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Bird baby names would suit this little baby, cradled against her mom's chest.
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30 Bird Baby Names, If You’re Also Obsessed With Chrissy Teigen’s “Wren”

Lark, Dove, Sparrow... they’re all so good.

When you’re choosing a name for your new baby, it’s natural to gravitate toward choices with symbolism. For some parents, they’ll want a flower name for their growing little blossom, or names that mean light for a baby boy breathing new life into the family. For others, like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend apparently, bird baby names will have the most appeal. The couple named their new baby boy Wren Alexander, a bird-inspired name that is 100% poised to set a new avian trend in baby naming. And honestly, we’re here for it.

Everywhere you look — history, mythology, art, the Bible — birds always signify something more. Doves are a sign of peace and purity, while Ravens symbolize insightfulness and a connection to the spiritual world. Owls are associated with wisdom, and then of course there’s the all-powerful phoenix (mythical birds make great name choices, too).

Whether the latest celebrity baby news has put you onto bird baby names or you’ve always had a soft spot for them, they’re a wonderful choice for any little one. These 30 options include a little something for everyone — feminine, masculine, and gender-neutral options, one-syllable first names, vintage vibes, and so much more.



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Arden is an English name that means “valley of the eagles,” so it’s got a little bit of an earthy aspect to it. The Forest of Arden is actually a place in England, and it’s also the name of a magical forest in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, giving it a literary flair as well.



This name has ties to Japanese, Hebrew, and Arabic languages, and can translate to many different things, including “colorful,” “sign,” and “bird.” It’s similar to the currently popular Ava, which means “birdlike,” both in meaning and sound.



If you like names that sound a little old school, you’ll love Birdie. It’s another bird baby name that has been popular among celebs, being chosen by Busy Phillips and Jessica Simpson for their own children over the years.



There’s a reason Bran in Game of Thrones had that name. Bran is a Celtic name meaning “crow,” so really, the hint at his future three-eyed raven status was there all along.



Branwen is similar to Bran, but instead it’s a Welsh name traditionally given to girls. It means “beautiful, blessed raven,” so it feels extra fitting for a new baby girl with lots of dark hair.



While it’s usually given to boys, Callum is technically a gender-neutral name that means “dove.” It’s sitting in the 200s on the popularity ranking charts right now, so it’s recognizable, but definitely still uncommon.



Another standout bird baby name for boys: Corbin. It means “crow,” which might turn some parents off, but crows are actually some of the most intelligent birds in the avian world. They’re generally seen as symbols of transformation and change, something your new baby will undoubtedly usher in.



Corvina is the feminine version of Corbin and means “like a raven.” If you’re looking for dark, goth baby names as well as bird-inspired options, you’ll be pleased that this moniker checks both boxes.



Peace, innocence, purity — all the things that doves symbolize, they kind of have in common with newborn babies, don’t you think? Singer Dove Cameron is perhaps the most notable Dove in the news lately.



This Irish name has many accepted meanings, including “beautiful little bird.” It’s pretty popular these days, which may send some parents looking for a similar name instead, but for those looking for subtle bird baby names, Evelyn might just be perfect.



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On the hunt for bird-inspired, one-syllable names for boys? Look no further than Finch. In many cultures, finches are believed to be an omen for joy and happiness to come.



This familiar-yet-uncommon name is technically a bird baby name, and it’s been hiding in plain sight all along. Gavin is a Scottish take on an ancient Welsh name meaning “white hawk,” so it’s one of the fiercer options on this list (without being too obnoxious about it).



The griffin (also spelled griffon or gryphon) is a powerful beast in Greek mythology with the head and wings of an eagle, and the body, tail, and back legs of a lion. It’s come to be seen as a symbol of valor, nobility, and strength, making it strong name choice for sure.



This one’s a little edgier than the rest, but if you want a fierce, short-and-sweet little name, Hawk can offer that. Hawk sounds like the kid who will tear up the skate park from day one, but still make straight As and make it home before curfew.



While it could be short for any number of names, on its own, Jay is a seriously cool baby name option. There are many kinds of jay, but the blue jay is perhaps the most recognizable, and usually symbolizes courage, confidence, and curiosity.



Jonah is a popular Hebrew name derived from the name Yonah, which means “dove.”



While it seems like an ultra cute, bougie girl name, it actually has ties to both Japanese and Native American cultures. It means “stork,” a bird that is already part of the whole delivering-a-new-baby mythos.



Lark is a British name meaning “playful, lighthearted songbird.” For fans of the gender-neutral, one-syllable name Wren, this is a perfect alternative you should definitely consider.



Lonan is an Irish name that means “blackbird.” Your little one will probably be the first Lonan most people meet, so factor in just how unique you want their name to be when deciding.



This Polynesian name has a few different meanings, including “man,” “greatest,” and “bird.” It’s sometimes used as a nickname for Emmanuel or Magnus, but honestly, it’s a perfect first name all by itself.



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Mavis is another name like Ava that also means “songbird.” This girl’s name is seriously gorgeous and deserves a lot more hype, so grab this one before it’s everywhere.



This moniker would fit boys and girl equally well. Peregrine has Latin origins and means “traveler” or “pilgrim.” It’s also the name of a type of falcon, known for its speed and beauty.



This Greek name means “radiant, shining one,” and is also a kind of bird. In fact, it’s probably one of the cutest little brown birds you’ll ever see, so, do with that what you will.



Ah, yes, ye olde fiery bird rising from the ashes. We all know the meaning of the myth of the phoenix, and if it feels powerful to you, go for it. It’s a cool, modern option for baby girls and boys alike.



It’s a classic for a reason, folks. Raven has dark, spooky energy, for parents who want a bird baby name that isn’t too delicate. Plus, if you want to raise an insightful, wise little girl, a name with associations like this can’t hurt your chances.



OK, in bird terms, a Rhea is a giant flightless bird (basically an ostrich), so it doesn’t have the delicate connotations of the rest of these names. But it’s still a beautiful choice — in Greek mythology, Rhea was a goddess who became the mother of all the other Olympians, and was later known to rule over all things childbirth and motherhood.



Robin has so many meanings, all of them lovely: “bright,” “shining,” and “famous” to name a few. Of course, the birds by the same name are the real draw here, often seen as a symbol of happiness and good luck.



Sparrows have long symbolized protection and hard work. For centuries, sailors would get a sparrow tattoo for good luck and to act as a little luck charm that would bring them back home. So, for families with a love for travel or all things nautical, naming their little one Sparrow will have special meaning.



Starlings flock together closely, so they’re sort of a symbol of the importance of family, unity, and keeping close ties. Of course when you’re having a baby it’s hard to imagine they’ll ever leave the nest, but with a name like Starling, you can be sure they’ll always return home.



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Ah, yes, the gorgeous name that brought you here — Wren is a gender-neutral name of English origin that means “small bird.” They symbolize rebirth, renewal, and immortality, all very powerful things for such a tiny little creature.

If you weren’t already obsessed with bird baby names, how are you feeling about them now? If you just added a bunch of new names to your list to consider (or, like, all of them), no one will blame you.