Jamie Lee Curtis is a "movie grandmother."
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Jamie Lee Curtis Says Lindsay Lohan Just Made Her A “Movie Grandmother”

“My movie daughter just made me a movie grandmother.”

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis really created some kind of bond when they starred in Freaky Friday in 2003. Over the past two decades, Curtis in particular has always made an effort to show her support of her former movie daughter. And now that this movie daughter has become a first-time mom herself, Curtis feels as though she’s become a movie grandmother as well. Let the Tess/Anna Coleman love continue for future generations, we are absolutely loving it.

Lohan and her husband Badar Shammas announced via their rep on Monday that they had welcomed their first baby together. A little boy they named Luai. While they did not share their son’s exact birth date, a rep for the Falling For Christmas actress told Page Six that “the family is over the moon in love” with the sweet little boy, whose Muslim name means “son of a lion” or “legend” in Arabic.

When Curtis, who is a mom of two adult children herself, found out that Lohan had officially given birth, she took to Instagram to share her own excitement. “MAGIC MONDAY! My movie daughter just made me a movie grandmother. Blessings to Lindsay and Bader for the birth of Luai!” she wrote in the caption of a photo of the two women together.

Before giving birth to Luai, Lohan shared some helpful advice Curtis had given her about becoming a working mom. “I spoke to Jamie Lee Curtis recently,” Lohan told Allure last month, “and she was like, ‘You just bring the baby with you and everything will be fine.”

Both Curtis and Lohan have made it patently clear that they are ready and willing to work together again, which is great news as a sequel to Freaky Friday is officially in the works and they’ve both said they’re ready to become Tess and Anna Coleman again. “Jamie and I are both open to that, so we’re leaving it in the hands that be,” Lohan has previously told The New York Times. “We would only make something that people would absolutely adore.”

This could mean that Curtis, Lohan, and baby Luai will all be on set together at some point in the future, working on the Freaky Friday sequel and creating movie mom/grandma memories to last another 20 years.