12 Moms Reveal Their "Guilty" Post-Baby Pleasure

Even though us moms are doing our best, in what can only be described as the hardest job in the world, guilt and feelings of inadequacy seem to impact us all. When I finish a day of feeding, bathing, rocking, and cleaning up after my baby, then finally have a rare minute to myself, I should be able to do whatever the hell I want. Instead, my free time comes with a side of guilt. That's bullsh*t. So I'm here to tell you, and the following moms who revealed their "guilty" postpartum pleasure, that you can go ahead and enjoy yourself, mama. You have nothing to feel guilty about, especially when you're doing something for yourself after you've given everything you have to another human being.

My own so-called "shameful" indulgence is chocolate and trash magazines. I love nibbling on my favorite treats while catching up on all the celebrity gossip that in no way impacts my own life. The best thing about my "guilty" pastime? It can be done while holding, feeding, or even rocking a baby. That's multitasking done right, my friends.

If anyone deserves to kick back and do something relaxing and completely self-indulgent, it's moms. We work so hard, all the time, to make sure everyone else in the family is happy and has everything they need. We have to leave time for the things that make us feel content, like these honestly not-so-guilty pleasures:


"I am all about the nails, so I have my nails done every two weeks. I always have, and when I became a mom it was something I looked forward to. I needed those 30 minutes when I was baby-free and just myself."


"Work is my guilty pleasure. I love my business and I probably over-work, but it's the one thing that really makes me feel like myself and not 'just a mom.' I need that."


"I am a bubble bath fan. My husband runs it for me with essential oils and even lights candles while I put the baby down to sleep. I love it so much I feel transported!"


"I eat healthy all week. Then, every Friday, I get takeout and just enjoy myself!"


"I get a massage once a week. My friend is studying to become a massage therapist so it's free. Win-win!"


"I am a book worm, so when I became a new mom I was so sad that I couldn't seem able to finish a book anymore. I decided to give up TV after 6 p.m. and now I read instead. It's my time and I protect it viciously!"


"I don't feel guilty about it at all, but I hire a babysitter every week and I go to the movies with my friends. I've done this since my son was 4 months old."


"When I had my baby I gave up my workouts. I still swim, but I dropped my 5 a.m. power lifting. I really need the extra sleep now."


"I go a little crazy with the online shopping every weekend. First I scope out all my favorite fashion blogs, then I order up all my pretty new things."


"Date night! I always get a little drunk and let my husband drive!"


"I am breastfeeding and needed more calories, so I eat real butter and cream. It's heaven."


"I record all my favorite shows all week long. Then, every Sunday, my mom has the baby and I binge watch a week's worth of television!"