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These Strong Baby Girl Names Have Major CEO Energy

Set her up for success.

If you’re having a daughter, congratulations! You’re about to give birth to your new favorite girl in the world, and she’ll never cease to amaze you with all her wonderful qualities. If you want her to grow up to be the most powerful person in the room, she’ll need a name that conveys it. These powerful baby girl names all fit the part, and each one belongs on a plaque adorning the door to a plush corner office. Whether they’re classic, elegant names or more modern ones with a little attitude, these options will all command respect on the playground and in the boardroom.

One of the hardest parts of naming your baby is choosing a name that will work for them at every age. What sounds sweet on a baby or spunky on a rambunctious toddler could seem too cutesy to use on a résumé one day. But have no fear: there are countless names in the world that compliment a gal of any age (and many of them come with a whole passel of adorable nickname options).

So, these powerful baby girl names are ideal if, like Beyoncé, your answer to the question “Who run the world?” is, emphatically, “Girls!” (Specifically, girls named Bridget, Margot, or Lane.)



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This name is a timeless choice — perfect for parents who favor vintage baby names — and comes with the adorable nickname Ellie. It also invokes a sense of gentle authority thanks to Eleanor Roosevelt, one of America’s most beloved first ladies (and an author, diplomat, and humanitarian).



Then there’s Sloane, a modern-feeling, one-syllable name that oozes cool girl vibes. It’s an Irish name meaning “warrior,” so it’s definitely a strong choice.



This Gaelic name actually means “strength,” “power,” or “exalted one,” so yeah, you could say it has CEO energy. It’s a name that suits a little girl as well as an adult, and Bridget sounds like a woman who will tell you to mind your business and let her run hers.



This Welsh girl name has a lot of meanings, from “drop of water” to “black-haired.” It combines the hint of sass you get from Bridget with the one-syllable magic of Sloane.



Since the year 1900, this classic name has never fallen out of the top 30 baby names given in the U.S. So, chances are you’ve known a badass Elizabeth worth naming your daughter after. If not, consider Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to earn a medical degree in the U.S., or Queen Elizabeth herself.



Made all the more popular by Margot Robbie, this name feels both both serious and feminine. It’s a French name of course but with Greek roots, and means “pearl.”



If you’re going for powerful as in regal, Antonia is a queenly option worth considering. It has various etymologies from all around the world, like Italy, Mexico, and Greece, and means “priceless” or “praiseworthy.” It happens to be the name of an incredibly influential American astronomer, Antonia Maury.



She’s classic, classy, and instantly recognizable — Charlotte feels like a vintage name, but it has actually never been more popular than it is right now (#3 in the U.S., to be precise). This moniker has an elegant presence, and is so cute shortened to Charlie or Lottie for a little girl.



This Indian name means “divine brilliance,” and what more could you ever want your daughter to possess? Many actresses, philosophers, and influential women have been named Divya, and no doubt it will suit your little girl just as well.



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Doesn’t Greta sound like she leads a team of creatives doing something very cool you only vaguely understand, probably in L.A.? Like Margot, this name is a derivative of Margaret and also means “pearl.” It was the 858th most popular baby name in the U.S. in 2022, so it will be unique without feeling too out-there.



Daria is a wholesome choice — it has Persian roots and means “possessing goodness.” The strong D sound gives the name a sturdy presence, while the beautiful combination of vowels give it the same appeal of Olivia or (Ava without being quite so popular).



This unique baby girl name translates to “peaceful leader.” It’s perfect for your baby girl if you imagine her as someone who forges her own path, and inspires others to join her cause.



This name has Hebrew origins and translates to “bitter,” but in a way that implies strength, the way you might describe coffee. While that might be a bit of a tough sell, this short girl’s name is undeniably lovely, having both a serious tone and a feminine -a ending.



Fallon is cut from the same cloth as Brynne and Sloane; it’s a modern-sounding name with a little attitude. It’s a common surname in western Ireland and means “superior.” So, you could say Fallons are just born to be in charge.



Same vibe, different name: Spencer definitely oversees operations and logistics at Fallon’s startup. Her name translates to “keeper of provisions,” so it’s only natural. Hypothetical businesses aside, Spencer is a gorgeous option for parents who gravitate toward unisex names, or those who need a two-syllable choice for baby’s full name to flow.



Quinn means “wise,” “sense,” or “reason,” making it a lovely choice for parents who like to approach things with a level head. There also simply aren’t that many girl names starting with Q, so your child will naturally stand out from the crowd with a name like Quinn.



Another one-syllable, unisex wonder: Lane. Of course the word refers to a small road or pathway, so it may have a special meaning if you want your little one to make her own place in the big, wide world. This one also has excellent middle name potential.



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And one more elevated, classic moniker worthy of a nameplate: Evelyn. It’s currently the ninth most popular name in the U.S. for baby girls, and why shouldn’t it be? It can be traced back to Hebrew, French, and Welsh roots, with translations ranging from “alive” to “lake” to “hazelnut” (adorable). So, it’s a meaningful choice for your little girl, who is sure to contain multitudes.

So, what will your little boss baby’s name be? Any of these choices would be beautiful as first or middle names, and they’ll look so good on all her future awards.