11 Ways To Help A Mom In The Morning

I work from home, so I usually don't have to get ready to leave the house while simultaneously wrangling a little person out of their pajamas. Still, twice a week my son goes to preschool and my frustration limits are tested. Getting my little one dressed, organized, and packed for preschool (as well as dressing myself and settling down to work) can seem like an impossible task. Luckily I have an awesome partner who helps me, as do so many other women. In fact, I asked women about the one thing their partner does for them in the morning and, well, I must say: well done, you grown-ass gentlemen, you. Well, done.

On those crazy busy mornings where getting my son ready and having a morning that doesn't make me want to go straight back to bed just seems impossible, my partner helps to take up the slack when and where he can. His efforts, however small or seemingly minuscule, make life just a little more manageable for me. Sometimes its as simple as changing a diaper, fixing breakfast or playing with our son, so I can actually, you know, run a brush through my hair. Yeah, I love him for that.

These little things make it feel like we are part of a team, and less like he's just my parenting sidekick; there to help when "all else fails." In a society that is still having a rather tough time shedding unnecessary gender stereotypes, moms can often end up as the default parent. If us moms don't ask for help, many fathers (and other partners, regardless of gender) will allow them to "be the boss" and shoulder the majority of the responsibility. So, while I'm not about endlessly praising partners for doing the bare freakin' minimum, it's great these men are taking the time to help their partners in the morning without being asked.


"My partner makes me coffee every morning and I walk around the house with it getting ready. It usually goes cold, but I appreciate the thought!"


"I work three days a week and, on those days, my boyfriend does all my usual jobs; changing diapers, making bottles, everything. I just focus on getting ready."


"When I'm trying to get ready, my kids suddenly get whiny and only want me and they can really slow me down. So my husband starts tickle fights with them to distract them."


"I used to hate the daycare drop off. My son would cry hysterically and cling to my leg and, as a result, I felt like the worst mother. Now his father arrives in the morning, picks him up and drops him at daycare before he goes to work. It gives me precious kid-free time in the morning and allows the two of them to spend a bit more time together."


"We take a kid each and get ready around them. I put the baby in his bouncy seat in the bathroom and take a shower, making faces at him through the glass, and my partner takes our toddler and fixes him breakfast. I don't think I could do it alone." #teamwork.


"My boyfriend has a shower every morning with our daughter (she's a 3-year-old toddler). This gives me just enough time to look like a human before we have to leave the house."


"When I started back at work I had to put my makeup on during my train commute, as I just didn't have time at home. Then, one day, my husband said, 'Why don't you express enough for a morning bottle and I can feed the baby why you get ready?' Genius!"


"Our son loves to cook, so each morning his dad helps him to make breakfast. I use this time to get dressed and do my hair, then come down to a delicious breakfast. I am living the dream!"


"My partner is a makeup artist. Each morning I nurse our baby while he does my makeup. It's my supermodel moment and I love it!"


"My husband watches cartoons with our kid every morning. It sounds pretty passive, but I know she wouldn't leave me alone if she was watching TV by herself, so I actually really appreciate him doing it."


"I am a stay-at-home mom, so I don't really have a busy morning routine but on Saturdays my husband takes the kids swimming and I have three glorious hours to myself. I love that man so much on Saturdays!"