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30 Cool Girl Baby Names Your Daughter’s Classmates Will Covet

Stevie, Dawson, Charlie — you know the ones.

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When you hear the term “cool girl names,” someone probably comes to mind — that ultra cool Charlie girl you sat next to in algebra, or your neighbor Stevie everyone in school had a crush on. Or, maybe you think of a celebrity with a unisex name, like Drew Barrymore or Reese Witherspoon. Cool girl names tend to be unisex names, ones that are more often given to boys, or those that just somehow feel effortlessly hip. And they may become the next big trend in baby names.

The top 10 most popular baby names given in the U.S. in 2022, according to the Social Security Administration, are almost all super feminine with -a endings: Olivia, Emma, Amelia, Luna, and Sophia, to name a few. But parents’ preferences may be starting to swing in the opposite direction, after so many years of these names topping the charts. Parents are requesting unisex baby names all the time now, says Amber Schoenberg, a baby name consultant known on TikTok and Instagram as The Name Fairy.

“Some people literally call them cool girl names, and then they’ll give me examples of what they mean, and they’re all unisex names,” she says.

So, if you fall into the camp of wanting something with a little edge and a lot of cool factor for your baby girl, look no further.



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Nope, no Andrews here — Andie is such a spunky cool girl name, whether you use it as is or as a nickname for Andrea or Alexandra. If you trace the name back to its Greek original — Andreas — it means “strong.”



Maybe it’s short for Ashley, Ashton, or Asher, but Ash could also be a standalone, one-syllable baby name. Ash means “happy,” and is also connected to ash trees, which are associated with protection and a bit of mysticism in many European cultures.



If you’re having a summer baby, August seems like a perfect fit for her name. It’s typically reserved for boys and is a derivative of the more formal Augustus, but the idea of a little girl Auggie is pretty sweet. It would also make a solid middle name, if you want something more classic in the first name slot.



Blake Lively is the most famous lady Blake these days, and maybe it’s just her The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants character, but she kind of has the whole “effortlessly cool” thing down to an art. It’s a gender-neutral name and even its meaning is a bit of a dichotomy. Blake is derived from an Old English word that can mean either “black” or “white,” interestingly.



Bowie is a less common choice, but one that could easily work for a boy or girl. The David Bowie association makes this musical baby name even cooler by default.



Bryce is the little girl who always has on toddler Vans sneakers with her princess dress. This gender-neutral Scottish name means “freckled,” and could also be spelled Brice or used as a nickname for Bryson.



There’s something a little country and western about the name Carson, you know? It’s one of those surnames-turned-first-names (like Gates, Baker, you know the ones). It’s much more popular for boys right now, hovering in the top 200 names, whereas for girls, it’s lingering much lower — around the 2,500s range.



In little girls, Charlie is usually used as a nickname for Charlotte, which was among the top 10 girls’ names in 2022. So, if you want something timeless and trendy, Charlie could be the winner.



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There’s something so irresistible about a happy little baby girl named Cody. It gets even cuter — the name is derived from Old English and can mean either “helpful” or “pillow.” So, Cody (or one of the many variations on its spelling) might be perfect for your chunky little baby.



My high school had a hot Dawson — she had a nose ring, the coolest clothes, and an IDGAF attitude. This name is sweet on a baby and toddler, and oozes cool later in life, but is also professional. It’s kind of the jackpot if you want a cool girl name that’ll perform for your kid at every age.



Drew has historically been used as a boy’s name since it’s a nickname for Andrew, but Drew Barrymore has proven that women wear it just as well. It has been plummeting in popularity since the late ‘90s and early 2000s, but could be poised for a comeback if cool girl names really do take off.



Can you even imagine a cooler name for a baby girl? You could call her Ellie for short if you want, or stick to Elliott for the full effect. It might be especially meaningful for religious families, as it’s derived from the name Elijah and means “the Lord is my God.”



This gender-neutral name hails from Germany, and its meanings — “industrious,” “powerful,” and “ruler” — will strike a chord with parents who want to raise a strong little girl. If you’re looking for names with cute nicknames, Emmie works well for short.



The spunk, the sass, the offbeat vibe — Frankie has it all (and just so happens to be Drew Barrymore’s daughter’s name). It could be short for Frances or Francine, but Frankie itself popped back into the U.S. top 1,000 names in 2015 after many decades of being MIA. So, get it while it’s hot.



Greer is a gender-neutral Scottish name derived from Gregory that means “watchful” or “guardian,” but it can also be traced back to the name Gregore, meaning “swift.” Whether you hope your little one is agile in the sport of her choice or observant and astute, Greer is a good fit.



Hunter peaked in popularity in the late ‘90s and early 2000s and has steadily declined since, but it’s in line with lots of other -er names gaining traction right now — Baker, Palmer, Parker, Harper, and more. The name has never been used as often for girls as it has for boys, but it absolutely fits the cool girl name category.



Cool girl name-bearer Blake Lively has four kids, including daughter Inez. It’s decidedly a girls’ name, but something about it just feels... cool. The Inez in your kid’s class definitely knows how to skateboard, you know?



Some consider Jude a boys’ name still, but it won’t be left out of the unisex baby name conversation for long. It’s a shortened form of Judah, which means “praised,” and is perfect for parents who want something short, sweet, and strong.



Actor Kit Harrington brought this monosyllabic name back into the spotlight, proving that it’s a versatile name for men and women of all ages. On a baby girl, it’s feminine but not overly so, and feels like a spunky, modern variation of Katherine, Kaitlin, Kate, or Katie.



If you’re looking for a typically masculine name for your little girl in the vein of Ryan and Kyle, consider Logan. It’s a recognizable name with a down-to-earth feel, but it’ll feel new and refreshed when used on a baby girl.



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Palmer is definitely an “it” name right now, having jumped hundreds of ranks in popularity in just the last few years (it went from #675 in 2018 to #294 in 2022). It was originally an English surname that meant “pilgrim,” so maybe your baby will be a world traveler one day.



This English, gender-neutral name means “dweller near a pear tree.” So, for parents who enjoy nature and hope to instill the same appreciation in their daughter, Perry might do the trick.



While Ray is the traditional masculine spelling, we all know this name is gorgeous on a girl, too (you’ve seen Star Wars). You could opt for the girlier Rae, or stick to the original. In any case, it invokes images of light and sunshine.



Remi is a French name meaning “rower” or “oarsmen,” and has been given to boys and girls alike over the years. It has lingered in the top 1,000 names since 2013 and, having landed at #118 in 2022, is poised to break into the top 100 any day now.



Rowan is technically a gender-neutral name of Scottish origins, though for English speakers, it looks and sounds a bit more on the masculine side. That said, it’s got some sweet and magical meanings that would make it perfect for a little girl. It translates to “little redhead,” and in folklore, rowan trees are believed to protect against witchcraft and enchantment.



For parents who want a punchy name with big personality, go for Scout. It’s got an intrepid meaning of course, and it has been skyrocketing in popularity for boys in recent years. So, hop halfway on the trend and use it too, but for your baby girl.



Shiloh is a name with Hebrew roots that means “tranquil.” It’s soft and beautiful to the ear, but interesting and offbeat enough to make people swoon over what a good name it is.



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A girl named Spencer could wear a brown paper bag to school and everyone else would immediately go out and buy one too, Regina George-style. This name isn’t even in the top 1,000 most popular names for girls, but if cool girl names start to trend, it won’t stay that way for long.



Stevie Nicks is the epitome of a cool girl, and is probably the first person you think of when someone says this name (or maybe it’s the equally rad Stevie Wonder). In any case, Stevie is the long lost cousin of the ancient Greek name Stephanos, which means “crown.”



Chrissy Teigen really stole our hearts when she named her baby boy Wren. It’s a gorgeous unisex name that’s perfect if you’re also looking for something nature-related or inspired by birds.

Do any of these cool girl names make you swoon? While they may not be everywhere just yet, we think cool girl names are coming in hot.

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