You Won't Believe What These 10 Moms Heard When They Were Pregnant & Working Out

If you're pregnancy is relatively low-risk and your doctor has given you the A-OK, there's no reason why you can't work out while you grow another human inside your body. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that. As a result, you're sure to be on the receiving end of some unsolicited thoughts and opinions regarding your pregnancy work out routine. Don't believe me? Well, just wait until you read what these moms heard when they were working out when pregnant. Just, you know, prepare yourself: you're not going to be all that happy, dear reader.

Sadly, I wasn't surprised when the following moms revealed the horrible things people said to them when they were rocking a baby bump at their local gym. I paddled in a dragon boat competition during my pregnancy and was astounded by a few comments directed my way, so to know other women have endured the same was less a shock and more an infuriating comfort. It wasn't my doctor or my husband that had an issue with my activity level, either, or even my teammates or coaches. Nope, it was perfect strangers who felt it necessary to voice their faux concern.

Being pregnant can be an advert to receive unsolicited advice and most of it is unwanted and antagonizing. From what you eat, wear, do for a living, or even where you go, expect to hear a whole lot of nonsense from people who, more often than not, have no idea what they're talking about. And the next time someone tries to give you their opinion, take solace in the fact that hopefully it wasn't quite as bad as the comments these moms endured. Then tell them to zip it.


"I was in a yoga class and an older woman approached me and told me that her nephew was born with down syndrome and his mom did yoga, too. She then just stood there staring at me. I couldn't believe my ears!"


"My male boss told me that my spinning class would make labor easier as it would 'warm me up.' It was possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever heard."


"I am pretty competitive and I like lifting. I was in a weight class and the instructor said that older people or 'Pauline' can take it easy. It made me so mad. I was still in my first trimester and could lift as much as anyone else."


"I was jogging in my town and an older man passed me and said, 'Go slower you're giving him a migraine.' I am sure he was just joking but it felt invasive to me."


"I continuously heard comments suggesting I was about to go into labor from when I was four months pregnant. It eventually made me stop going to the gym."


"I cycle to work and motorists got quite aggressive during my pregnancy. One yelled at me, saying, 'Get off that bike, you're pregnant!' As though I didn't know!"


"Constantly hearing 'take it easy' when I was trying to get my sweat on was just so annoying. It made me feel controlled and less than a regular person."


"I went for long walks when I was pregnant and nobody said anything rude to me, but I just didn't like the constant questioning about the pregnancy. I just wanted to have some alone time and everyone was so chatty."


"I like to swim. During my third trimester of pregnancy a man at the pool called me a whale as I got into the water. I got right out and sat in the changing room crying. It was awful."


"My friend told me running causes miscarriages as we were running. It's not true but boy, bad timing!"

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