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30 Instagram Captions Perfect For Those Sweet Breastfeeding Moments

So snuggly.

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If you're a new mom who's opting to nurse her baby (and you have the support you need to do it successfully), you might want to be photographed during a nursing session to honor the special bond you have with your little one... and of course you'll want to post the pic on your social media feeds. That means you'll need to come up with a sweet breastfeeding Instagram captions to show just how you feel about the moment.

Let's be clear: We know that "fed is best," and whatever feeding option works for a mom is just perfect. But when it comes to showing our babies eating, there's still a lingering stigma about public breastfeeding that bottle-feeding parents don't have to deal with.

Sharing photos on Instagram and other apps can go a long way toward acceptance. That's why mom-celebs like Liv Tyler, Blake Lively, and Alyssa Milano have shared breastfeeding photos on their Insta accounts, along with breastfeeding Instagram captions that express their thoughts on the subject. Jaime King posted one that said, "These are the moments a mother lives for. Breastfeeding should not be taboo — and bottle feeding should not be judged — it's ALL fun for the whole family." Pink shared a photo for World Breastfeeding Day, declaring, "I proudly post this photo of a very HEALTHY, NATURAL act between mother and child."

For your own shareable breastfeeding pic, you can choose from a number of captions that sum up the sweet moment between you and your "drinking buddy." Try one of these, or come up with one of your own. Either way, you'll be glad to have a memento to look back on when your child has moved on to solid food.


"#MilkDrunk again."

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The perfect breastfeeding Instagram caption when you've captured your baby's happy, drowsy, post-feeding face. Few moments are more blissful.


"I made milk. What's *your* superpower?"

Take that, Marvel Universe. To a 6-week-old, this is more amazing than swinging on a web or flying in a tin suit.


"Mother knows breast."

The caption for pun-loving nursing moms.


"Does breast milk come in chocolate?"

If your baby only knew what chocolate is, they'd be asking that important question before they started to root.


"Mom FTW."

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A caption to use on those perfect days when your milk is abundant, the baby latches well, and it looks like a nap might be a possibility for both of you.


"Nursing does not diminish the beauty of a woman's breasts; it enhances their charm by making them look lived in and happy." — Robert Heinlein

The science-fiction writer had an admirable understanding of what makes a woman beautiful.


"The breast milk was superb and the service was outstanding! I'll definitely be dining here again."

If babies could give restaurant reviews to their moms, this breastfeeding Instagram caption is what they’d write.


"Breastfeeding: When all those Oreos go to someone else's thighs."

One nice benefit of nursing is all the calories you burn... which now can go to the person who really needs them.


"Wow! Mom's breast milk comes in pumpkin flavor now!"

The most appropriate quote for an autumn morning after Mom has indulged in her favorite seasonal latte.


"I love the smell of breast milk in the morning."

Peaceful loving young African mother sitting on bed and leaning on headboard while feeding baby with breastShutterstock

This twist on the famous quote from Apocalypse Now makes a nice caption, not to mention an accurate one.


"Where should I have lunch today? Right or left?"

Summing up an infant's eternal dilemma. (Solution: Why choose? Have a serving from each side.)


"Just because I'm done doesn't mean you get to put me down."

A quote to accompany a sweet photo of your baby napping peacefully on your chest right after a feeding session.


"I don't know what you're putting in those things, but keep 'em coming!"

Babies don't care where their nutrition comes from, as long as there's a steady supply.


"It might be the milk talking, but I love you."

If babies could turn their milk-tipsy thoughts into words, this is what they'd tell their parents.


"One does not simply nurse. One allows the milk to roll along one's palate."


After a few weeks of dining at Chez Mom, a discriminating baby knows exactly how to enjoy their meal.


"Breastmilk is love turned into food."

This anonymous quote nicely expresses the nature of that amazing mom-made liquid.


"Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, to her baby, and to the earth." — Pamela K. Wiggins

This beautiful quote is just made to go with a photo of a baby and mom looking equally contented at feeding time.


"Breastfeeding rocks!"

Short but to the point. A good accompaniment to a picture of your baby raising their arm in the air.


“I'll have the house white!”— My baby, every 2-3 hours."

You may be abstaining until you're ready to wean, but you can still have fun with this wine-themed caption.


"TFW your baby achieves the perfect latch."


For those precious moments when your wee one starts feeding without your having to shift position five times (football... cross-arm... add another pillow... ) and you don't feel unbearably sore afterward. Maybe you can manage this whole motherhood deal after all.


“Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

Judging by the way some babies look after a feeding, the event can seem completely intoxicating. Kind like your first trip to a bar, no?


“Milk, shaken not stirred.”

The name’s Baby Bond, James Baby Bond.


“Got milk?”

skaman306/Moment/Getty Images

Cliche? Maybe. Accurate? Always.


“Moustache < Milk Moustache”

Tom Selleck’s famous Magnum P.I. mustache was great and all, but let’s be real: it has nothing on your little baby’s milk moustache.


“Thirsty Thursday, amirite?”

Remember when Thursdays meant happy hour with friends? Now it’s just you and a tiny diapered babe on the couch to nowhere.


“Don’t bite the breast that feeds you.”

Nursing can be such a sweet sacred time. That is until a baby gets its first tooth. Right, moms?


“Udderly delicious.”

You can feel like a dairy when you’re deep into nursing. It’s the udder truth.


“As a breastfeeding mother you are basically just meals on heels.” Kathy Lette

Guaranteed to get a laugh, this quote is universally true.


“I make milk. What’s your superpower?”

Don’t let anyone tell you differently, nursing is a superpower. Not all heroes wear capes.


“Sweet and savor these moments.”

It’s not all laughs, of course. Breastfeeding is a special time just between you and your baby. Savor every second.