10 Baby Yoda Gifts For Jedis Of All Ages


Baby animals in cute costumes are one of the few things in this world that are universally adored, which is exactly why Baby Yoda has captured so many hearts. Because this little green character from The Mandalorian is so popular, it’s safe to say that this year Baby Yoda toys and gifts are high on the wishlists of both new and old Star Wars fans alike.

“The Child,” as he’s called, has that ugly-cute thing down pat. We’re likely drawn to him because of “baby schema”, which is the scientific name for the nurturing feeling people have toward creatures with exaggerated features like big eyes or round faces, The Cut explains. Ugly-cute animals cause baby schema, which is why we ooh and aah over funny looking pugs with cartoon eyes and, apparently, small Yodas with huge ears and fabulous coats.

The hive mind of the internet may not be able to come to a consensus on what, exactly, Baby Yoda is (is he actually young Yoda? Or is he Yoda’s son? Does he have a name?) but one thing that's for sure is that he’s really freakin’ cute. Read on for 12 Baby Yoda gifts that are sure to be as loved as this mysterious little ugly-cute creature.

1. A Card With A Toy

If you can stomach buying a birthday card for over $30, then this a great option for the kiddo who just can't wait to get their hands on some Baby Yoda merch. You can always pop the toy out for a perfect-sized stocking stuffer and save the card for later.

2. A Pop Socket

Maybe they'll actually carry their phones more gently because it's Baby Yoda they're holding onto. This Popsocket is a great way to have a dose of cuteness with you wherever you go and it makes it much easier for smaller hands to hold large phones. Plus it won't break the bank and makes a great white elephant gift.

3. A Keepsake Ornament

Baby Yoda looks like he's floating through space in this Christmas ornament, which might just become a family favorite. It's ceramic so probably best for older fans who can keep resist the urge to smoosh the cuteness.

4. A Onesie

Tiny Star Wars fans (well, their parents) will get a kick out of this holiday-themed Baby Yoda onesie. This is perfect for layering in the colder months because it has long sleeves, but it's selling out super fast. Currently it's only available in itty bitty sizes so don't wait too long to buy.

5. Character Socks

You can never have enough socks, especially if it means your favorite character gets to peak out of your shoes all day. This one-size-fits-most pair is handmade with a blend of super comfy and stretchy fibers, so they won't lose their shape.

6. A Planter

I literally just said aww out loud, to no one, when I saw this Baby Yoda planter. Your friend with the green thumb will love this little Jedi, who comes with a spray bottle for easy misting. Just make sure to place your order by Dec. 15 for this gift to arrive in time for Christmas.

7. A Crochet Pattern

This PDF pattern teaches you to make your own Baby Yoda doll, and it's the perfect gift for crochet-enthusiasts who just can't wait for the merch to drop this spring. The pattern is best for seasoned crocheters who know how to change yarn color and make a "magic circle," and it's a fun activity to do while watching The Mandalorian.

8. Slip-On Shoes

The Yoda motif on these cozy terry cloth slip-ons is just featureless enough to represent both the original and the baby. They have an antimicrobial sockliner which keeps them fresh (even on the occasional sockless errand), plus they're a breeze to pull on thanks to elastic on the upper.

9. A Long-Sleeved Tee

This shirt is guarantee to garner compliments and start conversations. It's printed with a picture of Baby Yoda and each tee is is made-to-order, according to the Urban Outfitters website. There's a short-sleeved version too.

10. A Soft Towel

Getting out of the bath may get a bit easier if your kiddo knows they'll get to look like Baby Yoda. This wrap towel has an attached hood plus cozy hand pockets and fun details like major Yoda ears (so Yoda should have no problem hearing you when you say it's time to get PJs on).