St. Patrick's Day

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16 Festive Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy On St. Patrick's Day

You're ready to tell the world how lucky you are.

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Looking for a festive way to announce you’re expecting? If you want to show the world you feel luckier than a four-leaf clover, these St. Patrick’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas will rock your family’s world.

There are so many directions to go in when you choose to break the news on St. Patrick’s Day that you’re expecting. Maybe you’ll play off a St. Patrick’s Day theme with a pun-heavy caption or snap a pic of yourself wearing a holiday t-shirt that spills the beans — Etsy has dozens of options if this is your choice. Or maybe you’ll turn to a sweet Irish saying to make your big announcement. To really nail the spirit of the day, consider incorporating all the trappings of the holiday: a pot of gold, shamrocks, four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, perhaps a giant mug of Guinness you won’t be sipping anytime soon. And get your partner in on the fun. Together you can come up with a brilliant way to say, “the pot of gold at the end of our rainbow is actually a sweet new baby.”

In the words of the famous Irish proverb, “Bricks and mortar make a house, but the laughter of children makes a home.” Here’s to the arrival of your baby.

A Punny St. Paddy’s Pregnancy Announcement

How can you not use a great play on words for your St. Patrick’s Day baby announcement? Here are a few suggestions (though there are plenty more of these pot-o-gold ideas).


Put an Irish spin on the phrase "Oh baby" to announce your growing bundle of joy. Don your most festive St. Patrick's Day outfit, hold up an ultrasound picture or point to your growing bump, and caption the picture, "O'Baby!" (Add a four leaf clover emoji for good measure.) Or if you're really dedicated, get a cute O'Baby shirt (like the one @stephanieclary on Instagram is rocking above) and pose with an ultrasound pic.

Extra Lucky

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Keep your announcement simple and sweet. Lay a baby-related item like an ultrasound, baby booties, a bodysuit, or a pacifier (bonus points if they're green) on a flat surface, and scatter some St. Patrick's Day confetti around it. Snap a picture and caption it with the words, "We are feeling extra lucky this St. Patrick's Day."

Better Than Gold

The typical treasure discussed on St. Patrick's Day is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you're pregnant, you know there is a treasure that is way better. Grab a printable sign from Etsy and take a few festive photos in your best St. Paddy's garb. Or, arrange the sign with a green bodysuit, ultrasound photo, or pair of baby shoes.

Lucky Sibling

Let your child join in on the fun and announce your pregnancy to the world. Dress them up in a festive green outfit, and have them hold up a poster or sheet of paper that says "Lucky me... I'm a big [sister or brother] to be!" Add your estimated due date, ultrasound photo, or whatever else you'd like to include.

Gold At The End Of A Rainbow

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Every pregnancy announcement is beautiful, but there is something extra special about announcing a rainbow baby. If you've got one on the way, incorporate it into your St. Patrick's Day announcement. Take a photo with your partner cradling your new bump or holding a baby item, and caption it with something like, "At the end of our rainbow, there's no pot of gold. There's something better: a baby to hold!"

Announce Your Pregnancy with a St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt

Etsy is full of hilarious pregnancy announcement T-shirts for any time of year, but St. Patrick’s Day themed items are especially well done. Here are a few faves.

“I got Lucky" Shirt

This really says it all for all those chuffed dads-to-be showboating about their new wee babe on the way.

“Extra Lucky This year” Shirt

On a day all about luck, no one feels more lucky than someone who is expecting.

Big Brother Shirt

Get your kids involved in the announcement with a t-shirt that reveals the good news.

Gardening-Themed Shirt

Clover is peak St. Patrick’s Day symbolism, so it makes a lovely metaphor for growing a new baby. Such is the case in this cute shirt combo.

“Irish I could Drink” Shirt

Nothing like abstaining from alcohol on one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year. Any mama who has been there can relate. And this shirt sums it all up.

"Wee Little One" Shirt

This everyday shirt announces to the world that you’re expecting something very sweet and tiny soon.

Irish Quotes & Proverbs as a Way to Announce Your Pregnancy

Irish proverbs are beloved by many for their ability to express some universal truth in a witty or compelling way. So they’re perfect for a baby announcement on St. Patrick’s Day.

  • “When Irish eyes are smiling, they’re usually up to something.”
  • “There’s no love until there’s family.”
  • “No man ever wore a tie as nice as his child’s arm around his neck.”
  • “May strong arms hold you, caring hearts tend you, and may love await you at every step.”
  • “A newborn babe brings light to the house, warmth to the hearth, and joy to the soul, for wealth is family, family is wealth.”

Picked your announcement idea? Great. Let the baby arrival shenanigans begin.