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If You Like Knox, These Baby Names Have A Similar Vibe

These names are perfect if you’re feeling Knox.

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One of the most exciting things about pregnancy is scrolling through baby name lists to find the absolute best name for your newborn. (I actually haven’t been pregnant in 7 years and still think it’s fun.) But when you fall in love with popular baby names like Knox, only to find that your BFF, your cousin, and your neighbor also just chose the name, the job of finding a similar name can suddenly feel less exciting.

Knox History & Meaning

Knox is a Scottish baby name that means “round hill.” Historically, Knox as a surname dates back to the thirteenth century when a priest named John Knox brought about the Reformation in Scotland which split the Church of Scotland into Catholic and Protestant factions. History buffs may also be interested to know that Knox is also the middle name of James Polk, the 11th President of the United States.

As far as pop culture goes, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named their son Knox in 2008 after Pitt’s grandfather whose middle name was Knox, Insider reported. Interestingly, all three of Jolie and Pitt’s sons have names that end in an “x” — Maddox, Pax, and Knox.

Baby Names Like Knox

I personally know of two baby boys named Knox and the name’s overall vibe is just so adorable. Like, how can you not love a baby name that rhymes with fox and socks? There’s also the obvious connection to Knoxville, Tennessee, which is honestly just a really cool, laid-back city.

While the name’s meaning and history may not immediately spark inspiration, the sound and vibe of Knox can be found in plenty of similar monikers on this list. Read on to see if any of these baby names like Knox might be a good fit for your new bundle of joy.



Like Knox, Nash is a one-syllable baby name that starts with a hard “n” sound. It also makes me think that baby Nash will grow up to be a country music superstar for some reason. Or, maybe they’ll be a smooth-talking detective like Don Johnson in the TV show Nash Bridges. Either way, it’s adorable.



If you love the trendiness of a name like Knox, the baby name Braxton is one of the top-trending baby names of 2021 so far. It’s an English name that means “Brock’s town,” and the letter “x” in the middle has total Knox vibes. Alternatively, Brixton is a similar choice that’s not currently as popular.



One of my good friends just named her baby Riggs and I cannot get over how cute this name is. Like Knox, it’s a short, spunky name with just one syllable that ends with an “s” sound. Also like Knox, Riggs lends itself to attaching adorable baby sounds at the end. (Riggsy-poo is 100% an acceptable nickname here.)



If you love Knox because of the connection to the Jolie-Pitt kids, Maddox is another name to consider. The Welch baby name Maddox means “fortunate.” It’s perfect for parents who love the inclusion of the “x” in the name Knox, but want something a little longer that also has some nickname options.



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Similar to Knox, the baby name Landon also has “hill” in its meaning. Landon means “long hill” and is of English origin. It’s a great choice for parents who love the vibe of a baby name like Knox, but want something a bit more formal.



Another name with an “x” that is similar to Knox is the baby name Jaxton. The name is a derivative of Jackson, just with an alternative spelling, and means “son of Jack.” A common nickname for Jaxton is Jax, which is short and very similar in sound and vibe to Knox.



Much like Knox gives off totally laid-back, cool-kid vibes, so does the name Ryder. Ryder is a British name that means “horseman” or quite literally, “rider,” so it’s also a great choice for families with equestrian ties.



Again, the uber-cool vibe a name like Knox gives off can also be captured with a name like Maverick. The name literally means “non-conforming” or “independent” so it’s a great choice for budding activists or tiny trailblazers-in-the-making.



While we’re talking about names for ridiculously cool kids, let’s talk about Axel. Have you ever met someone named Axel who isn’t just an absolute rock star of a person? (Or, a literal roc kstar.) Like Knox, this short name with an “x” is just trendy enough without being overly so.



If the baby name Knox makes you think of the city of Knoxville and its connection to country music superstars like Kenny Chesney and Kelsea Ballerini, perhaps the name Cash (as in Johnny Cash) also resonates with you. Cash can also be spelled Kash to make it look more like the name Knox.



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I like to think that babies named Knox wear little dapper hats, tipped ever-so-slightly to the side in the most laid-back way possible. I also imagine that babies named Beaux do the very same thing. The French name means “beautiful” or “handsome,” which is also exactly how I picture babies named Beau in my mind.



Cruz is a Spanish baby name that means “cross.” It’s a common surname in Spanish and Latin American cultures, but the name’s popularity as a first name for boys in the U.S. has grown in recent years. Although it doesn’t end in an “x” like Knox, the “z” on the end of the name Cruz sets it apart from more common first names.



If you love the way that the name Knox looks and sounds, Dax is a similar baby name choice to consider. Plus, who wouldn’t want to name their baby after someone who is awesome enough to be married to Kristen Bell? It just makes a lot of sense.



On the flip-side of Knox’s cool-kid vibe is the fact that the name also sounds like someone who wields a lot of power like a stockbroker or an attorney. Brooks has the same vibe. Will baby Brooks one day wear actual Brooks Brothers suits to his fancy law office adorned with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and stocked with only the finest of bourbons? It’s definitely possible.



Wyatt is an English name that means “brave in war.” The strength behind the name Wyatt is similar to Knox and gives off a certain fierceness with its overall vibe.



If you’re drawn to Knox because the name’s meaning (round hill) is rooted in nature, a similar name choice to consider is River. The androgynous name could work for both boys and girls, and it’s actually pretty trendy right now. River has a very free-spirited vibe that makes me think of a kid who just wants to be barefoot and explore the great outdoors day in and day out.



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Another gender-neutral name choice that has a similar feel to the name Knox is Easton. It’s currently a more common choice for baby boys, but the name works for girls as well. The English name means “east-facing place,” and is a traditional surname throughout the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.



Like Knox, the baby name Shiloh saw a spike in popularity following the birth of Angelina Jolie and Bradd Pitt’s daughter in 2006. Currently, the name is ranked 454th most popular for girls and 618th most popular for boys by the SSA. Fans of the name Knox may want to consider this androgynous baby name choice.



Another gender-neutral baby name similar to Knox is Lennox. Like Knox, Lennox ends in an “x,” but it also has the option for adorable nicknames like Len, Lenny, and Linx. Similarly, the name Lennon is a fun choice to consider if you like either Lennox or Knox.



The French baby name Gage means “oath” or “pledge,” and is an adorable one-syllable name choice similar in style to Knox. To mix it up a bit, some parents use alternative spellings like Gauge and Gaige.

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