The Best Birthing Technique For You, Based On Your Zodiac

Find me 15 minutes into a conversation and you’re bound to hear me say, “What’s your zodiac?” It usually means I’m either totally hitting it off with someone and need to know if we share Aries’ fire, or totally, well, … not. Of course, there’s nothing foolproof about the alignment of the stars during your particular birth time, but it is interesting to think about. And if you’re pregnant and believe in astrology, you might be wondering about things like the best birthing technique for you based on your zodiac, or even how the alignment of the planets will affect your labor.

Because so much of what’s to come feels like one big guessing game, so why not put your faith in the stars, right? That’s not to say that you are destined to choose one childbirth method, nor that there is only one that will work for you. After all, if there’s anything you’ve learned about pregnancy and birth by now, it’s that everything is completely unpredictable and there will definitely be a surprise at every corner. That’s not to say that birth plans aren’t a vital part of many women’s labor and delivery process. But a built-in factor of the “plan” is that you might have to nix any and all thoughts about what you thought the process would be like.

Still, let’s check out your zodiac to see what’s possibly in the (tarot) cards for delivering you little one. Because if there’s anything I know for sure about labor, it’s this: Options are power, my friend.


"Chief among the traits of an Aquarius is the fierce need for rebellion," according to That being said, you might want to make sure you go into labor with your birth plan in hand. That way you're the one calling the shots with the exception of a situation where doctors need to take the lead.


Ask an Aries to breathe and she might knock you in the face (trust me, I am one and I know these things). But if you're a Pisces, then you are an intuitive, gentle, and compassionate creature, so you might benefit from learning about various breathing techniques, like Lamaze. While it's no longer the breathing method your mom used when she gave birth, it is a philosophy built around an intuition which might suit your Pisces ways.


As a bonafide Aries, I would rather ride solo for most decisions. (Spoiler alert: You have to, like, consider other people sometimes.) When it came to labor, I can tell you there are several things that were major no-nos and they all involved people looking at, talking to, or touching me without my consent. (I dramatize, but not really.) Thank God my husband knows me well and was the quiet force at my side, while I took a deep internal dive.

I would have never been able to handle a birth coach rubbing my back or reminding me to breathe, but I can tell you the best thing I did do was hold pre-game strategy sessions. We went through a play-by-play of all of the things that might happen during labor and how to proceed in those instances. (Of course, you can't predict the unpredictable. But if you're an Aries, then you're sure as hell going to try.) That way I had the groundwork laid in my brain for when the time came and I switched into me-myself-and-I mode.


The Taurus is known for being incredibly patient, but they can also be pretty stubborn. So, there are two things to consider here: one, a natural birth might be right up your alley, and two, don't wait too long for an epidural if you are considering getting one. Your stubbornness won't pay off when you're 9 centimeters and wishing you would have said yes to the epidural at 5.


Geminis have the ability to learn quickly and like to exchange ideas, but they can also be nervous and indecisive. Look into your hospital's midwife program so you can find someone who might provide you with a bit of guidance throughout your pregnancy. If your hospital doesn't have an on-site program, then you can always search for independent resources in your neighborhood.


Cancers are known for encouraging others to connect to their feelings. Known for their nurturing personality, Cancers might love the inclusion of acupuncture and/or acupressure as a part of their pre-birthing technique. Acupuncture is believed to be effective is that it stimulates the release of oxytocin, which are the hormones that cause your uterus to contract, noted Healthline. Just make sure you clear it with your doctor before trying either method.


Leos are known for stealing the spotlight because they love to be the center of attention, so go ahead and bring your baby into this world with a dance party. Seriously, Dancing For Birth is a thing and it has your name written all over it.


"Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details, and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac," noted Astrology Zodiac Signs. That means you might be the exact right candidate for hypnosis methods (or HypnoBirthing), which rely on instincts to help find relaxation during labor.


Libras are cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, and fair-minded — but they're also known for being indecisive. With that in mind, you might opt for a birth coach who can help guide you toward the labor you are seeking.


According to, Scorpio's M.O. is "Why hide who I am?" So I say go for the full on water birth experience and let labor unravel in your very own way, perhaps even in the comfort of your living room. Plus, Scorpios are water signs, so it just makes sense, right?


Sagittarians are all about free-flowing movement and don't like being constrained, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. So it would seem that your best approach is some chill music and a birthing ball where you can bounce and move until your heart's content (or at least until your baby starts to make their entrance).


Capricorns are driven to succeed, so if you are thinking about setting the bar high for birth, then go ahead — just maybe also make a deal with yourself that you won't beat yourself up if (and most likely when) something unexpected comes your way during labor. Your best approach is to talk to your doctor, midwife, and/or doula about your plans and review pros and cons — just like any Capricorn who's always on her A-game.