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These baby names for sisters sound so sweet together.
52 Baby Names For Sisters That Make A Perfect Pair

Because coordination (and not necessarily matchy-matchy) is cute.

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If you already have a little girl at home and you’re getting ready to have another one, then you might be trying to think of a baby name that goes well with your current daughter’s name. Or maybe you’re about to birth twin girls and you want their names to mesh well. Either way, trying to think of coordinating baby names for sisters can be difficult, especially if you aren’t sure where to start.

There are a few ways you can go about choosing baby names for sisters. You can opt for two baby names that sound similar, like a pair of names that end in the same sound. If you’re not into that idea, go for two names that have similar meanings, like two names that are both rooted in religion. Then there’s the option to go for two of the same type of names, like two flower names, or two names that give off nature vibes. And, of course, you can go the Kardashian route, and choose two sister names that start with the same letter.

Still feeling lost about putting baby names for sisters together? I’ve put together some ideas for sister names that just sound right without being too matchy-matchy or obvious.

Charlotte & Anne

Literature lovers will want to consider naming their daughters after the Brontë sisters. Charlotte and Anne are a beautiful pair that don’t sound too matchy, and it’s something that only book lovers will get. If you’re not thrilled with Charlotte and Anne, you could do Emily and Anne or Charlotte and Emily. These names have a bit of an old-fashioned feel, but they still feel timeless.

Luna & Lila

If you like the idea of giving each child a name that starts with the same first letter, then Luna and Lila is a really pretty option. It’s also nice how they’re a little different: while Luna feels modern and trendy, Lila is more feminine and classic. They also go together nicely: Luna means moon, while Lila means night. A perfect, if unexpected, match.

Paige & Payton

Another take on the option to keep the first letter of the name the same is Paige and Payton. Paige is a classic name with French origins and can mean young helper or assistant. Payton is a gender neutral option that can mean noble. They both have a fun, spunky feel to them that makes them sound nice together.

Gabriella & Isabella

If you want the sisters’ names to sound good together but you don’t want them to be too matchy-matchy, opt for something like Gabriella and Isabella. These names sound very similar without being over-the-top. Gabriella is an Italian name and is the female version of Gabriel, meaning heroine of God. Similarly, Isabella is another Italian name (and can also be Spanish) that means “God is my oath.” And their nicknames, Gabby and Izzy, sound nice together as well.

Victoria & Christina

If Gabriella and Isabella sound too similar for you, but you like that idea, opt for Victoria and Christina. The full names and nicknames (Vicky and Chrissy) sound great together, although the meanings are pretty different. Victoria means victory, while Christina means follower of Christ.

Austin & Brooklyn

Austin and Brooklyn are a cute option if you want to go for a theme where you name your kids after famous cities in the United States. They’re also cute if you’re looking for trendy gender neutral names. Austin feels spunky and is a fairly common name, while Brooklyn is interesting and quickly becoming more popular.

Stella & Savannah

There are endless options if you’re looking to do the same first letter, and Stella and Savannah are two more. While Stella feels a bit more trendy and unique, Savannah is a sweet and classic option. Both are feminine and fun. And Stella means star, while Savannah means treeless plain, so they both have a nature vibe to them that just works.

Hazel & Violet

Opt for a color theme with the names Hazel and Violet. These are two really pretty, feminine names that sound so nice together. It’s also probably not the first time you’ve heard them: these are the names of the daughters of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

Grace & Hope


If it’s important to you for your kids names to have deeper meanings, then Grace and Hope are a lovely option. Grace has several meanings (other than, you know, grace), such as charm and generosity, while Hope means faith and, of course, hope. These are such positive names on their own and feel even more positive and happy together.

Lila & Lucy

Lila and Lucy is a fun pair because the meanings are so opposite. Lila means night, while Lucy means light. This is the perfect way to subtly show that while your daughters might be sisters who share so many similarities, they’re also both their own people with their own personalities. And it doesn’t hurt that the names sound so nice together either.

Isabella & Sophia

Isabella and Sophia are sweet baby names for sisters because they have similar sounds since both end in “a.” They don’t have the same meanings or origins, but these names just sound really well together, which might have something to do with the fact that they both sound very traditionally feminine. They even have similar-sounding nicknames: Izzy and Sophie.

Iris & Ivy

Iris and Ivy clearly both start with the letter “I,” so if you’re going for that sort of theme, these baby names for sisters are a great choice. But they are also both rooted in nature: Ivy means a hanging vine plant, and Iris means rainbow, although it can also refer to a flower.

Faith & Grace

For parents who are looking fro something deeply religious, you can’t go wrong with the sister name pairing of Faith and Grace. Faith means complete trust and devotion, while the name Grace means charm, goodness, and generosity. They both only have one syllable, so they end up sounding similar as well.

Emma & Anna

Emma and Anna almost sound like the same name: they both have two syllables and both start and end with vowels. And if they sound familiar, it’s probably due to Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen, the ultimate sister name pairing.

Violet & Daisy

Nature lovers might want to name their daughters after some beautiful flowers. Violet and Daisy are two really sweet options for sister baby names. They are both very traditionally feminine, and while they don’t sound the same, they don’t need to: they still flow nicely together.

Isla & Esme


Looking for a more unique pairing? While both Isla and Esme are becoming more popular name options, they still both feel fresh and different. They have similar structures and they both feel just a little bit old-fashioned (in a really good way).

Hazel & Ruby

Another theme you can use for two sister names is color. Hazel and Ruby are a great example of this. These are both really beautiful names, and Hazel means a green-brown, while Ruby means red. It’s nice that they’re two totally different colors to represent two different personalities.

Jessica & Jennifer

For a “J” theme, you can opt for Jessica and Jennifer, which sound very similar and have the same amount of syllables for optimum flow. They also both have a kind of ‘90s feel to them, if you’re into that idea for sister names.

Abigail & Evelyn

Not only do Abigail and Evelyn sound nice together, but they also both have Hebrew origins. Abigail means “cause of joy” or “father’s joy,” while Evelyn means “life” or “living.” Evelyn is also the Hebrew version of the French name “Aveline,” which is another one that sounds nice with Evelyn.

Ava & Ella

Similar to Abigail and Evelyn is Ava and Ella, both of which sound very much alike as well. Both Ava and Ella have German roots, with Ava meaning “guarantee,” and Ella meaning “girl” or “feminine.” They may not have similar meanings, but they do sound lovely when said together.

Charlotte & Louise

Charlotte and Louise both feel like more old-fashioned names, which makes them fit nicely together as sister names. It’s also interesting that they have kind of different meanings. Charlotte means petite and feminine, while Louise means famous warrior.

Anne & Mary


Another option for sister names: you can name them after a famous pair of siblings. Anne and Mary Boleyn are sisters who share, well, an interesting past. Queen Anne was one of the wives of King Henry VIII, and Mary, her older sister, was one of his mistresses.

Dakota & Elle

Another cute famous sibling name pairing to copy is Dakota and Elle Fanning. These two actresses are super talented, and their names sound sweet together for baby sisters.

Luna & Stella

Both Luna and Stella have names that invoke nature and thoughts of outer space, which is a kind of a cool theme to give your daughters. Luna means “moon,” and Stella is the Italian word for “star.” These sister names are out of this world (sorry, couldn’t help the pun).

Amelia & Olivia

Both Amelia and Olivia are two very popular name options right now, so it kind of makes sense to put them together for a pair of sisters. They both sound very similar as well, and they’re just both really pretty, feminine names.

Savannah & Sierra

Another option for going with the same first letter theme for baby sister names is to do Savannah and Sierra. Not only do these sound the same, but both are the names of places and both invoke nature. Savannah means a large, grassy plain, and Sierra means mountain range, so it’s fun that they’re opposites as well.

Rose & Lily

Another pair of baby names for sisters that invoke nature are Rose and Lily, both of which are the names of flowers. Rose refers to the flower of the same name, but can also mean “famous type.” Lily also refers to the name of the flower, but it can also mean “pure” and “innocent.”

Hadley & Harlow


Want something more unique for sister names? Go for Hadley and Harlow. These unisex names also both have nature meanings. Hadley means a meadow, and Harlow means a hill. Again, these are kind of opposites, which is always fun for different personalities.

Parker & Quinn

Another unisex option is Parker and Quinn. They have similar origins — Parker is an old English name, while Quinn is Irish and Celtic. These names are fun, quirky, and different, and sound even better together as sister names.

Ashlyn & Katelyn

For sister names that sound similar and end the same way, Ashlyn and Katelyn are great. They also both have really sweet meanings. Ashlyn means dream, and Katelyn means pure. That’s the most adorable duo!

Elizabeth & Jane

Readers who want to pay tribute to literature will love the pair of names Elizabeth and Jane, the sisters from Pride and Prejudice. These pretty, feminine names just sound nice together and they almost guarantee your daughters will be readers, too. (That’s how it works, right?)

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