Oh Hi, This Is The Unicorn Cake To End Literally *All* Unicorn Cakes

Look, unless you're living on Mars and waiting for Matt Damon to fix your spaceship, chances are you've heard about the fad known as unicorns. Add in the word cake (CAKE!) and you've got several thousand Pinterest pins and boards. Unicorns are hot right now, whether they are being turned into sprinklers or humidifiers, but unicorn cake is like, the most unicorn thing of all. Which is why I'm proud to show you the best unicorn cake. The unicorn cake to end literally all unicorn cakes, if you will.

Look, I know you think you've seen all the unicorn cakes. You've seen the fat unicorn cakes and the sweet little 8-inch round fondant-covered unicorn cakes with delicate eyelashes painted on, but have you ever seen a unicorn, made out of cake, eating more cake? I'm not talking like the fat unicorn cakes that show a cake with a tiny fondant mystical creature laying next to it. I mean, a beautiful unicorn, perfectly created out of cake that looks like it just wandered from a magical forest, indulging in the ultimate sprinkle, confetti-filled cake treat. Seriously. There is nothing more whimsical sounding than this and whether you just love all things unicorn and rainbows or you have a kid who would obsess over this cake, it's pure gold.

You guys. Please don't tell me this isn't the cutest cake you've ever seen, because it is. Baker Ashley Swift tells Romper that the unicorn trend in cakes, especially the fat unicorn cakes, is what inspired her to create this masterpiece. But you guys — this is no normal cake. Swift, who runs Punky Cakes, her home bakery based out of Chicago, says that this particular unicorn cake is over a foot tall (Yes, I'm totally freaking out.) and takes her eight to 10 hours to complete. Can you imagine? I can barely frost brownies.

But it's not just beautiful on the outside. Swift made sure this entire cake was magical from every angle. "The body and legs of the cake are made of pastel tie-dye colored vanilla cake covered in vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream," she tells Romper. (TIE-DYE.) "The head is shaped from Rice Krispy treats and covered in white chocolate for a smooth texture under the fondant." There's also fondant covering the entire unicorn body as well as the hair. (Which actually may be my favorite part.)

I know, I know. It's cake. But you guys, there is just something so perfect about this particular unicorn cake. It's magical, it's whimsical, and it's more than just a sweet unicorn. It's a unicorn enjoying some sweet cake. (I mean, maybe this is a little morbid to be eating something you're made of, but whatevs.) If you've ever shared a meme of a panda lazily munching on bamboo while not even noticing that they've fallen off the couch and said "this me," you can relate to this happy little unicorn enjoying some sprinkled bake goods. It's everything you want from a cake — fun, happy, silly, and the perfect Instagram post.

If you're looking for more cakes, Swift's Punky Cakes page has plenty for you to drool over, but let's be honest — few things beat a unicorn. And in a world that now has unicorn horn makeup brushes, unicorn sprinklers, unicorn humidifiers, and even toy unicorns that poop in tiny toilets, this is the official unicorn cake to beat out all unicorn cakes. (Until there's like a unicorn eating cake wearing some Hogwarts robes maybe. Swift, there's your challenge.)

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