Princess Charlotte is not looking forward to exams.
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Princess Charlotte Was “Not Looking Forward” To School For A Relatable Reason

Prince William shared an update on how his daughter feels about exams. We feel ya, girl.

Royal watchers have watched 9-year-old Princess Charlotte grow into an impressive young person. The kind of child who keeps her eye on her two brothers to make sure they’re following royal protocol, who always seems to know how to behave during royal outings. Just a general, all-around good kid who is up for anything. Barring school exams. According to her dad Prince William, Princess Charlotte is in exam season at school. And she’s simply not a fan.

Prince William was heard chatting with a young royal fan at a D Day anniversary event in Portsmouth on Wednesday, and the subject of his daughter Princess Charlotte entered the conversation. “Charlotte’s at school, Charlotte’s got exams,” he shared per Hello! magazine, going on to add that these exams were happening that very day. Prince William, who also shares 10-year-old Prince George and 6-year-old Prince Louis with wife Kate Middleton, continued, “Yes, she’s got tests – she wasn’t looking forward to it this morning. Hopefully it's all gone well.”

Princess Charlotte attends Lambrook School in Berkshire along with her two brothers, and just like most students at this time of year, it sounds as though she’s ready for school to come to a close so summer can begin for real.

Princess Charlotte is sitting for exams.Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While she might not be looking forward to her exams, Princess Charlotte has certainly enjoyed other aspects of school life. She has long been a fan of dance and drama, much like her late grandmother Princess Diana, and to her mother’s delight, she has joined the rugby team at school. So it’s not like her academic life is all bad. Plus her dad Prince William hopefully helped her prepare for her exams as Middleton was helping her older brother Prince George prepare for his entrance exams last year. Middleton might also be helping Princess Charlotte, although she is currently going through treatment for cancer and might have decided to leave Prince William to help their daughter prepare instead. While the dad of three recently shared that Middleton is getting “better,” helping kids prepare for exams might be a bridge too far right now.

Especially if those kids are not looking forward to them.