13 Dads Say What Your Partner Won't & Describe Pregnancy Sex... In Detail

My husband and I both thought pregnancy sex would be more fun than it actually was. I'll leave it at that, because I don't like to get overly personal about my relationship or sex life... so I asked other dads to describe pregnancy sex because I don't care about how personal they get (and, of course, I can't leave you hanging, dear readers).

In general, pregnancy is a strange time, and it can make everything between the sheets similarly weird. Now, whether that weird is a good thing or a bad thing is completely dependent upon the people in question. Maybe you'll be one of those magical people who has an easy pregnancy and whose libido hits Casanova levels. Thanks to a number of hormones coursing through your body as you're growing a mini-human, this is entirely possible. After all, increased sex drive is a frequent symptom of pregnancy, especially in the second trimester. But feeling like complete and utter crap and/or never wanting to see anyone else's genitals ever again is pretty damn common, too (after all, that's what got you into this mess in the first place).

Of course, all of this has an affect on your partner, especially if you're in a monogamous relationship with them. So what did the dad dudes have to say about the nature of pregnancy sex? As expected, their opinions ran the gamut:


"It's been some of the hottest sex of my life. She looks so hot and pregnancy has turned her into a freak (in a good way)! I can barely keep up. I'm excited to meet our baby, but I'm going to spiral into a depression when this ends."


"Not all that different, really. There are logistical issues, which I figure will only get more complicated as she gets more pregnant, but the frequency and quality are about where they've always been."


"What pregnancy sex? They have pregnancy sex now? Where? How can I get some?

I'm being sarcastic, obviously."

[Writer's note: Yeah. We picked up on that, Jason.]


"She could not have been less interested and, while I missed regular sex, I wasn't going to push it. Fortunately I don't have a really high sex drive anyway, and it was good practice for when the kid was actually born and you're both too exhausted to bone."


"Really off-putting, actually. I know it's all me, but when my wife was pregnant I was really turned off. Not by her, but by the idea that I was [having sex with] a pregnant woman. I feel terrible about it because I know it wasn't cool, but I couldn't help it. We're trying for another one now and I'm already making an effort to work through my issues."


"This might sound weird, but it was actually sort of a nice change of pace, not only her physical differences, but her physical limitations and the like. It necessitated a shake-up, which revitalized our sex life."


"Pretty standard. My one complaint is that it sort of ruined our role-play scenarios. Pregnant cheerleaders don't really do it for me, as it turns out."


"Not so great. Hopefully this isn't too graphic for your readers but... I didn't get a blow job for nine months because her gag reflex was in overdrive. And I'm not an assh*le, so I didn't complain and I knew that she had it way worse than I did, but you asked."

[Writer's note: Indeed I did, Oscar.]


"Awesome! Pregnancy hormones agreed with her, and I discovered that I'm really into pregnant chicks."


"It was awful. I'll remain anonymous on account of my lady's honor, but we've both discussed it: pregnant sex was the worst. Hated it."


"Going down on her was really weird because I couldn't see anything but belly. It's like that boulder in Indiana Jones looming over you."



Me: Anything you want to add to that?

"No, I think that about sums it up. Write that down for your article. Glad I could help."


"Some of my favorite positions were too intense for her toward the end of the pregnancy, but other than that it was fine. Nothing really changed. And, for the curious, nothing really changes down there after the baby is born, either. I know there are lots of jokes about women's vaginas getting all stretched out afterwards, but that's crap. Nature's got all our backs."

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