Prince Louis has a sweet bedtime routine.

Prince William Shared A Sweet Tidbit About Prince Louis's Bedtime Routine

You know Prince Louis is an absolute ball of energy.

As Kate Middleton continues to undergo treatment following her cancer diagnosis, it sounds like Prince William has taken over bedtime duties, at least with their youngest son, 6-year-old Prince Louis. The real character of the three children, Prince William revealed how he helps Prince Louis unwind at bedtime because you know that little ball of energy is going to fight it every step of the way.

Prince William attended the Buckingham Palace garden party on Tuesday, where he met with people who had made positive impacts in their communities. One such person was author Rowan Aderyn, who gifted Prince William with one of 10 copies of his self-penned book Homewards, named after Prince William’s foundation to fight homelessness in the United Kingdom. The book, features a boy named Jack who finds himself without a home, and Prince William thought it would be a wonderful story to share with his youngest son.

“This is great, so inspirational. I'll read this to Louis tonight at bedtime,” Prince William said, per Hello! Magazine.

Nothing like a bedtime story to get a little one to fall asleep. Especially a little one with as much energy as Prince Louis.

Prince Louis likes to be the life of the party.Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Prince Louis, younger brother to 9-year-old Princess Charlotte and 10-year-old Prince George, has enough self-awareness to know he needs to take a rest sometimes. Kate Middleton shared last year that her youngest son likes to get home and jump on the trampoline. Why? “Louis comes home and says: ‘I need to get my energy out,’” she explained at the time. And of course, he must get tired after a long day of driving his toy car around the palace as he is wont to do.

While we don’t know what the royal family’s bedtime routine with the children looked like before Middleton’s cancer diagnosis, we do know that Prince William has always played an active part in it. Whether he was fixing his wife a cocktail so she could scroll through YouTube makeup tutorials after the kids went to bed, or unwinding with some pizza on the sofa, he’s been around.

And helping Prince Louis wind down at the end of a long day with a good book apparently.