10 Moms Share Their Favorite Breastfeeding Moments

I had many magical moments with my son in the years I breastfed him. My baby's post-nursing demeanor could often be described as "milk drunk." He would get such a sweet look of satisfaction on his face as he loosened his latch and fell asleep, his belly full and warm. However, I know breastfeeding isn't a one-size-fits-all experience, so I asked other moms to share their favorite breastfeeding moments. Of course they didn't disappoint, and revealed just how special this all-too-fleeting time can be.

I always found there was an exact amount of time that needed to pass after my son fell asleep at the breast, to guarantee he would stay asleep. I would then need to do the "mom dance," as I oh-so-carefully transitioned him to his bouncy chair or crib. If I could time it just right, I might get enough free time to shower or grab a bite to eat or you know, just breathe. More often than not I would end up trapped underneath a sleeping baby, afraid to move unless I woke him. When that inevitably happened, I would grab the remote and settle in for a good long sleepy cuddle. Until, of course, I needed to pee. Breastfeeding is just the best!

Still, I loved those moments, and while I know moms experience more than a few breastfeeding challenges that make the experience not so magical, once the art of breastfeeding has been mastered, it can feel amazing to sit quietly and hold your baby close while they eat. So, with that in mind, here are a few moms willing to share their favorite breastfeeding moments with us all.


"The moment my newborn latched on properly for the first time. He was about 2 weeks old and we had some troubles at the beginning. Seeing his little lips flayed out properly was so satisfying."


"I nursed my toddler while I was pregnant. He would hang his legs over my tummy and stroke my hair. I knew these were some of the last times he would nurse as I didn't want to nurse two babies at once. It was bittersweet."


"I breastfed openly at a family wedding. I was a little nervous but suddenly other moms approached the table and by the end of the evening, six separate moms and babies had breastfed with me. I felt like an advocate."


"I tandem fed my baby and toddler and as they got older, they would hold hands as they breastfed. It always made me want to cry. It was so precious!"


"I loved every time when my daughter fell asleep on the breast, she made this adorable little pop noise as she came off my nipple. It always made me smile."


"I breastfed my son on a plane and a little old lady patted my hand and said I was 'an inspiration' and that she wished she had nursed her children. This one comment from a stranger still makes me happy."


"My son always stops mid feed, stares in my eyes, and smiles a gummy little grin. It nearly makes me cry. Every time."


"I nursed during a meeting once (I run my own business) and the room kinda went quiet. I didn't miss a beat and carried on with my presentation. At the end the client called me 'wonder woman' and I got the contract."


"I love when my baby stops feeding, falls asleep, and then starts again. It just makes me laugh. He is like a little nodding puppy!"


"My daughter always says 'Mmm' when she starts feeding. It's such a confidence boost, like my milk is so delicious!"