11 Things Every Grown-Ass Man Does When His Pregnant Partner Is In Her 2nd Trimester

If you’ve spent any time perusing pregnancy books or websites, or if you’ve been around moms for a significant amount of time, I'm sure you know that all pregnancies are different. I’ve known some moms who felt great the whole time, I some who struggled the entire time, and some who felt textbook versions of each trimester (I’m in that last category, for the record). My second trimester was my best, by far, but that doesn't mean the ways every grown-ass man can help when his partner’s in her second trimester, don't exist. Honestly, regardless of how any pregnant woman is feeling or how her pregnancy is going (though, for the record, I hope it’s going swimmingly for everyone), a grown-ass man is always willing to lend a helping hand.

I must give my spouse credit for remaining compassionate and attentive throughout my pregnancy with my son. I know he was glad to see me on my feet and eating everything in sight, but he still made a point to make me feel cared for, too. It’s been years since I was growing another human inside my body, and I’m still talking about the time he went on a store run for sausage (no apologies, I was pregnant) and also came back with a DVD copy of Frozen, just because. In my opinion, that tale deserves to be told repeatedly and with no apologies given. (Also, I’m nostalgic for the days when a random weeknight could turn into a movie night, but I digress.)

Honestly, my partner proved that it never hurts for a grown-ass man to try the following, especially when his pregnant partner is in her second trimester (and hopefully learning that pregnancy isn't the worst thing in the world. Hopefully.).

He Gets Excited That She's Feeling Better (If She Is, In Fact, Feeling Better)...

It’s never fun to see loved ones feeling anything other than happy and healthy and at 100 percent. Even though it’s usually worse to be the actual sick one, I can still admit that there were aspects of the first trimester that were tough on my spouse, too. Of course, I'm sure the fact that I was a useless blob and zero help around the house for the first three months of my pregnancy didn't help.

So, yeah, my grown-ass man is allowed to be glad to see me feeling better for my sake, but also for his (but mostly for mine).

...But Doesn't Get Too Ahead Of Himself

He recognizes that they’re roughly one-third of the way through the pregnancy, which is not a bad place to be. However, he also understands that there’s still two-thirds to go, and he’s prepared for them.

He Continues To Help Where And When He Can

Especially if his partner still has some of the first trimester symptoms hanging around. Even if she doesn’t, the second trimester is still full of changes and is usually when most bumps begin to really become visible and require some management on her part. He’s up for the challenge.

He Follows His Partner's Cues

Of course, and because it can't be said enough, every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. Some frequently offered advice may not apply to all women, and a grown-ass man understands that it’s what his partner says that matters (and more than anything else).

He Supports And Participates In Announcing The Pregnancy

If, in fact, a couple decides to wait until the second trimester to announce a pregnancy, as it’s often advised to do, a grown-ass man is totally cool about it. He’s probably seen many of the same kinds of cheesy announcements we all have trending on our Facebook pages, but when it’s his baby? Yeah, he can make an exception.

He Compliments Her Developing Maternity Wardrobe

Some moms make maternity style look so easy and effortless. I was not one of these moms. I savored the compliments I received when I was pregnant because I was putting some serious effort into continuing to appear normal and professional and polished, especially when I was feeling anything but. So, a well-timed (and genuine) compliment from my partner always helped.

He Celebrates The Baby Kicks

I hope I never forget the first time I was able to share a baby kick with my husband. It’s ingrained in my memory as an important milestone because it was between all three of us, instead of just me and my baby.

Plus, his excited and humbled reaction was amazing to see, since it was so similar to how I was feeling, too.

He Frequently Checks On How She's Doing And Feeling

Whether he straight up asks, or texts, or sends a carrier pigeon, a grown-ass man makes sure he doesn't allow too much time to go by without checking in. Not in an obnoxious way, mind you, since he knows his partner well enough to figure out what will matter the most to her.

He Admires Her Growing Belly, No Matter What She’s Wearing

Even when it’s sweatpants. Not trendy ones that feel feminine and cute, either. I’m talking about the oversized ones from years ago, with worn-out elastic and holes wearing through.

He Doesn't Complain

When I was pregnant with my son, it was around the second trimester when my giant, fuzzy body pillow took over our lives. Well, at least our bed. I needed it. I required it. I could hardly function without it.

Thankfully, my husband took it like a champ, despite the fact that it severely encroached on his sleeping space.

He Participates In Registering, Shopping, And Any Other Kinds Of Prep That’s Happening

I suspect, although it’s not been confirmed, that my partner may have even enjoyed some of the baby preparation. Not all of it, because there comes a time when deciding between freezer-safe milk storage bags is not fun anymore, but some of it; like picking out nursery decor was actually pretty fun (we went with a teddy bear theme, and have no regrets about it).