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20 Perfectly Proper Tudor Baby Names

Classic baby names that totally rule.

It’s no secret that when a baby is born into the Royal Family, their name tends to skyrocket into popularity. (Surely I am not the only one who has noticed all of the little girls named Charlotte in my kid’s school.) Royal baby names tend to be classic and timeless. If you’re looking for a baby name with royal vibes, these charming Tudor baby names have the same regal appeal without all of the trendiness.

The Tudor Age refers to the historical time period of the English royal dynasty between 1485 and 1603. Interestingly enough, Tudor is a name of Welsh origin that means “ruler of the people.” A derivative of the name Theodoric when used as a first name, Tudor was also an English royal surname used by Henry VII and subsequently bestowed upon his royal descendants.

You’ll probably recognize some of the more popular Tudor baby names on this list like like Audrey and Alice. These names historically given to royal descendants during the Tudor time period have either fallen into back into favor in more recently or maintained their staying power; such is the case with names like Henry or Christian. Names like Oswyn and Eunice, however, are less popular at present if you’re looking for a unique Tudor baby name from a bygone era.



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No list of Tudor baby names would be complete without the inclusion of the name of the ruler whose reign marked the start of the era, Henry. The name Henry means “house ruler,” so it would be perfect for a newborn whose demands will rule the roost at home.



Of English origin, the baby name Audrey means “noble strength.” The moniker’s popularity during the Tudor era was spurred on by the inclusion of a character named Audrey in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. In more modern times, the influence of classic film star Audrey Hepburn added to the name’s charming appeal.



A Latin name meaning “follower of Christ,” Christian is a popular baby name for both boys and girls. Though the name certainly has biblical ties, it’s also a name that can be used to put a Tudor spin on more modern names like Christine or Kristen.



The English name Barnaby means “son of consolation.” Musical fans may recognize this Tudor baby name from the stage show Hello Dolly! or it may be familiar thanks to the 1970s-era American television show, Barnaby Jones. Another variation of the name Barnaby used during the Tudor period is Barnabas.



Popular during the Tudor era, the first use of the English name Joan dates back to Henry II’s daughter. Joan means “God is gracious,” and is the English variation of the Hebrew name Johanna.



The first two people who pop into my head when I hear the name Ellis are the incomparable Tracee Ellis Ross and Meredith’s mother Ellis Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. It is undeniably a Tudor-era baby name with staying power. The Welsh name Ellis means “benevolent” and is commonly used for both boys and girls.



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Another throwback baby name from the Tudor era is Wilmot. A variation of William meaning “strong-willed” or “warrior,” this stately baby name has plenty of royal charm. It’s also not popular at all in the U.S. right now. In fact, it hasn’t breached the Social Security Administration’s list of top 1,000 baby names since recording began in 1900.



Though at first brush the name Agnes might give off some witchy or magical vibes, the name itself is quite etherial. This Tudor baby name is of Greek origin and means “pure, virginal.”



French for “servant,” you may be familiar with the Tudor baby name Lancelot thanks to the Knights of the Roundtable legends or the spelling variation Launcelot from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Another variation of Lancelot to consider, of course, is the more popular baby name, Lance.



You may immediately recognize the sound of the Tudor baby name Margery thanks to the name’s more modern spelling variation Marjorie. The name is a variation of Margaret, a mainstay in English royal circles.



Lambert is a Tudor baby name with German roots. The name means “land brilliant” and is a gem of a name most commonly used as a surname in modern times, but works beautifully as a regal first name.



If you’re looking for a Tudor baby name that really stands for something, Charity is a sweet choice to consider. Whether you know the name as the titular character from the musical Sweet Charity or recognize it because it literally means “charity,” as in giving help to those in need, this three syllable baby name is a cute option.



The notable Tudor baby name, Arthur, has a rich English history with roots in Celtic culture. It means “bear,” and has been a popular English name since the days of the medieval leader King Arthur in the late 5th and 6th centuries.



The baby name Alice means “noble,” so it makes perfect sense that it was a popular choice during the Tudor era. Most specifically, Alice was the name of Queen Victoria’s second-born daughter. Alice’s popularity in literature and pop culture has waxed and waned through the years, but it remains a sweet choice for baby girls.



The Tudor baby name Oswyn is derived from the Old English name Oswine, meaning “God’s friend.” Though it is traditionally used for baby boys, this name could be a beautiful and unique pick for a baby girl as well.



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From an Old English term that means “cheerful” or “merry,” the Tudor baby name Blythe is a standout choice if you’re looking for a happy baby name. Some other baby name options with a similar vibe include Blair, Blake, and Blaine.



Though you may have seen this baby name spelled Bennett, but traditionally the Old English variation Bennet was a popular Tudor spelling. Latin for “blessed,” this is a stately name choice for a baby boy.



The baby girl name Olive is of English origin and means “from the Olive tree.” Popular during the Tudor era, as well as the early 1900s, the name has become increasingly trendy again in recent years. For a boy, Oliver is a similar baby name option.



Traditionally, Francis is a Tudor baby name given to baby boys, but it has commonly been used for baby girls throughout the 1900s. Francis means “Frenchman” or “free man” in Latin. One spelling variation is Frances and a similar baby name choice for a girl is Francine.



Greek for “good victory,” Eunice is a strong Tudor baby name with decidedly feminine vibes. The name also has biblical ties and can be found in the New Testament of the Bible.

Whether you choose a baby name oozing with strength and dignity like Arthur or lean more toward the sweet and delicate vibes of a name like Ellis or Margery, these names with royal ties are wonderful historical choices. With a Tudor baby name, your kiddo may just rule the school one day.