9 People Your Baby Will Probably Like More Than You

Babies love their mom. In fact, our little ones love us so much they can recognize our smell and our heartbeats. They want us to hold them, cuddle them, feed them, comfort them, and sing to them. They demand our undivided attention from the moment they’re born until they hit those teenage years. Rest assured, though, we aren't always their favorite people. Babies are fickle, so there are actually a ton of people your baby will probably like more than you. Sometimes a break from your baby will be everything you need, and other times their infatuation with someone else is just something you'll have to deal with.

When my son was born he had to spend a couple of months in the NICU. It was tremendously hard, but he didn’t seem as heartbroken about not spending every waking moment with me, his mother, as I was. In fact, he was on the receiving end of more than enough attention when he was there. A group of doctors and specialists and a barrage of nurses were at his beck and call, and he seemed to enjoy that oh-so very much. Then, of course, there were the visitors. Everyone from my husband and my parents to my cousins, and even friends of mine, came by the hospital to simply stare at my son. Then, when he came home and even though he loved on me quit a bit, he was totally cool with me leaving him with, well, just about anyone else. Thanks, kid. Way to make a new mom feel special, eh?

These days I’m the apple of my son's eye (and vice versa) and I’m totally enjoying it. Well, you know, when he's not acting like a toddler and throwing a massive fit. If you're a new mom, however, be prepared to know that your baby might like a few people a tad more than you.

Your Partner

This is the easy one, of course. Babies love their parents, and not just the mama reading this. This actually continues as they age and begin to realize they can pit you against each other to do their bidding. Sneaky.

Your Parents

Grandparents tend to cuddle and coddle the hell out of their grandchildren. So, I mean of course, your baby is going to love being spoiled by them. Don’t take it too personally.

Your Siblings

Aunties and uncles come around to see your baby and, unlike you, are fresh faced and ready to play. Babies definitely enjoy getting new attention, especially from someone with a bit of energy. Just be glad you have someone that might be available to babysit later.

Their Babysitter

A hired babysitter can provide much needed relief to parents, sure, but they can also bring lots of excitement and joy to your child, too. After all, you’re paying them to be fun and exciting and loving to your child, so why wouldn’t your baby love them, too?

Their Pediatrician

I’m not talking about nurses, because nurses tend to be the ones giving shots (something babies definitely don’t appreciate) so they get the brunt end of the stick. But I remember the look on my son's face whenever I took him to see his doctor. I'm telling you, he thought she was the best. Well, except during certain exams. Overall, though, he enjoyed seeing her and, depending on the day, might not even want to come back into my arms.

The Cashier At The Grocery Store

Cashiers have always been a favorite for my son. They usually say something to him, or try to play with him, or even give him a sticker or a coloring page. Plus, they’re the ones to hand over the new toys I just bought, somehow getting all the glory and becoming the "hero" of our latest grocery shopping journey. Figures.

The Random Stranger That Made Goofy Faces At Them

Ever notice there’s always someone willing to keep your kid entertained while you wait in a line? Like, any line at all? You could be in the grocery store or at the bank or anywhere, and someone is going to be all about your baby. I’ve caught so many people making silly faces at my son over the years. At those moments in time, when my son hates me for making him stand in line, I know he’s wondering how he can go home with some random, goofy stranger instead.

A Photo Of Someone Who Looks Like You, But Isn’t

My kid is obsessed with pointing at every photo with a dark-haired woman or woman wearing glasses, thinking it’s somehow me. So much so that I wonder if he really would mistake any of them for me.

Every Single Random Little Kid

While my son was usually pretty cool with whatever adults came around, he was never more psyched than when he saw other kids. Maybe it’s because he was the only baby in the house and it was fascinating to him to see people who were small like him. Maybe he just likes not being completely surrounded by people who look like giants to him. Either way, just like teens would rather hang with their friends than be caught dead with mom at the mall, babies also seem to care more for other babies (at least temporarily).

Anyone & Everyone On TV

I don’t know about y’all, but my son has developed a very close relationship with certain favorite children’s television characters. Elmo and Oscar the Grouch. Nemo and Dory. Thomas the Tank Engine. I’m pretty sure he’d leave my ass for every single one of these, no problem and no need to even stop and think about it. At least these characters are all kind and educational?