped for ideas. A great way to gather those who want to celebrate a second, third, fourth, or beyond is to throw a sprinkle instead of a shower. But because the mom-to-be may have a lot of the baby essentials already from their other children, you may wonder what the best gifts you can give for a sprinkle include.

There are a lot of great avenues to explore with gifting a parent of more than one children. And when you consider the essential items that a baby uses every day, there are a ton of options to explore. Additionally, with a second or third, you have the option to gift something to the whole family rather than the one baby.

If parents have a registry, it's a great idea to stick with it. Primarily because parents create registries to fill with the items they need or products/brands they know they're comfortable with. This, however, doesn't mean you can't get creative or utilize some other options on the side. Especially after the first, parents may not have a ton of items they feel they need. In which case, using some of the sprinkle gift ideas below can really come in handy.


This is always a good option, as babies grow out of, wear down, or dirty clothes quickly. But it's especially thoughtful if it's been a while since the first child was born and Mom got rid of all the clothes. Going for the basics – like onesies, pajamas, socks, or sleeper sacks – can be really helpful.

Diapers & Wipes

Whether disposable or cloth, grabbing a box of diapers or ordering a new cloth diaper can save parents a chunk of money. The thing about both disposable diapers and wipes is that you know parents are going to need them, according to Babies R Us. From the minute a baby is born until the age of 2 or 3, these will always be must-have items.

Gift Cards

The aforementioned Babies R Us article also noted that providing the family with gift cards or certificates is a way to allow families to either pick items that they need or enjoy experiences together. Some great ideas include gift cards to their favorites stores, restaurants, photography sessions, or even local kids' places like the zoo or a museum.

Bibs & Burp Cloths

The Greater Gifter suggested bibs and burp clothes as sprinkle gifts because they're items that parents go through so quickly. Because they're used for food messes and spit up, you can only throw them through the wash so many times before stains set in for good. Having extra on hand is always helpful.

Monthly Box Subscriptions

Once there's a newborn in the house, especially with other children running around, it's difficult to keep up on the simplest things. Finding subscription boxes that fit the family's style is a great way to take some of that pressure of off them by providing monthly relief. Some helpful monthly subscription ideas are meal-prep boxes, snack boxes, book or activity subscriptions for the older siblings, or even just a good wine, cheese, or chocolate box subscription for mom to enjoy.

Books Instead Of Cards

Cards are sweet, but they're not useful and often get thrown out or stored away after any event. Do Say Give suggested finding your favorite children's book or a book that's relatable to the new baby and write a personalized message inside instead.

Toiletries For Baby

Items like diaper rash cream, soap, and lotion go quick. Because parents often have a favorite brand or product by the time they've been through raising one baby, this gift may be best if you can find out what they already use. Once you know what products work best, this can be a helpful gift for them to prevent a late night trip to the store next time they run out of rash cream.