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40 Names For New Year's Babies That Mean Hope, Luck, & Rebirth

Capture all that optimism for life.

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As sure as the ball drops on New Year's Eve, you’re guaranteed to see news about the first baby to enter the world in 2023. If your due date is December 31 or January 1 and there’s a chance that baby might be your own, that's occasion enough to give your child one of these meaningful New Year baby names. And no matter when you actually give birth, remember you’re owed a New Year’s cocktail or mocktail to celebrate.

The start of a new year has always been a time for renewal and anticipation, and having a baby increases that sense of optimism for the future. It's only fitting, then, that a child born on the first day of the year should have a name reflecting hope and good fortune. You could also consider names more specific to the month, which can be a cool, unique name choice. You probably wouldn’t call your child January if they were born in September, right?

You might not have the bragging rights of giving birth at precisely a second past midnight on January 1, but whatever time your baby arrives on that date, you can still celebrate by bestowing one of these New Year baby names on your newborn.



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If you like gender-neutral or one-syllable names, Kit might just steal your heart. It happens to mean “pure,” which is basically how a new year feels: a clean slate, untouched, full of possibility.



In Vietnamese, the name Tan means “new” or “new start.” You may recognize it from Netflix’s Queer Eye fashion expert Tan France, and honestly, if your little grows up to be just like him, that’s delightful.



Abel means “breath,” which has so much added symbolism when you think of it as a New Year’s baby name. Your little one is about to breathe new life into your family, and a new year is ushering in all kinds of fresh opportunities.



A new start, a sunrise, dawn breaking — there are so many symbolic ways to describe the start of a new year. The name Zora means “dawn” or “light,” so it’s a bright, happy name to give to a New Year’s baby.



Of all the New Year baby names you could consider, Chance is one that doesn’t need any translating. It brings up feelings of good fortune and opportunities to come. It used to be a nickname for Chauncey, but it’s well-known enough to stand on its own.



A girl’s name of Irish origin meaning “first,” Kady would be a tribute to your baby’s January 1 birth date that lasts her whole life through.



Arman is a masculine sounding Persian name meaning “hope” or “wish.” If you’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution, you know exactly why this name should be up for consideration.



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The name Vincent means “prevailing,” and if your last year or your pregnancy were difficult, this can feel like the perfect fit for a new year and a new baby.



All over the world, the phoenix is seen as a symbol of rebirth, a symbolism it shares with the start of a brand new year. Coincidence? In this case yes, but still, Phoenix would make an edgy addition to your list of New Year baby names.



An Italian name meaning “reborn,” Renata has a similar meaning to Phoenix but with a classy feel.



Kiko is a Japanese name meaning “hope,” “happy,” and “rejoicing child.” It may not get more on-theme than that. It has been used for baby boys and girls, so if you love a unisex, gender-neutral name option, Kiko is the one for you.



In the same vein as Vincent, Victoria is the Latin word for “victory,” and was even the name of the Roman goddess of victory. So, if you feel like you conquered the odds to get through 2023 and deliver a healthy baby, consider Victoria (or the masculine form of the name, Victor) your own little trophy.



A French and Haitian-derived name, Nadine means “hope,” the predominant feeling most people are feeling around New Year’s Eve. Why not bottle it up, so to speak, and give it to your baby for life?



Von is an Old Norse name that means “hope,” and it’s perfect for parents who like short names that can’t be nicknamed later in life.



If you’re looking for seriously cute New Year baby names, Zita should be at the top of your list. It translates from Greek to “little hope,” which is exactly what your newborn baby is — a little hope for your family and your future.



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Meaning “hopeful shining one,” Nell is a gorgeous name for a baby born any time of the year, but especially at New Year’s. Think about it: we’re all encouraged to wear shiny, sparkling clothing as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve and celebrate the hope we all have for the year ahead. It’s pretty perfect.



Roxy is another name that means “dawn,” like the beginning of a new day. In this case, a new year and a new life are beginning all at once.



If you like the idea of an old-fashioned name, consider Callahan. It’s an Irish moniker that means “hopeful,” which is exactly what you’ll feel for the new year ahead with your baby.



Amaryllis is arguably the best New Year’s baby name ever, because it’s a Greek name that means “sparkle.” Whether you just love the glitz and glam of a New Year’s Eve party, or you know your little girl will have a special spark, this is a fitting new year baby name.



This gorgeous name has an equally gorgeous origin as the name of the Roman goddess of sunrises whose tears created the morning dew. What’s a better New Year’s baby name than one that symbolizes the start of a new day?



Naming your child after the happy expectations of the new year might very well help your aspirations come true. (Those hopes for sleeping through the night are another story.) Not to mention, there’s just something special about baby names that mean hope.



A January boy or girl could be named after their birth month’s namesake, the Roman god of gateways and beginnings. It can be pronounced JAY-nus, JA-nus or YA-nus, depending on which sounds best to you.



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An obvious choice, but a nice one all the same. The name was a big hit back in the 1970s but hasn't gotten much play since, and maybe your babe will be the one to bring it back.



Even if your family doesn't have Nordic origins, this Old Norse name meaning “new day” is still a great choice for a New Year’s baby.



If you’d like to find a longer alternative to Hope, you could go with this Spanish name that means “hope” instead. It's long been used in Latin American countries, but is still fairly unique in the U.S.



This Latin-derived name meaning “happy” may have your grandparents recalling a famous cartoon cat, but once they see your baby’s sweet face, that image will be quickly replaced. Felix also means “fortunate,” and isn’t good fortune something everyone hopes for in a new year?



From the Latin word for “she who brings happiness,” Beatrice is one of those wonderful names that was considered too old-fashioned a generation or two ago, but is zooming back into vogue now.



Just saying this name makes you feel good, doesn't it? Joy should definitely make your list of New Year baby names up for consideration.



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This short-but-sweet name suits both genders, and has a number of meanings across various cultures. But for the purposes of the New Year, its Japanese meaning — “forgiveness” — makes it an ideal choice.



The dark days of winter will be much brighter if you give you consider New Year baby names that mean “light.” It can be pronounced with either two syllables or three (LU-shun or lu-SEE-un). For a girl, Lucia is an equally bright choice.



The deep red precious stone is January's birth stone, and it represents peace, prosperity and good health — all good things to have in the new year. (Plus, it'll make gift-giving a snap when your baby is old enough for jewelry.)



Although Disney fans might associate this with The Princess and the Frog, it's actually a Sanskrit name that means both “new” and “pleasant.”



This Hebrew name meaning “happy” was first used in America by the Puritans. Today, it serves as both a solid New Year’s baby name and a fresher alternative to Ashton.



For a daughter who brings joy to your life, this Arabic name meaning “happiness” is both beautiful and not too widely used.



This fun variation of Xavier means “new house,” and that's just what you might need in the new year, now that you have an addition to your family.



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Another “happy” name, Felicity comes from the same Latin root as Felix, and can mean “good fortune” as well. And, isn’t happiness and good fortune what all parents want for their babies, every year?



This is an excellent option for parents who love The Matrix. It also happens to be Greek for “new,” making it an obvious choice for a New Year’s baby name.



Not only is Nova appropriate for the New Year, since it’s Latin for “new,” it also refers to a star that releases a burst of energy that causes it to glow brightly. Your baby is about to burst onto the scene and change your world entirely, so this name feels fitting.



This Arabic name meaning “hope” can be used for either a boy or girl. It might sound familiar because of the famous Christmas opera Amahl and the Night Visitors, and if you're a fan of celeb news, it's the beautiful name of George Clooney's wife.



Russian for “hope,” Nadia is a beautiful name choice no matter where your family comes from.

It doesn’t matter what time of year you have your baby, it’s always a day that’s full of hope for the future. Still, there is a general feeling of optimism all over the world at the turn of the year, so why not use the vibe as inspiration when deciding on your New Year’s baby’s name?

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