The Best Family-Friendly Halloween Movies To Stream On HBO Max

Every Harry Potter film? Yes, please!

The best part of spooky season is the endless amounts of super fun movies that are streaming online. There is so much to love about Halloween movies. What isn’t to like about the super special effects, the adrenaline pumping frights, and the hilarious jokes? You’ll certainly like the best Halloween movies on HBO Max for kids and families that are streaming on the service right now.

HBO Max is the perfect streaming service for parents to turn on and watch some very dramatic shows once the kids go to sleep. But parents might not know that HBO Max is home to dozens of kid friendly shows and movies that are appropriate for every kid and personality type in the family. There are more than 20 family friendly movies to watch this October leading up to Halloween, which means you could watch a different one each night leading up to the big day.

Whether solving mysteries like in Scoob! or Daphne & Velma, or fighting off evil, like in The Batman vs. Dracula, these movies highlight the importance of saving the day and chasing away the bad guys. But some of these films, like Roald Dahl’s The Witches and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride are just plain scary.

No matter what film you decide to watch this autumn, you will be guaranteed to find one to watch on HBO Max. All you need is an HBO Max subscription to watch.


Nanny McPhee

It’s safe to say that the Brown kids are bad. The seven siblings have chased off a number of nannies and their widowed father, Mr. Brown, simply can’t control them. Enter Nanny McPhee, a magical nanny who expects the children to obey her and respect others while still being themselves. Using her very magical powers, Nanny McPhee is able to tame the rambunctious children while allowing them to learn the important things in life. It’s a fun, kid friendly film with a magical, witch twist without being too centered around Halloween or haunting things. If you’re looking for a light hearted film, this is the way to go.

Watch Nanny McPhee, rated PG.


Earwig and the Witch

Earwig is an orphan who has no idea that she comes from a family with magical powers. But when a strange family helmed by an evil witch takes her in, she discovers the secret world of spells and potions and discovers the secret powers lying inside of her. This international animated film is dubbed in English, and while it has a few mild scares, according to Common Sense Media, it also lacks the charming spark of a film like this. Although Earwig can get a little sassy at times, this film is suited for those around the age of 8.

Watch Earwig and the Witch, rated PG.


The Batman vs. Dracula

Gotham City is under attack. But it’s not just the Joker and other villains taking over — Dracula has come into town to cause trouble. Batman has to face against his most challenging enemy yet, Dracula, who has drawn up a plot to trap Gotham City and create a special race of vampires to join him. It’s up to Batman to protect his beloved city and home from being taken over by one of the thirstiest evil legends of all time. Doesn’t that sound extra spooky? Action fans will love this take on the extra evil villain.

Watch The Batman vs. Dracula, rated TV-PG.


Daphne & Velma

If you can’t get enough of Scooby-Doo films, then you will love this Scooby spin-off, focused on the two powerhouses of the Mystery Gang, Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley. In this iteration, Daphne has her own web show, where she discusses supernatural occurrences. Velma is her supportive internet friend who ends up moving to the same town and attending the same school as Daphne. Together, they are tasked to solve a mystery after strange occurrences end up happening in their school. How’s that for an empowering Halloween movie?

Watch Daphne & Velma, rated G.


Little Shop of Horrors

A flower shop assistant with a crush on his co-worker named Audrey discovers an unusual plant, whom he names Audrey II. But when he discovers that the plant has a taste for human flesh and blood, he must feed the plant and satiate it’s appetite before it turns on him. Bum, bum, bummmm. Although it sounds just a little terrifying, this campy movie musical from 1986 is filled with such great songs that the slight terror can be overlooked.

The film is rated PG-13, and is not intended for sensitive viewers or children, according to Common Sense Media, but is definitely worth the watch with the older kids in the family.

Watch Little Shop of Horrors, rated PG-13.


The Blob

If you want to introduce your child to some seriously old films, The Blob, from 1958 and filmed in black and white, is the way to go.

This film takes place in a small town in Pennsylvania, where two teens find a meteorite filled with jelly after it has crashed into the United States from space. The mysterious blob turns out to be larger than life and consumes those who encounter it, but the town’s adults are dismissive of the teen’s warnings. When they’re able to find a solution to defeat The Blob, they’re able to save it from taking over their town and hurting the ones they love the most.

Watch The Blob, rated TV-PG.



A father in search of a special gift for his son, Billy, walks out of a New York City gift shop with a mogwai that comes with a warning: don’t expose it to bright light, water, or feed it past midnight. But when he returns with the mogwai, named Gizmo, an accidental water spill causes it to multiply, and mischievous “Gremlins” are born. As the Gremlins wreck havoc over town, it’s up to Billy, his girlfriend, and a friendly mogwai named Gizmo to stop them from taking over.

This movie from 1984 is a super fun, throwback film with a Christmas twist that will get you excited for future holidays.

Watch Gremlins, rated PG.


Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Gizmo’s adventures continue in this 1990 sequel to the original film. This time, Gizmo is the lab rat of a group of scientists at a high rise building in Manhattan. A leaky water fountain spilled on Gizmo leaves him to multiply into more Gremlins, who begin to take on New York City. With the help of genetic serums, the Gremlins are able to adapt and become smarter, which allows them to not be as easily defeated.

This sequel is rated PG-13 and has a level of cartoonish violence that might not be suitable for young children, according to Common Sense Media.

Watch Gremlins 2: The New Batch, rated PG-13.



Igor is a lowly lab assistant and talented inventor who has dreams of becoming a mad scientist, just like his master. With the help of two of his trusty inventions, Igor attempts to win the kingdom’s science fair by building an evil female monster named Eve. But when Eve turns out to be more sweet than evil, she discovers that she wants to be an actress, which ruins Igor’s plans to take over the kingdom.

It’s important to note that Igor is a dark comedy, so it might go over some kids’ heads, and most common sense reviewers note that there is a lot of (animated) cleavage that is shown in the film. So parents, be warned.

Watch Igor, rated PG.


My Best Friend is a Vampire

If you’re a fan of 80’s movies, then sit down and watch My Best Friend is a Vampire, an underrated horror comedy that will transport you to a different era. Jeremy is a high school student who isn’t so lucky with girls, which means he is unable to get a girlfriend. When he delivers groceries to a mansion, he is bitten by a vampire mistress, and is suddenly turned into a living vampire. He must learn to navigate his new identity, which does not come easy.

It should be noted that this film does have some sexual situations, so it might not be suited for the youngest audience members.

Watch My Best Friend is a Vampire, rated PG.


Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs are brought to life in an island theme park titled Jurassic Park, where humans can interact with these prehistoric creatures for the very first time. But nature can’t be controlled into a theme park, and when a storm shuts down the parks security systems, some very violent dinosaurs are able to escape.

While the kids in the film learn how to be brave and persevere in the face of danger, a lot of the graphics are pretty realistic and scary, even though the film was made in 1993. If your little ones are prone to nightmares, then Jurassic Park might not be the film to watch when they’re awake. And since it is rated PG-13 for intense terror, you’ll have to be the judge. Still, it’s the right kind of spooky movie that isn’t too supernatural.

Watch Jurassic Park, rated PG-13.


Sabrina: Magic of the Red Rose

Ashley Tisdale lends her voice to this version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in this animated film from 2015. In Sabrina: Magic of the Red Rose, Sabrina, a half-teenager, half-witch, is in store for a magical adventure. Whether she is preventing flowers from taking over, having to go on a date with a total snob, or reuniting a baby dragon with its mother, younger kids will love this version of Sabrina, who is always using her magic to get her in and out of some particular exciting adventures.

Watch Sabrina: Magic of the Red Rose, rated G.



Learn about the origin stories of Scooby Doo and the Mystery Gang in this animated film from 2020 that puts the Mystery Gang encountering their biggest mystery yet — a ghost dog named Cerberus. As the Mystery Gang starts on a race to stop Cerberus from taking over the world and starting a doc-pocalypse, they find out that Scooby has a legacy that is much bigger than imagined.

What’s more quintessentially spooky, creepy, and thrilling than watching a super kid-friendly episode or iteration of Scooby-Doo? The older kids in your family will thank you for putting on something nostalgic while the younger ones will love all of the super kid friendly humor.

Watch Scoob!, rated PG.


Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins

The mystery gang is back in a live action made for TV mystery movie. Learn about how Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne were brought together to solve crime in this colorful origin story from 2009. Learn how Scooby was adopted, and how a social outcast, science nerd, drama club student, and quarterback of the football team could all come together in one space. If you were ever curious about how the Mystery Gang first came to be, then this light hearted mystery film is definitely one to watch with your family, especially the ones who can’t get enough of the super cute Scooby-Doo.

Watch Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins, rated TV-PG.


Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster

Supernatural occurrences can still happen outside of Halloween, and Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster explores that. It’s the summertime, and the Mystery Gang has been given jobs at Daphne’s uncle’s country club. But when a lake monster suddenly appears and wrecks havoc on the country club, it’s up to the gang to investigate the legend. Although it might be the summer, the gang still encounters plenty of supernatural things like monsters and witches to keep them spooked until the fall. If you’re sick of seeing pumpkins and falling leaves, then this film will provide a necessary change of scenery.

Watch Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster, rated TV-PG.


Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

From the dark, twisted mind of Tim Burton, who is behind some of the creepiest films like The Nightmare Before Christmas, comes the Corpse Bride, a whole new slightly terrifying saga. Victor is set to be wed in an arranged marriage, set up by his parents. But while he is practicing his lines for the wedding in a forest, he ends up setting his wedding ring on a hand that drags him down below to the land of the dead. Victor has to make his way aboveground before it is too late and his bride is arranged to be married to someone else.

OK, so the word “corpse” is in the title, but the film only has scares light enough for most 10-year-olds to handle, according to Common Sense Media.

Watch Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, rated PG.


The Witches

If you’ve ever read a Roald Dahl book or have his books on his shelf at your home, then turn on The Witches, an adaptation of his fantasy novel, first published in the 1980’s. In this 1990 film, starring Anjelica Houston, a young boy accidentally comes across a convention of witches while staying at a hotel in England. It is here where the Grand High Witch unveils her plan to turn all of the children into the world into mice. When the witches discover the little boy, they use him as their first test subject, and it’s up to this new mouse to fight back, before all of the kids of the world are transformed.

Watch The Witches, rated PG.


Roald Dahl’s The Witches

After watching the 90’s version of this film, dive into the 2020 remake starring Anne Hathaway as the Grand High Witch. Like The Witches, Roald Dahl’s The Witches focuses on a young boy, this time living in Alabama, who goes on a vacation with his grandma to a seaside resort. While they’re there they encounter witches from around the globe who have a master plan to get rid of children by turning them into mice. Make it a double feature and watch both in a row so you can compare and contrast these super fun and inventive films.

Watch Roald Dahl’s The Witches, rated PG.


The Harry Potter Series

Celebrate Halloween with one of the greatest wizards of all time, Harry Potter. Stream all eight films in this film series following “the chosen one” aka Harry Potter, who learns on his 11th birthday that he is the son of two powerful wizards and has magical powers, too. Harry attends Hogwarts where he meets his best friends, makes enemies, and navigates life in his new home with his new powers. This isn’t easy for Harry, especially since there is a dark wizard who is after him.

Watch all eight films in the Harry Potter film series, rated PG and PG-13.


Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki is a 13-year-old witch in training, who is forced to move to a seaside town with her talking cat, in order to spend a year alone as part of her training purposes. While in this village, she starts her own delivery service on her broomstick, where she is able to deliver packages to people in her community. But when she starts to lose her magical abilities, she is forced to overcome her doubt and believe in herself.

Watch Kiki’s Delivery Service, rated G.