15 Disney-Inspired Names For Girls, So Your Daughter Always Has Childhood Wonder In Her Heart

For those of who truly regard Walt Disney World as the happiest place on earth and will always watch an animated classic when it's on TV, Disney is a joyful part of our lives that we will surely pass down to our children. And for some diehard Disney fans out there, that love might translate into choosing a Disney-inspired name for girls if you have a daughter.

Of course, there are some Disney names that aren't traditionally suitable for children. Snow White would be a pretty annoying name to have to write on the top of every homework assignment, and while Lady is a cute name for a dog, it's a little too literal for an actual lady.

There are, however, many female leads in the Disney world with lovely monikers worth passing down to your daughter. The obvious choices might be Belle, Jasmine, or Ariel, which are all names independent of their Disney roots. And although these are beautiful, there is also a collection of less traditional names and less notable Disney heroines whose namesakes might be the perfect choice for your little bundle of joy. I've compiled some of my absolute favorites: female characters worth looking up to who also happen to have lovely name.



The little girl who fell down the rabbit hole has a wild imagination, and a beautiful namesake. The classic name is classic, name means noble, but since it is still feminine and sweet, it's a perfect name for a little girl.



Totally independent but still not afraid to fall in love (eventually), Megara is a pretty awesome princess role model. The name is rooted in Greek mythology, but can be easily modernized by the nickname Meg or Meggie.



One of the original characters, but a little less overt than Minnie, Daisy is the perfect name for a diehard Disney fan. And your daughter will not just be named after a duck, but also the flower — making the name delicate, bright. and happy.



Perhaps the most adorable princess in Disney history, Anna is a great, bubbly namesake for your child. The name is simple and regal, and doesn't scream Disney at all, allowing you a subtle ode to your favorite cartoon.



In the movie, Tiana is driven, hard-working, and kind, making her a wonderful heroine for your daughter to emulate. And the name means fairy queen — how adorable and powerful is that?



Violet reminds us that being different isn't bad, in fact it's awesome. The musical name is soft and sweet, and a charming choice for a girl.



She may be a robot, but Eve shows compassion and acts as protector to her love, Wall-E. And as a name for your daughter, well, talk about a namesake. It's origin is not just Pixar, but also the Bible — two pretty powerful places.



Wendy Darling is nurturing even as a child, but still full of wonder. The name was actually invented by Sir James Berrie for the book, Peter Pan, so Wendy Darling truly is the origin of this adorable and somewhat magical-sounding name.



Who wouldn't want to be named after the powerful snow queen from Disney's biggest hit? The name also offers a variety of charming nicknames, like Elle, Ellie, or Elsie.



Colette is fierce and capable, but also kindhearted and helpful. The French name is chic and feminine, making it a great choice for any little girl.



Maid Marian is both ladylike and "fox"y. The elegant name has its roots in English folklore, making it timeless.



Ok, so Anastasia was technically a villain, but her name was gorgeous. Undeniably regal, the name has an air of class, but it can easily be shortened to Ana or even Annie for a more casual setting.



Jane is an awesome Disney leading lady — she's smart, loving and takes totally agency of her life. And as for names, you can't get more classic than Jane. The name means God's gracious gift, which is a lovely sentiment.



Charlotte is unabashedly feminine, full of spunk, and a wonderful friend. The name itself is incredibly ladylike and sophisticated, but offers the fun, sassy nickname Lottie to balance it out.



Joy is definitely the happiest character to have ever existed, the perfect combination of silly, caring and plucky. The name's meaning is pretty self-explanatory, and naming your daughter after happiness is a beautiful choice.

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