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These Mother & Son Halloween Costume Ideas Are So Much Fun

A perfect pair.

There are only so many years most kids will tolerate and/or celebrate dressing up in a duo costume with their mom. But while you have them on board with the idea, might as well take advantage of it with these mother/son Halloween costumes.

Imagine the possibilities. You could pull inspiration from your child’s favorite bedtime story, or opt for beloved movie characters. Or, turn to pop culture icons for a funny look — Priscilla Presley and Elvis, anyone? The joy of mom/son Halloween costumes is that you can dress your child as an adult or hilarious fantasy character for optimum laughs. Consider baby carriers. Many parents will be toting their kids in these on Halloween night. So why not use the contraption as part of a duo costume? For instance, safety pin on eight legs and suddenly your cozy baby is a spider and you’re the web. Or wrap them in a spotted blanket and dress them as a Dalmatian while you channel your best Cruella de Vil.

You’ll have twice the fun Halloween night when you join your son in the costume action. So check out these mother/son Halloween costume ideas for the perfect look you can look back on and say “Hey buddy, remember when we dressed up like that?”

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1. Runaway Bunnies

“If you run away, I’ll run after you.” Those are the famous words of the mother in the “The Runaway Bunny,” Margaret Wise Brown’s beloved children’s book. What mother can’t relate? If you read this book to your little bunny every night, what could be a better costume for you and your son? Make it happen by purchasing two bunny suits, one for you and one for your little darling. This Pottery Barn Kids option is a super snuggly one piece with a hood that holds the requisite bunny ears. It’s made of faux fur and fully lined to be extra cozy. For moms, you can get cozy too in this baggy jumpsuit with pink detailing. Paint your nose pink and add some whiskers and you two will be ready to runaway together Halloween night.

2. Cruella and Pup

With Cruella recently released, a new generation of kids have been recently introduced to 101 Dalmatians. So it’s prime time to opt for this dynamic duo: Cruella and a stolen pup! You’ll be seeing spots when you pop your tot into this fleece jumpsuit featuring a separate hood and detachable tail. And as for you mama, you can really get evil in this over-the-top Cruella ball gown that also comes with a faux fur shrug — in Dalmatian fur, naturally. You’ll look like the ultimate villainess running around all night with your puppy. Some might say, if you don’t scare people, “no evil thing will.”

3. Cat in the Hat with Thing One and Two

Moms of twin boys, here’s your perfect costume: Cat in the Hat with buddies Thing One and Thing Two. I mean really, you kind of have to take advantage of this, right? It’s an ideal mother/son costume idea. And it’s easy to do. Just grab this Cat in the Hat costume that comes with the oh so necessary hat, a tail, and a polyester jumpsuit. Then put your boys in these matching Thing One and Thing Two ensembles made up of a headpiece, gloves and jumpsuit. For an added bonus, you could also carry the book Halloween night just to really nail the idea.

4. Elvis and Priscilla

Does your boy love dancing to Elvis songs? Take him back to The King’s glory days with this tiny Elvis costume. This hilarious polyester jumpsuit bedazzled in jewels is peak costume designer Bill Belew who fashioned the famous look. But you can get in on the fun too. By purchasing a retro mod dress from the ‘60s and styling a bouffant wig into a beehive, you’ll be looking the part as Elvis’ paramore Priscilla Presley. Bring a boombox (or just play tracks like “Jailhouse Rock” or “Don’t Be Cruel” as you trick or treat and try to stop your kiddo from shaking their hips.

5. Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Fairy tale stories never go out of fashion. That’s why this mother/son Halloween costume idea is so great. You dress as Little Red Riding Hood, then doll your son up as the Big Bad Wolf. The added benefit of this costume concept is your kid has a one-night-only greenlight to howl like a wolf as long as they want. Need we say more? Get your Little Red on with this costume pack that includes everything you need: a dress, cape, and necktie (picnic basket not included). Then dress your child in this hilarious faux fur romper that could easily double as a Teen Wolf costume, should the spirit move you.

6. Elsa and Olaf

Who doesn’t love Olaf from the movie Frozen? The comic relief is a darling snowman who just wants to experience summer. Sound like your kid? Let them become Olaf in what’s essentially a sweat suit. A white velveteen body with snowflake embossing comes with a plush padded head piece that closes under the chin. And as for Elsa, you can become the princess in this deluxe costume pack that includes a dress with an attached cape with sparkly detailing. Only hiccup? You’ll need to purchase your long blonde wig separately. But pro tip, you can find one here.

7. Spider and a Spider Web

Want your baby boy stuck to you like glue on Halloween night? What anxious parent wouldn’t? That won’t be a problem when you dress them up as a spider and then either tow them in a Radio Flyer, stroller, or Baby Bjorn. This costume is a super squishy polyester suit so your little one will look like a round, green spider man. A matching hood with antennas also comes with it. And to make the costume a duo concept, turn yourself into a web with this lovely poncho motif. Long enough to wear as a mini dress, you can add leggings or tights to this sparkly look.

8. Harry Potter and Hedwig the Owl

Where would Harry Potter be without his loyal owl Hedwig? The two get into all kinds of trouble together. Sort of like you and your boy. So why not make it a Hogwarts-themed pair this season by dressing up as Harry and Hedwig? You can make this mother/son Halloween costume idea happen by buying your child a classic Harry Potter costume like this one that includes the signature Griffindor robe. You can doctor it up with suit pants and a button down. Then step into this super sweet owl costume that’s really just glorified pajamas. You’ll be cozy and look like a hoot all at once. Just don’t let your son say Strigiforma unless you want him to transform you into a pair of opera glasses!

9. Pirate and Parrot

Yo ho ho, here’s a costume that will have you talking like a pirate all Halloween night long. Try on this pirate costume with your child dressed as a parrot. Shiver me timbers, y’all will look good. For your little birdie, just get this costume that includes a plush swirl fur body, hood (and beak, natch), as well as shoe covers. Then go full Anne Bonny in this swashbuckling costume made up of a jacket, neck scarf, belt, hat, and boot tops. Captain Hook ain’t got nothing on this gold-trimmed look. Feel free to yell “swab the deck, me mateys!” at will.

10. Curious George and the (Wo)Man in the Yellow Hat

Curious George, another children’s book character classic, is a great Halloween kids costume. But even better? You can join your child in story land by becoming the (Wo)Man in the Yellow Hat. George’s guardian’s look is easily created using this costume set that includes a big yellow hat, of course, as well as yellow elastic waist pants, a polka dot tie, and yellow shirt. No one will miss you Halloween night. As for your little monkey, they’ll be cozy in this brown romper with a separate hood (with ears and George’s cowlick as well) that you attach under the chin.

11. Shark and Lifeguard

Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo. Sorry, sorry. It’s impossible not to write those lyrics when writing about a baby shark costume. In this case, it’s the perfect foil to a matching life guard look for the ultimate mother/son Halloween costume. Make it work by purchasing this classic life guard ensemble for yourself complete with a white tank top, red shorts, and the all important whistle and lanyard. Then let your kid become Jaws as they step into this hilarious three piece made up of a grey jumpsuit, hood, and booties. Obligatory fins are attached in all the right places as well.

12. Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion

There’s no place like home wasn’t just Dorothy’s catchphrase. It’s how ever kiddo feels, especially when they’re in the company of their mama. And you can live that phrase in this mother/son Halloween costume idea by becoming Dorothy while your child puts on a Cowardly Lion suit. You’ll find all you need to become the protagonist of the Wizard of Oz in this costume set that includes Dorothy’s pretty blue ribbons and pinafore dress. As for your little lion, they’ll look just like the character in the movie when they don this bodysuit with attached mitts and tail, booties, and headpiece made up of an exaggerated main of curls.

Ready to grab your tiny date and make it a fun night? Consider these mother/son Halloween costumes to become the perfect pair.