Katie McPherson

Katie McPherson is a lifestyle writer for Romper, where she covers maternal and child health, pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting. She also writes the occasional piece on pets, products, and other lifestyle topics. Katie’s bylines have also appeared in The Daily Beast, The Financial Diet, and numerous regional publications in her home state of Florida. She has experience working in marketing and public relations for hospitals, where she earned a Silver Aster Award in the Total Marketing Campaign category. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Florida. When she’s not writing for Romper, Katie is running her boutique agency, Quill & Key Editorial. She loves true crime podcasts, reading, trying new restaurants with her husband, and volunteering in her neighborhood. Ask her anything about 'Lord of the Rings' and she can tell you. Follow her on Twitter @ktmcfierceson and read more of her work at quillandkeyeditorial.com.