Where Will Sansa End Up On 'Game Of Thrones'? She Might Come Full Circle

Now that Sansa is, for once, out of harms way and in the safety of Castle Black with both Brienne and Jon by her side (okay, and Podrick too), you can't help but wonder where she goes from here. What will happen to Sansa on Game of Thrones? Once upon a time, the perfect way for Sansa's story to end would be for her to marry a very nice man and have a brood of northern children. But now, with everything that has happened to her from Season 1 up until now, Sansa's future isn't as certain as it once was. She's obviously a survivor, as you sort of have to be to have gotten through everything she endured, and Season 6 of Game of Thrones introduced us to a whole new Sansa Stark.

In Season 1, Sansa was all about doing her duty as an official Lady and marrying Joffrey to have his babies, and even said as much, as a young pup of like 14. Of course reality eventually set in, along with seeing her betrothed behead her father and almost getting raped by savages from Flea Bottom. So yeah, to say she was becoming disillusioned is probably an understatement. She went on to be, in a way, tortured by Joffrey and then treated awfully by her Aunt Lysa, and tortured by Ramsay Bolton, who proved that there are worse people in Westeros than Joffrey.

While it would be easy to say that Sansa should find a nice high born man and be married and live happily ever after in some sort of northern compound, that's not the way this Sansa should end up on Game of Thrones. Just look at who she's running with these days. With a mentor like Brienne by her side, and the first family member she's seen in five seasons, Sansa is no longer a kid waiting for someone to save her. She's a fighter ready to make things happen for herself, with or without help.

Sansa's journey has been one that not enough people give her credit for. While she was once a scared girl, going through the motions of each dire situation she was placed in, we now see a side of Sansa that is stronger and more sure of herself. She has gone through too much to get to where she is now, no longer searching for love or a spouse but instead focusing on getting back what is owed to her family.

Being Tormented By Joffrey

Sansa began Game of Thrones as a girl transfixed on marrying Joffrey, becoming his future queen, and having a littler of his psychopathic babies. Even after he physically hurt her, she was still intent on marrying him and doing her duty, so to speak. Once he had her father beheaded, Sansa sort of resigned herself to her fate and became a shell of a person, going through the motions of living at King's Landing and reciting to anyone who asked that Joffrey was her "one true love."

Being Manipulated By Littlefinger

After being married off to Tyrion, who grew to drink even more than usual because of his equal disdain at being married off to someone he didn't love, Sansa was able to escape King's Landing thanks to Littlefinger. But just when we all (including poor Sansa) thought she was safe, Littlefinger slowly unveiled his plot to have her take over Winterfell. And when she lied for him to keep him safe, we saw the beginnings of a girl who could play the game.

Getting Raped & Tortured By Ramsay

Let's entertain the fact that when Ramsay first met the trusting Sansa Stark, he seemed almost sweet, like maybe she would change him, right? Yeah OK, when you're finished laughing at that, think about the torture that ensued pretty much the moment she married him. As a captor in her own childhood home, Sansa at first seemed to once again resign herself to the fact that she had no way out. But soon, she began to look for a way to escape Ramsay's reign of awfulness.

Going On The Run With Theon

Sansa's character took a turn for the awesome when she decided to flee Winterfell and find help with Theon by her side. Having Theon in his broken state is probably a huge factor in making Sansa stand up as the stronger one, but it wasn't a minute too soon. When they took a leap from the second floor of Winterfell into the snowy courtyard, it was the first time Sansa found her freedom on her own, and as she and Theon made a run for it, you could see her getting stronger.

Telling Jon What's Up

In Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, Ramsay sent the now infamous letter to Jon Snow, ordering him to return Sansa to Winterfell or he would kill Rickon. Sansa promptly took the letter from his hands when he couldn't read the entire thing out loud and then gave Jon a much needed speech about being strong enough to take back Winterfell for their family and to save their little brother. It was a side of Sansa we hadn't seen before in its entirety and solidifies the fact that Sansa is going to end up as more than just another proper wife and mother of Westeros.

The way Sansa is headed right now, she'd do best to end up as the wardeness of the North with no husband and being just a general badass bitch. Much like her new mentor and BFF Brienne of Tarth. Not a bad way for the Stark girl to come full circle, eh?