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Thor and Iron Man in 'Avengers: Endgame.'
50 Baby Names Inspired By Marvel, Because You've Got A Superhero On Your Hands

With great baby comes great responsibility... to give them an awesome name.

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Naming your baby can feel like a Herculean task. You want something special, something you love, but you also want a name that sets your baby up for success. That can mean different things to everyone, but if you're a Marvel fan, you might be looking for Marvel baby names so you can honor your favorite superheroes and icons. No one's saying you have to name your baby The Hulk (although Joey Tribbiani thought it was a good idea and Phoebe Buffay once said she liked the idea of a baby name starting with "The"), but the Marvel universe is vast and could inspire you in big ways when it comes to a moniker for your own kiddo.

People take baby name inspiration from just about everywhere and, why not superheroes — from movies to comics to cartoons from the ’90s, they’ve certainly given us plenty of material to work with. And since most of these heroes have aliases (in some cases more than one) you don’t have to name your little one Hawkeye or Ant-Man to have a Marvel-inspired baby name... of course, on the other hand, why not name your baby Hawkeye? There’s no one to stop you. And while this list is divided by gender, a lot of these names work as gender-neutral names, too (a boy named Nebula would be adorable).

Whether you love the movies or are more of a comic book fan, these 50 Marvel baby names will make you want to get your kid their first super suit by the time they're 2. Just don't let them grab the infinity stones. I imagine a toddler with a gauntlet would cause quite a mess.

Marvel Boy Names


OK, so we're not going to go with the actual Marvel baby name of Hulk here, but I hardly ever hear Bruce and think it's a cute way to honor everyone's favorite gamma-filled green dude. Bruce apparently means "from the bushwood thicket," but I think you could also just say it means "Hulk smash!"


Another point for uniqueness, Bucky is obviously a direct reference to Bucky Barnes, Captain America's BFF and Winter Soldier. Bucky goes through some capital H hell during his time, but man is he a loyal dude. The name isn't exactly known for any kind of meaning — other than being a shortened version of Buck — but I think it's super cute, quirky, and a nice nod to the Marvel universe.


OK, just one more nod to Bruce Banner because he's one of my favorites and I think honoring his last name would be a super unique and spunky name for a boy or a girl.


We think Star-Lord’s last name is a great first name option.Disney+

If you're not a little bit in love with Peter Quill, formally known as Star-Lord, then what are you doing with yourself? He's funny, half-human and full of errors, and just a hot mess express. Plus he's got great taste in music. The name Quill is considered gender-neutral and is a shortened version of Quillan or Quiller, which means "scribe, writer with a quill pen." Eh, I think it means Star-Lord personally.


A sweet nod to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is to go with Parker, which is fit for both a boy and a girl.


Scott Lang is the superhero no one deserves, and I'm kind of obsessed with Ant-Man. (Scott Summers is also the real name of Cyclops of the X-Men.) But I also just love the name Scott and find that it's not as popular as it used to be. Scott means "from Scotland," so if you have a geographical love for part of the United Kingdom, you're in a very good place with this moniker.


I mean, being Tony Stark's BFF takes some serious power and strength — the man never backs down. But James Rhodes is also a certified hero all on his own. Rhodes is a super cute way to use a last name, and then you also get that fun nickname of Rhodey for free.


OK, and let's just quickly note that Peter is one of my favorite boy names, but it's also a nod to both Star-Lord and Spider-Man, so you know, if you can't choose between your hyphenated superheroes, here you are.


A unique and noble name for your little hero.Disney+

Hi, literally no place or person is as bad*ss as Wakanda and Black Panther, so give your baby the royal treatment with the name T'Challa. It's totally unexpected and unique, but is a direct inspiration of one of the greatest superheroes to ever live.


Of course Hawkeye needs to inspire you and your little babe, but Hawkeye as a name is kind of — well... you know... So try Clint on for size. You don't have to make it a shortened version of Clinton or anything — it stands pretty strong on its own.


An ode to Nick Fury, of course. Eye patch not included.


He’s the new Captain America: Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Falcon, took over the role of Captain America when the original decided to live to be an old man. Clearly, he knows how to handle a shield.


Happy is Tony Stark's righthand man, so his loyalty is never in question. But he's also just got the sweetest, cutest name. Happy would be fun for a boy or a girl, and how could you not smile when writing your kid's name down?

More Marvel Boy Names

Names to give your baby a glorious purpose...Disney+

- Thor (the Asgardian god of thunder and member of the Avengers)

- Xavier (Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men)

- Loki (the Asgardian god of mischief is brother and nemesis to Thor)

- Luke (the titular character of the Luke Cage comics and series)

- Magnus (an alias of Max Eisenhardt, also known as Magneto, the arch-nemesis of the X-Men)

- Miles (Miles Morales, who takes up the mantel of Spider-Man following the death of Peter Parker)

- Remy (the first name of Remy LeBeau aka Gambit of the X-Men)

- Kurt (the teleporting mutant Nightcrawler’s real name: Kurt Wagner)

- Logan (the first name of the X-Men’s Wolverine)

- Wade (Wade Wilson is the real name of the cheeky antihero Deadpool)

- Reed (Reed Richards is a brilliant scientist better known as as Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four)

- Victor (Wolverine’s nemesis Sabertooth is Victor Creed, a fellow subject of the Weapon X program)

Marvel Girl Names


I mean, what could be better inspiration than a spy and an assassin, right? Oh, except Natasha is also a good, loyal friend, and has a super sweet way about her despite the fact that she can take out several people at one time with a kick of her legs and a swing of her arms. Plus she's got great hair. The name is obviously Russian, but it also means "birthday of the Lord."


Hello, Marvel, when are we going to get a Scarlet Witch movie? Because good grief, she is amazing. Scarlet's a pretty popular girl name anyway, but when you're using it to honor the Scarlet Witch, it's even better. Red hair not necessary.


OK, there are a lot of amazing women in the Marvel universe, but Okoye is on an entirely different level. The name doesn't have a proper description, but if you just want to tell people you named your little girl after the general of the Dora Milaje and basically the leader of the Wakanda army, then that's all they need to know.


She will be destined for spunkiness.Disney+

It gets no braver than Pepper Potts, my friend. According to my intense research, Pepper's "real" name is Virginia, which is also super cute and sweet. But let's keep the spunk, OK? Pepper is a fiery pistol of a name, and actually means "berry." And here I just thought it meant total bad*ss of a woman.


Another inspiration from Spider-Man is May, the spunky name behind Spider-Man's aunt. Whether your babe is a spring baby or not, May is really cute and gives me all the good feels.


Captain America's one true love is Peggy Carter, and I think she's absolutely worth acknowledging as a pinnacle of good, strength, and love. You can go with the full name of Margaret, or keep the sweet nickname of Peggy — both are fairly unique and original choices.


Gamora's sister and the other daughter of Thanos has a lot happen to her in the Marvel universe, but her name is still pretty cool, and actually means "misty." If you're looking for something with a space theme that's also a nod to a Marvel character, it's a great choice.


Nominated for multiple Emmys this year, Wandavision has been hailed as groundbreaking television. The lead character, Wanda, learns that the power of grief is almost as strong as the power of love... and becomes the Scarlet Witch in the process.


Brains, brawn, and badassery abound in Shuri.Disney+

OK, there might be someone else cooler than T'Challa in Wakanda, and it's his sister Shuri, whose name means “village.” She is the smartest person in the entire world basically, but she's also got the best sense of humor and that makes her an absolute gem.


The aspiring little girl astronaut from Captain Marvel who grew up to be a superhero of sorts in Wandavision, Monica Rambeau is a fierce and brave character.


Carol is Captain Marvel’s name, in case you didn’t know, and it’s hard to think of a more powerful role model. It takes some kind of superhero to punch her way through entire spaceships with ease, but Captain Marvel is that kind of superhero. And Carol is a lovely name that doesn’t bring to mind punching at all.


The name of the female Loki who made Loki actually fall in love (with himself? It’s complicated), Sylvie is a spunky but pretty name. Hopefully she won’t grow up to be a trickster.


Leader of the X-Men’s Gold Team, Storm, also known as Ororo Monroe* is a force of nature... literally. She has the power to control weather

*Honestly, whether you go with Storm, Ororo, or Munroe you cannot go wrong naming your child after this character.

More Marvel Girl Names

Jessica is the reluctant super-strong detective we need.Disney+

- Jessica (the titular heroine of Jessica Jones and the real name of Spider-Woman Jessica Drew)

- Gwen (Spider-Woman... well, one of them, is known to her friends as Gwen Stacy)

- Neena (the real name of Domino, a mutant who has teamed up with X-Force and Deadpool)

- Emma (As in Emma Frost, aka White Queen of the Hellfire Club and occassionally the X-Men)

- Mary Jane (Mary Jane “MJ” Watson is Peter Parkers best gal)

- Valkyrie (You could go with Brunhilde, this Asgardian’s real name, but Valkyrie is pretty cool)

- Yuriko (Lady Deathstrike, a Weapon X subject and one-time love interest of Wolverine, was Yuriko Oyama)

- Rogue (the alias of the mysterious Anna Marie of the X-Men; her powers are strong and tragic)

- Aurora (the alias of Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, who fights alongside her equally super brother Northstar)

- Kitty (Kitty Pryde has the ability to walk through walls... and numerous Marvel franchises, including X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Marauders, and more)

- Janet (also known as Ant Man’s co-hero, the Wasp)

- Phoenix (the alias of powerful X-Men psychic Jean Grey)

Hopefully, if you’ve been struggling to find a name, this list of Marvel Universe names has helped save the day. Here’s to your tiny superhero.

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