a baby girl dressed up as an old lady for Halloween.
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These Baby Halloween Costumes Are The Funniest Ever

PSA: The world needs more babies in wigs.

You can expect to see a parade of popular characters (like Bluey, Paw Patrol, or Minecraft) when it comes to toddler and kids’ costumes, but the best part of Halloween is often the funny baby Halloween costumes, where parents' creativity really shines. Babies don't get a whole lot of say in what they wear for Halloween, because well, they can’t say anything (that all changes around eighteen months when the strong opinions begin). So if you’re the parent of a baby, take advantage of the only year or two where you’ll get full control over their costume, and dress them up in something hilarious and unique.

This should probably go without saying, but wigs on babies are always funny. If you can keep a wig on your child without them yanking it off, please, for the delight of us all, do it. Another thing that’s always a classic funny baby costume? Dressing your baby up like an iconic adult. From David Rose to Jackie O or yes, Hulk Hogan, seeing an infant dressed like a celebrity or fictional character is bound to get some laughs. Whether you dress your kid as a sandwich (yes it’s a thing), a grandma, or the aforementioned ‘80s wrestler, take inspo from the funny baby costumes on this list. And be sure to snap a pic so you can show them how funny they looked on their first Halloween (they’ll forgive you).


Napoleon Dynamite Baby Costume

What could be better than a baby with a long curly flow and oversized glasses? If you don’t instantly recognize this costume, this child is dressed like Napoleon Dynamite, the 2004 movie by the same name, whose offbeat humor and one-liners made it instantly quotable. You can find “Vote For Pedro” baby shirts on Etsy in tons of colors, and that iconic phrase will help people “get” the costume.

This can be a fun family costume too if someone dresses like Napoleon’s love interest Deb (or his llama, Tina) and someone else dresses up like his best friend Pedro, or his football-loving Uncle Rico.


A Subway Sandwich Baby Costume

Aw, your baby can be a Subway sandwich for Halloween. Not only will this funny baby costume keep your infant warm, it will also get some laughs and some awwws. You can actually buy this cute Subway wrap blanket and the lettuce, tomato, onion hat on Amazon, and it’s 100% cotton.

To make this extra funny, tape a $5 bill to your baby’s blanket, and call your infant a $5 footlong. After all, who can forget those Subway commercials that sang (literally) the praises of a foot-long sandwich for just a few bucks? Or buy a hat or an apron from Subway, and dress as an employee of the sandwich chain.


Hulk Hogan Baby Costume

The expression on this baby’s face is pretty priceless, as is the picture of her next to the Hulk Hogan doll that’s actually bigger than her. Any bandana will do, but it’s especially funny if you find one with “Hulkamania” written on it (the WWE store sells one).

One of the best things about this costume, aside from the fact that I crack up every single time I look at this baby, is that’s it’s really easy to pull together. Primary is a great place to find basic solids, like these bright yellow baby leggings, then all you’ll need is a bandana, some sunglasses, and maybe a blond wig (and a ‘stache if you’re really going for it).


Ice Ice Baby Halloween Costume

Looking for a punny Halloween costume the whole family can get in on? Try this ingenious and funny “Ice, Ice, Baby” costume, which is, of course, a riff on the famous Vanilla Ice song. This costume doesn’t cost much to put together; all you’ll need is some clear garbage bags, blue shirts, and lettering for the ice bags (which is easy to make and even easier to cut off an existing bag).

It’s a great idea too if your baby is resisting the idea of costumes, wigs, or anything potentially itchy. All they need to do to pull this costume off is well, be a baby, and cool sunglasses are a nice touch too.


Cabbage Patch Doll Baby Halloween Costume

Any child of the ‘80s will laugh when they see this Cabbage Patch Kids costume. The dolls were known for their cute round faces, and of course, that telltale stringy hair. This adorably funny costume really only works if you get the right wig, so it’s helpful that there are tons of Cabbage Patch wigs on Etsy in all different styles.

The original dolls wore all kinds of classic ‘80s looks like bright patterns, smocked details, and plenty of overalls. If you have a vintage outfit from when you were a baby, it might be the right time to bust it out, but really once you have the hilarious hair, any outfit will do.


David Rose Baby Halloween Costume

There’s nothing ew, David about this hilarious baby costume, modeled after David Rose from Schitt’s Creek. The character (played by Dan Levy) is known for his edgy black and white sartorial elegance, plus his laugh-out-loud one-liners. As always, Etsy is the place to find a David Rose lightning bolt shirt for babies (there’s even a onesie).

What makes this costume so funny to me is the sunglasses, but above all, the bushy eyebrows drawn on the baby (using a clean eyeliner pencil or washable, non-toxic markers is a good way to do this safely). The Schitt’s Creek characters make a perfect family costume too.


Grandma & Grandpa Halloween Costume For Babies

There are few things funnier than babies dressed as elderly people, especially with these little walkers that actually help to keep your teetering babe upright. The babies pictured above are twins, but this works just as well with a friend or as a solo act.

To pull this off, glasses and a gray or white wig for babies is a must, plus some suspenders, a floral dress, and maybe a cardigan. You could also dress that baby up as their specific grandparent, or a famous person like Betty White or the always comical Danny Devito. Another funny take on this costume is to turn your little one into a relaxing grandma with curlers in her hair (Etsy has hats that look like hot rollers) and a robe.


Jackie O Baby Halloween Costume

Dressing a baby up as a celebrity or a well-known adult is always going to hit in a funny way, and what would be an earnest costume for an adult ends up being totally amusing when on a child. This Jackie Onassis Kennedy baby costume comes to life with the help of a plaid pink suit for babies from Walmart, those perfect retro round baby sunglasses, and the tiniest pillbox hat (which you could make out of a black bra pad).

The real clincher is the vintage Kennedy For President pin, which you can find for not too much on Etsy. This costume is also giving me Olivia Rodrigo at the White House vibes.


A In-N-Out Employee Baby Halloween Costume

If you’re a fan on In-N-Out Burger, then why not turn your baby into employee of the month? This costume will get a chuckle, and it’s super easy to pull off if you have a white shirt and a red blanket or towel. Kids clothing brand Primary has tips for how to DIY this In-N-Out baby costume (the hats are free at In-N-Out, or you can make one).

If you have an older kid, hopefully they’re down to be a hamburger or a carton of French fries. And if you’re not into DIY projects, In-N-Out also has cute kids clothes on their company store website.