'A Winnie The Pooh Thanksgiving'

10 Of The Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes For Families To Watch

From Charlie Brown to Winnie The Pooh...

Aside from the football games and trademarked desserts made by that one treasured relative, there’s nothing more satisfying after a Thanksgiving meal than sitting down and watching some holiday television specials. Most of our favorite seasonal movies and tv episodes start around the same we’re finishing off our trick-or-treat candy and the telethon of Hocus Pocus.

Although Christmas holiday specials are equally treasured and an enjoyable part of the holiday chill season, there’s something about Thanksgiving episodes that can calm a storm and reaffirm the value of family. Perhaps it’s the lessons of togetherness we learn from characters such as Charlie Brown or Arthur. Or the reminder from the Rugrats that Thanksgiving ( aka ‘Hanksgiving’) is about more than the turkey. And some turkeys like the one in PAW Patrol have to reach new heights to teach a lesson to an entire town. Or maybe it's not turkeys at all, but fish and rabbit meat, like the Looney Tunes.

Or the nostalgia of watching Thanksgiving television specials could simply stem from being overly stuffed and too full to move. Nonetheless, the following episodes and specials are some of the best to gobble on as a family for Thanksgiving.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Apple TV+

Gobble, gobble, gobble good grief! It’s Charlie Brown's holiday season again, kicking off It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for Halloween, followed by A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Tune in as Woodstock, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Franklin, Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt, Peppermint Patty, and Sally Brown try to pull off the perfect harvest. Apple is reportedly working on a new Peanuts holiday special set to premiere on AppleTV+ on Dec. 10. It’ll be the first time the gang will be back together for a new season event since 2002. In the meantime...

Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Apple TV+.

Garfield's Thanksgiving

You and the kids may be able to indulge this Thanksgiving, but not Garfield! In Garfield's Thanksgiving, the food-loving cat is put on a diet by his veterinarian, Dr. Liz Wilson. His owner, Jon, falls for the vet and invites her over for Thanksgiving dinner. Garfield tries to get in line with his diet and eats half a leaf of lettuce for lunch. But when he tries to raid the refrigerator, he’s stopped by Odie. Meanwhile, Jon has no clue on how to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner, including prepping the turkey! This 1989 comedy was nominated for a Primetime Emmy and is a certified classic for all meow lasagna lovers.

You can purchase Garfield’s Thanksgiving on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

An Arthur Thanksgiving

PBS Kids

In An Arthur Thanksgiving, Arthur and his friends save Thanksgiving. The day is full of surprises; from a loophole in the annual Thanksgiving parade that Arthur’s classmates were preparing for to Pal going missing. There’s an unexpected visit from Aunt Minnie. But fortunately for Arther’s dad, he had “room for an extra plate or two” to accommodate all of the extra Elwood City dinner guests.

Watch An Arthur Thanksgiving on the PBS Kids Prime Video Channel, which can be accessed with an Amazon Prime subscription. Kids can also play the Elwood Thanksgiving game on the PBS Kids website.

A Looney Tunes Thanksgiving


It’s the holidays so why not get a little looney! Starting with Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet. In this classic 1979 cartoon, Bugs plays a dietitian sharing some advice to his foodie friends. One note he shared was the dietary benefits of carrots. But friends like Yosemite Sam, who prefer rabbit meat are not receiving of that health tip. Nor is Wile E. Coyote who is obsessed with Road Runner or Sylvester who longs for a Tweety Bird sandwich. But Sylvester was willing to consider turning over a new leaf when Bugs recommended fish.

After you’re done with Bugs watch Daffy Duck's Thanks-for-giving Special, which includes episodes such as Robin Hood Daffy, Drip-Along Daffy, and His Bitter Half, all starring the Quackster of course!

Purchase and watch A Looney Tunes Thanksgiving on Amazon Prime.

PAW Patrol’s Pups Save Thanksgiving


In the season five episode, Pups Save Thanksgiving, the turkey for Adventure Bay’s City Hall Thanksgiving feast is stolen by Mayor Humdinger and his kittens, when he doesn’t get an invite from Mayor Goodway. But he doesn’t just steal the turkey, he fills it with helium and the cats get stuck inside! The PAW Patrol crew are called to save the day and bring the flying bird down. This is one of the few episodes where you can catch Ryder and Robo-Dog exercising their cooking skills and baking pies. And what’s a Thanksgiving celebration in Adventure City without a game of Hot Potato!

Watch PAW Patrol’s Pups Save Thanksgiving on Amazon Prime and Paramount+.

The Care Bears’ Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise


In the 1986 Thanksgiving special, Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise, Grams Bear and the other Care Bears get together for the holidays. But to make sure everything is smooth sailing, they’ll have to stop the evil Sour Sam from ruining Thanksgiving with his crabby apple pies and infecting the entire town. By the end of the episode, they’re successful of course thanks to Grams Bear’s goody-goody, happy pies. In other words, good pie crust and filling save the day!

Watch Care Bears’ Gram Bear’s Thanksgiving Surprise episode on YouTube. After watching that, catch the 2019 reboot version, Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, on HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

Rugrats’ The Turkey Who Came To Dinner


In the season four episode, The Turkey Who Came To Dinner, the Pickles household is getting ready for Thanksgiving while the Rugrats devise a plan to save the live turkey from being dinner! Lou won the bird in the Senior Center's Thanksgiving Cribbage Cavalcade where he works. Despite the shenanigans, the kids also learn the true meaning of ‘Hanks-giving,’ ‘Nakie Americans’ and Tommy learns Thanksgiving dinner does not include Reptar cereal. But ironically, that’s exactly what they end up having and the turkey isn’t eaten after all.

Watch the Rugrats’ The Turkey Who Came To Dinner on Hulu and Vimeo.

Animaniacs: Turkey Jerky

Warner Bros.

This long-time favorite animated show gives Turkey Day its own whacky twist. In season one, episode 46, the Native American Warners try to protect their pet turkey, Mr. Gobbles, from the pilgrim hunter, Miles Standish, who wants to do what everyone wants to do with the bird on Thanksgiving- cook it and eat it for dinner! There’s also a twist when that same pet turkey has an egg that unexpectedly hatches into a bluebird! Critics say the episode is most likely a parody of P.D. Eastman's book Are You My Mother?

Watch Animaniacs: Turkey Jerky on Apple TV+. An Animaniacs reboot is also available on Hulu.

Teen Titans: Thanksgiving

DC Kids/ YouTube

In the 2014 episode, the Titans are preparing to host their guest of honor, Batman. But Raven has an unexpected Thanksgiving guest when her father, Trigon (who is a demon) shows up for dinner. Meanwhile, Robin’s dinner plans take a turn for the worse when the meal is devoured by rats (who also invited their extended family) that Beast Boy invited. The titans try to turn it around and make the best Thanksgiving dinner they possibly could, even if that means turning the guest of honor into a turkey (spoiler alert).

Watch Teen Titans: Thanksgiving on HBO Max.

A Winnie The Pooh Thanksgiving


Christopher Robin, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Owl, Rabbit, and Gopher come together in the Hundred Acre woods to give thanks in this 1998 television special. And everyone bought plates! Piglet provided the acorns, Gopher with the lemonade, Tigger with the ice cream, and Pooh supplied the honey of course. But when Rabbit comes around he tells the group that their dinner is lacking with some Thanksgiving essentials such as cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and a turkey! Rabbit sends them on a scavenger hunt to find these items. Pooh and Piglet ended up getting the turkey!

Order A Winnie The Pooh Thanksgiving on Amazon Prime.