Bandit enters the Heeler's kitchen. Chilli claps sarcastically. Bingo and Bluey sit in their chairs.

Is There A Bluey Father's Day Episode?

Yup, and it’s a heartfelt one, of course.

While most of the more than 150 episodes of Bluey focus on the joys of everyday life and play, every now and then we are treated to a holiday themed episode. The Heelers have celebrated Easter, Christmas, and Mother’s Day and, fortunately for us, there is indeed a Father’s Day episode of Bluey. Though, honestly, the whole series is sort of an ode to fathers because Bandit is the GOAT and is featured heavily in many if not most episodes, leading the charge in some of the show’s most poignant moments. Still, he certainly deserves his own special day. And after a couple of adorable montages of Bandit being... well, Bandit, we finally get one in Season 3 of the series.

“Perfect” is the Bluey Father’s Day episode found in Season 3.

The episode opens with Bluey, Bingo, and Chilli sitting on the verandah making Father’s Day cards for Bandit. Bluey is determined that her card is going to be not just good but perfect.

“Perfect is hard,” Chilli cautions, but Bluey blithely brushes her off. This picture will be perfect and it’s going to go straight on the fridge. But what to draw...

Bingo suggests Bluey think about her favorite thing dad does and to draw that. Bluey immediately thinks of the game “It’s Dad!” The scene cuts to Bandit playing the game with his family, which consists of everyone having to clap when he enters a room. When the clapping proves insufficient, Bandit tickles Bluey, and she decides this is the best moment to depict in her drawing...


But the drawing isn’t perfect.

While Chilli praises Bluey’s work, Bingo and Bluey determine that it’s not perfect. It doesn’t look like Bandit is tickling her. It looks like he’s throwing her. Then they remember a game that actually involves throwing: ticket!

The scene cuts to Chilli, Bluey, and Bingo sitting on the couch reading The Three Little Pigs when Bandit enters asking for their tickets as though he’s a train conductor. Bingo and Chilli dutifully “present” their imaginary tickets to be punched, but when Bluey says she doesn’t have one, Bandit hurls her from the couch to the bean bag chair declaring “No ticket!”


Still, it’s not perfect.

Bluey and Bingo think of more games they enjoy playing with Bandit.

Hoping to build off the elements of Bluey’s picture that work well, the girls try to think of more games they play with Bandit that Bluey might be able to draw. The couch in the “Ticket” picture looked a bit like a chair, so she attempts to draw a game of “Chair” (aka Bandit sits on her). But that means Bluey isn’t really in the picture, so she tries for a game of “Boomerang,” where Bandit “throws” her and she keeps coming back to him.


Still, not perfect enough...

“Not perfect enough for what?”

We soon get to the heart of why Bluey is determined to make a picture that’s not just good but perfect. She and Chilli recall a recent event in which Bingo drew a picture and Chilli hung it on the crowded refrigerator... right over Bluey’s drawing of her and Chilli. It does not go over well.


Back on the verandah, Chilli apologizes to her daughter. “I’m not perfect, I’m afraid.”

Being tough is more important than being perfect.

Chilli isn’t perfect, Bluey’s drawings aren’t perfect. But as they reflect on the games Bluey plays with her dad — which often find Bluey with some bumps and bruises, what with all the playful tossing and squishing — and decide that she’s gotta be pretty tough to make it through those.

“It’s a good thing you’re tough,” we see Bandit telling her over and over in flashback.

“Drawing is tough, but...” Chilli prompts.

“It’s a good thing I’m tough?” Bluey asks brightly.



The episode ends with Bandit hanging Bluey’s new picture right on the fridge — a drawing of the two of them making muscles together.

“Perfect” has one of Disney’s more notorious edits.

During one “flashback” scene in which Bandit plays with Bluey, we see Bandit and his friend Fido chatting at a park birthday party.

“It was all pretty quick, really, it was just in and out and I even got to keep them,” Fido tells him emphatically.

After a brief interruption from Bluey, the pair get back to their discussion.

“Yeah, I know, I probably should get it done,” Bandit says with a sigh. “But I love my dog teeth! I don’t know. What if one day I just want to bite someone!”

At least, this is what we see on Disney+ in the U.S. The original version is more obviously about Bandit and Fido discussing permanent sterilization. (Would they call it a vasectomy or neutering? They’re bipedal but they’re still dogs, so we’re not sure.)

“I’m keen to get it done,” Bandit replies in the original. “But Chilli, she wants to keep her options open. But I don’t know; do we want any more of these things running around?”

It would fly over little heads, but parents will know exactly what they’re talking about.

Honestly, considering how few men opt for a vasectomy, despite it being a quick, safe, easy procedure, it feels like the perfect inclusion for a Bluey Father’s Day episode. If it’s something thee Bandit Heeler is considering, maybe other dads will, too!