A ginormous rainbow super slide in your back yard can provide hours of fun in the sun.
BigMouth Inc.

If You Need Me, I'll Be On This 40-Foot Long Rainbow Water Slide All Summer

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What better way is there to sail into the long-awaited dog days of summer than on a literal slip-n-slide? A 40-foot-long rainbow super slide that combines a slip-n-slide, splash pool, and sprinkler into one incredible product might just be it. The ginormous water play contraption basically turns your back yard into a mini-waterpark.

Sure, you've got a kiddie pool, maybe an inflatable sprinkler or two, and a homemade slip-n-slide your kids rigged up out of cut up trash bags — they're all great in their own ways. But none of that backyard fun can compare to the incredible rush of combining multiple water play apparatuses into one giant, 40-foot-long mega slide. You and your kids can spend literal hours playing on this thing.

Made by BigMouth Inc., this particular super slide is decked out with a bright rainbow design, and it looks just as dazzling as it is fun to splash and play on. If the company's Ginormous Corgi Yard Sprinker, Neon Unicorn Sprinkler (It shoots water out of its horn!), and Stranger Things-themed Demogorgon Sprinker weren't enough to make you the envy of your entire neighborhood already, this new twist on a traditional slip-n-slide should seal the deal.

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The slide retails for $240 on Amazon. A steep price tag, but it looks to be worth every single cent. This much outdoor fun delivered straight to your doorstep can be life-saving when you have bored kids at home. The ability to inflate a water slide, throw some swimsuits on your kids, and send them out the back door to play is incredibly valuable.

Aside from being something new and exciting for your kids to enjoy, this inflatable slide seems ridiculously easy to set up. Tethers and an anchor kit are included to keep it firmly in place as you and your kids take turns seeing who can race down to the end the fastest.

The slide inflates fully to a length of 40 feet and a width of 8 feet, so you'll definitely need plenty of room wherever you plan to set it up. It connects to your garden hose and water shoots out of sprayers on either side down the entire length of the slide.

One thing I personally hate about slip-n-slides is the propensity of the water in certain areas to dry up in the hot sun. If you happen to hit a dry spot as you slide head-first down a traditional slip-n-slide wearing a two-piece, the belly burn hurts worse than sunscreen-tinged sweat dripping in your eyeballs. This slide comes with two inflatable inner tubes so you can kiss painful skin on slide friction goodbye, and slide safely on a comfortable tube instead.

Each turn down the slide culminates in the rushing thrill of cool water splashing up over you and your tube as you land in the star-shaped splash pool at the end of the line. And if you have little ones who aren't quite up to high-speed sliding yet, they can easily entertain themselves splashing until their heart's content in the shallow wade pool.

As exhilarating as they are, slip-n-slides can sometimes ignite sparks of fear deep down in my mama heart. I know they're fun, but my boys are already rambunctious enough on their own to warrant a couple of emergency room visits a year. Putting them on a giant slippery slide is a potential recipe for disaster, but I'm willing to make an exception for this multi-colored masterpiece. As long as they don't break any bones attempting a head-first dive down the giant 40-foot rainbow runway, we'll be just fine.

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