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Let Your Valentine's Day Horoscope Help You Plan Your Valentine's Night

Whether you’re the kind of person who makes a dinner reservation for Valentine’s Day months in advance, or you think candy hearts are chalk in disguise (you would be correct), there’s no denying that there’s a lot of hype surrounding February 14. Knowing your Valentine’s Day 2020 horoscope can give you some insight into what to expect for the day whether you’re single, coupled, or hanging with your friends.

Regardless of your feelings on the day, at the very least, it's an excuse to eat chocolate. And unlike other holidays, you don’t have to frantically move an elf around your house (at least until they invent a cupid on a... stoop). This year you may want to wear your brightest shade of red and hit the town (looking at you, Aries and Aquarius) or you may prefer to cozy up on the couch with Netflix and dessert while knocking a few items off your to-do list (hi, Leos).

And if you're a last-minute planner (like me) and you need a little inspiration for how to spend your night, read on to hear from four professional astrologers about the best way to spend Valentine's Day 2020, based on you and your partner's zodiac sign.




If you feel like all eyes are on you today, that's because they are. "You are admired today as Venus, the planet of love is traveling through your sign of Aries now," professional astrologer Donna Stellhorn tells Romper. "Wear the signature Aries red color and you're sure to be noticed. Love will beat a path to your door."

People can't help but be drawn to you today. "Use this sparkle to attract someone new for a first date or unite closer with a lover," Kyle Thomas, celebrity and pop culture astrologer, tells Romper.



Let your intuition guide you this Valentine's Day, Taurus. "Turn the lights down low and put on something that feels great, whether that is sexy lingerie or your softest sweatpants," astrologer Kelsey Branca tells Romper. You may find it's more cozy to stay home and away from the crowds this year.

And if you're single? "You are in the mood to find someone serious so don’t focus on casual flings," Thomas says.



You're irresistible today Gemini, so bask in it. "The sun is at the top of your chart today shining a spotlight on you. Dinner and dancing or listening to music with your honey is the ticket," Stellhorn tells Romper. She suggests starting with a flirty text and letting the rest unfold.

"Mars, planet of sex and passion, still resides in your marriage and commitment zone now," Thomas tells Romper. You'll be the star of the show, wherever your night takes you.



"The harmonious moon in Scorpio is traveling through your house of fun and romance today," Stellhorn says. You can opt for something relaxed and intimate like a, "candlelight dinner in a dark corner of the romantic restaurant," she adds.

And if you've been in a rocky patch with your love life recently, "send clear signals out to the world about how you want to be loved, who you wish to love, and ways for paramours to uncover your sweet soft side," Branca tells Romper.



Leos may not be able to take a break from work to enjoy Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean all is lost. "Despite all the work deadlines and a desk filled with projects, it's time to take a break for a little romance," Stellhorn says. She suggests a quiet dinner at home where you can start planning for a "weekend getaway together for some time in the late spring." After all, Mars is the planet of passion, and it's "heating up your romance sector this Valentine’s Day," Thomas says. You can use it to bring more adventure to your love life.



Thanks to Venus, you may want to bust out the lingerie or head straight to sheets. "Venus in energetic Aries travels through your house of sex today," Stellhorn tells Romper. "A romantic dinner can be followed by some fun behind closed doors. The only obstacle is finding a babysitter in time." This is a year for "creativity and fertility" for Virgos, Thomas says, so if you're not planning for a baby, you may want to be extra careful on Valentine's night.




You want to stay cuddly on the couch watching Netflix, but it might pay off to go out. "Venus in fiery Aries is traveling through your house of relationship so for a good time you must step out the door," Stellhorn says. "You're just having a little difficulty leaving the house. Make the effort, it will be worth it."

And if you just can't make it out? Bring some adventure in. "Today is your day to be in control," Branca says. "Try planning the date or surprise your BFF with a singing telegram. You love intimacy and power dynamics in romance, but what if you were the one calling the shots?"



Right now, "you're magnetically drawing love to you," Stellhorn says, so take advantage of your magnetism because regardless of how you spend the night, you're bound to catch someone's eye.

"You scream sexy this Valentine’s Day, but don’t you always?" astrologer Helene Cierzo tells Romper. "With luna in Scorpio this Valentine’s Day your are even more magnetic and alluring. You have the wow factor!"



Intrigue is in the stars for Sagittarius. "Venus is traveling through your house of romance and the passionate Scorpio moon is in your hidden house," Stellhorn says. She suggests planning a secret rendezvous at a hotel in a different part of town.

Right now, you have "unmatched charisma and sexual allure," Thomas says, so don't let it go to waste. "Hang the 'do not disturb' sign on the door!" Cierzo says.



Paired or single Capricorns may opt for the buddy system on Valentine's night. "Look to join a double date or some friends for some fun and laughs at a comedy club or improv show," Stellhorn says.

And if you're flying solo you have the potential to meet someone special. "Jupiter, planet of miracles, is in your zodiac sign now gifting you with opportunities, luck, and happiness to find the perfect one for you," Thomas tells Romper.



Venus is in your house of communications, Stellhorn says, so you may want to start the night with some steamy texts. "The romantic Scorpio moon is at the top of your chart bathing you in moonlight. Dressed to the nines to go out on the town and you will be noticed," she adds.

Whether you go out on the town with a friend or with your SO, "you and boo will make an statement, this Valentine’s Day as the sexy power couple, wherever you go!" Cierzo says.



Pisces opt for a languid evening that lasts until the next day. "Find a fine local hotel where you can wake up in the morning to breakfast in bed. The luxury location adds to the romance," Stellhorn says.

Single? "You may have recently started to consider an acquaintance or friend as a romantic potential or could now," Thomas says. Be open to love but, as Thomas says, "no matter where you go if you are surrounded by friends, you will enjoy it."


Kelsey Branca, professional astrologer

Helene Cierzo, professional astrologer

Donna Stellhorn, professional astrologer

Kyle Thomas, celebrity and pop culture astrologer